20 thoughts on “Keith Carlos has a message for you…

  1. Word!

    On a lighter note, who, in the house, can tell me what I need do to get a taste of such sweetness that I’m beholding?

    • Lmaooo

      Gad you’re just hilarious… Not sure if one can apply for asylum in a country where he’s a citizen…. Or is there something you know that I don’t lol.

      But you’ve got to love his portmanteau hahaa, he definitely gives out asylum vibes with it 😉

      • Nooo. I don’t know anything oo. I don’t even know the nationality of the guy sef.My levels are Pete Edochie,Zack orji and my brother, Bob-Manuel

  2. Don’t know who this person is but this girl is sissying that walk…and under the rain? hopefully he’s been vaccinated for smallpox.

  3. I am scrutinizing this post to see if there is any shade whatsoever directed at the beckford! LOL cos I don’t trust this Carlos character

  4. “Carlito, oh dear, you must be really cold and shivering cause of all that walk in the rain. Come, come and have some hot coco. I’d keep you warm.”


  5. Lol I doubt there’s a shade for Beckford in here. I did not watch the cycle he competed in, but from what I hear, the niccur can be all in your face when you get into his biz. But as soon as that’s over he moves on

    He said what he had to say about Beckford blocking him on IG and has moved on

  6. Hmmm.
    Pinky, swear that you were just focusing on Carlos’ “message” instead of that bulge he is sporting up there.
    Swear it, Pinky.

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