What They Say V

You know how gay men sometimes say stupid things concerning the issue of homosexuality? Well, I have just seen the stupidest thing said, a Facebook update in a closed LGBT group, the kind of post that makes you vacillate between irritation, annoyance, scorn and amusement. Yes, a lot of emotions right there. Check on it below, and you’ll understand what I mean.say

82 thoughts on “What They Say V

  1. Whoever this is needs a hard knock on his thick skull…that might adjust his senses a bit. He’s a hater of who he truly is…So Pathetic; yet we preach acceptance.

  2. I remember the first time I heard that abbreviation, I asked the guy what it meant and he could not give an answer. He said its just what “WE” are called and up till today I still got no idea what it means. It sounds so derogatory.
    The guy makes it seem like he is cursed and is angry, that his cousin is cursed also. The cute and humble cousin surely cannot be gay, why is it not the ugly and stubborn one that got afflicted.
    This is the kind of guy I like to speak to, face to face just so I could laugh and then try to correct his thinking.
    Now I read his post again, I’m sensing a bit of jealousy. Cute, humble, popular and clearly a bird with brighter colours.

  3. Top Bottom – TB. Hehe. Nonsense. The way people have localized this thing ehn, it can make me vex.

    Are you tb? What’s your role? Kai.

    • Wait? TB was coined frm Top/Bottom? All these years I didn’t know the origins. My friends and I use different slangs that we invented so we can have conversations where straight people are within hearing range.

      And gossip queen Linda Ikeji has done a post on the TB word before.

  4. I once read somehere that the greatest homophobia we face as Community is within the community itself, there is always this need to put each other down to feel better about ourselves, gays to effeminate guys, tops to bottoms, gay guys to bisexuals, gay guys to transexuals. We talk about tolerance yet we are so intolerant within our community.

    This person should have provided his cousin with the support and care that he didnt get, instead he’s talks about ‘TB’ like its some affliction that he doesnt want his cousin to catch.

    I get not wanting any of your relatives to be gay because you wouldnt want them the go through the crap you go through everyday in this homophobic climate, i get that, but you’ve found out this cousin is gay and yet you wish he wasnt because he is too humble and cute to be gay.

    Its so ignorant its almost poetic. Almost.

  5. Obviously any one dt uses “kW” in place of Know and ‘Am’ instead of ‘I’m’ is going to sound stupid, to say the least. And don’t even get me started on that ‘Tb’ slur…its what really local homos who think they are hip use to address themselves

  6. “This guy is too cute and humble to b a tb”

    I had been reading it just casually till I saw that last line.
    Very stupid statement/sentence. Says a lot about the thinking faculties of the writer.
    Apparently, all “tb ppl ” should be arrogant and ugly..
    Other phrases like “..he is a big tb” and “…I got no tb in my family apart from me” further illuminates this fellow’s shallow and uninformed mind.

    That closed fb group must have some funny characters within; that is considering the way this one writes and thinks.

  7. I have a different opinion about this. Some people are not as exposed or enlightened as some other people.

    This young man hasn’t developed himself, he just needs to roll with the right people and get better.

    He is not that bad

      • Silly absie!

        I also remember being “rough around the edges” until I started reading books and started surfing the Internet + I started cultivating the right peeps.

        He will get better with time; that’s if he decides to!

  8. Hahaha. “Internalized Homophobia” toh badt! “…too cute and humble…” (As opposed to we ugly and proud individuals,abi?)LMFAO
    I’ll cut the knucklehead some slack though; I’ve grown into my sexuality and self-understanding,a lot, over the years.this blog helps me grow and understand even more – the intelligent and insightful minds in here are just awesome! However,there were times when I hoped I would never find out that any other member of my family was gay (I haven’t found out anyone yet,and I wouldn’t mind keeping it that way- I would feel awkward,for reasons I can’t even explain). Hell, there were times when I used to be “disappointed” when I heard certain celebrities I like,are gay…I don’t know why…maybe I’m a bit disappointed that they have to present a false image? Or maybe I prefer them to retain that mystique of TOTAL unaccessibillity in my eyes? I really don’t know. Anyway,like I said,I’ve grown a lot, and I’ve come to accept that it is,what it is.
    That boy up there doesn’t need to be bitch-slapped for his ignorance(contrary to what some of us here believe,lol); what he needs, is to get registered on KitoDiaries and read ALL the posts and comments, that’s what he needs!

      • Gad,I don’t know whether u’re being sarcastic or just funny,but the truth is that a lot of gay ppl can learn quite a few things about self-acceptance and self-understanding on a forum like this one.

      • Chesty,the options are open.You are free to choose any of the above but I advice you take what will make you laugh. I know it’s not necessary but the way god parents use to ask if we had read our Bibles today in those days is the way I ask younger guys I have introduced to this blog if they are following the posts.so we are together.

      • Sure but on one condition. You be with chesty while Mrs DM stays with me to take care of the hotel room.I promise nothing will happen without your permission. Thanks a million

  9. One of my pals kept agonising over the possibility that his brother is gay; and each time I teased him about it, it’s like he died inside.

    Well, guess what, both brothers are gay and know. Although they are yet to talk about it. I told him to relax; we have the Visconti Triplets as our patron saints in cases like this. Hihi.

  10. Haven’t you noticed, Colossus, that changing the mindset of such people is the classical explanation for the saying: “pouring water on a stone”?

    • I don’t plan on changing his mindset in a drastic way, I don’t plan on making him straight, that’s impossible. I plan to show him acceptance, to teach him how to accept himself, love himself and stop seeing himself as an aberration. Only then would he be happy with his life and learn to accept who his cousin is.
      Like some people have mentioned, most of us went through this phase, I did not though.

      • Neither did i. I never once hated myself or saw something wrong with me. I remember either feeling too defiant or sunshiney to buckle to depression or feeling depressed over the fact that as i am, i cant be accepted. I blamed the wrong on society not on myself.

      • I felt that way… But not for long.. I loved myself too much to let it get far.. I felt like an abomination though.. Like mutants in X men…

  11. First of, I freaking hate that word “TB”. You just lose every form of respect I have for you as soon as you use it.

    Finally, in other totally unrelated news, I loathe these plebeian groups that are everywhere on FB. I keep seeing some group of Kito prone ghetto boys putting up very dumb shit like “hot ass n DA area, any body in okokimaiko add me for fun”. Please Pinky, maintain the classiness of this blog, let it not turn to any of those deep shit ones I dey beg.

  12. My first impulse was to ne furious and to lash out at the author of that post, but i took a deep breath pulled on his shoes and walked a few metres in them – i quickly realised that this was a familiar path, one I’d walked down earlier in life. One word: internalized homophobia! This guy has grown up hearing and believing that being gay is thoroughly evil and repulsive, yes he does it, but he most likely soothes his guilt by regular doses of religious opium, to now realise that his supposedly humble, cute, pious etc cousin also partakes of the same sinful activity ha left him crushed. I have absolutely no apologies to the religitards/religidiots; but i lay the blame for all this squarely on the doorstep of our brand of organized false religion … this guy needs to be weaned off the opium pipes and helped to reason rationally and without the fear of harmful doctrines and dogmas. Its sad to realise that an overwhelming % age of gays harbour such harmful and destructive emotions within them, they carry such crushing burdens within them which slowly ruin them in the head which is why a full grown man (a hsband/dad) of full mental capacity can describe being gay as “a bad habit we pick up along the way” despite his avowed fidelity to his religious beliefs which fly in the face of his blatant bareback orgy-loving ways ***sashays away*** hope i didnt stir up trouble this fine morning ooo

  13. …so the other day in a previous post I made a comment that asking Nigerians to give opinions about homosexuality was like looking for snow in the Sahara or so, then Mummy PP asked me, ” your point?”…
    Now it’s my turn.
    Mummy PP… Your Point ??
    (sips Lipton Yellow Label Tea while waiting for Mummy PP…)

  14. *sighs* I just can’t deal with this one, and millions of them on facebook….there’s one that keeps tormenting me on Facebook with..’I know you are TB’…. And I get irritated by the term ‘TB’… Does anyone have an idea of what brought abt that term…?

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