Werk it, gurl – Oh wait, that’s Kris Jenner’s man!

kris bfKris Jenner’s new boytoy, Corey Gamble was photographed shopping at Barney’s in LA on Christmas Eve. And from the way he was walking, talking and posing . . . well, what can I say? From the picture above, he looks like he’s all set for some time with the gurls. 🙂

30 thoughts on “Werk it, gurl – Oh wait, that’s Kris Jenner’s man!

  1. Lol!

    Why evils!

    I saw this on TMZ and laughed my head off! I think it’s just a bad camera angle tho!

    We all have had those moments when you thought your friends took cool pictures of you only to see that your legs were crossed in a funny way and you quickly delete them before it accidentally gets on instagram! LOL

    • You see how you lie Dennis, and this is the problem I have with you. This wasn’t posted on TMZ, it was posted on MediaTakeOut initially and TMZ being the pompous smugs that they are would rather take something out a toilet than repost from MTO, and I should know cus I subscribe to news feeds from TMZ…and took the effort to go threw TMZ’s timeline and as expected, didn’t see it. ( Yes, I’m that jobless today)

      You saw these pics on Linda Ikeji and figured you’d say TMZ cause they’d make u appear cooler, which is typical Dennis- lying to appear cool.

      I hope u go on with this proposed journal of yours cause i am so going to scrutinize every detail. The thing about liars is that they do not pay attention to detail. Thats why today you are a practicing pharmacist and tmr you are on an interview panel and the day after your ‘ pharmaceutical’ firm (presumably) is being audited

      • U make me laff sometimes! Its there on tmz’s page on instagram! But then again, you are chizzie!

        The amount of energy you expend on me is really not healthy for you!

        Take a chill pill hun!


      • its not on their instagram…they haven’t posted anything in two weeks on that account, and its thier official account.

        Can you stop lying Dennis. I think you are a psychopath and u need help.

      • Someone else is happy and living his life the way he deems fit and you are trolling every article he posts, scrutinizing every detail of his comments and pouring vitriol along the way everyday?

        I am the psychopath who needs help?

        Erm okay!

        Take a chill pill sweets! I don’t take myself seriously! You shouldn’t! Use your energy for more creative endeavors!

        I guess you are having a bad day! Watch a comedy flick! It helps!


      • So you are trying to deter from the fact that u just lied? not once but twice and I clocked u on both occasions. You are delusional and a compulsive lair living in an imaginary world. In retrospect i think I know who are you…infact I’m so convinced you are who I have in mind, and if thats the case then the folks on KD are in for such an exposé. See, when the chips are down, u are not who u claim u are- You are a liar and I’m going to expose u for the scam that u are really soon!

      • Expose him?!

        Let me just say this now, openly, before everyone and to you, Chizzie… If your intention is to somehow let DM’s identity be known on this blog becos of some twisted warped agenda you seem to have against him, the very second I see such an expository comment on this blog, that very second will be the LAST time you will ever get to drop any comment here. I’m saying it now before everyone and not via a private email.

        The day you let this nonsensical acrimony you have against my friend, the day you let it make you do something on this blog that I find distasteful, it will be the last distasteful thing you do here.

        I swear it, Chizzie.

      • You know who I am?
        ***shaking in my shoes***


        Erm are you still going with that theory that I am a psychopath?

        Where are the lawyers here biko, is (cyber) stalking actionable in these parts?


        Babes relax! There is no use for all this hate please!

        Now not that I see the need to explain anything to you (which I dont), it turns out that it is a parody tmz account that I follow on IG. Pink Panther who is the one who follows me on IG is the person who can verify that.

        Having said that, give this war with DM a break! Its one sided! And I am not expending any energy on you! What you are doing is not healthy for you!


      • rigghhhttt. so suddenly its a parody account. You are so typical – God! And no, I wasn’t cyber stalking you, you are the one who has crammed my Grindr pfl to heart remember? .

        You are a liar Dennis and anyone dt believes you., is just as foolish., I see ur lies and delusions becoming your waterloo in the long run. Stop lying and just be yourself… That’s that.

        But for what its worth…Dennis is not what he pen’s out to be here,he’s far from it.

      • It’s okay hun! They believe you! I am a looser and a liar and all things in between!

        Just breathe!

        Can we move on now!

        How you can hate one person so much who you don’t know and hasn’t done anything to you beats my imagination.

        Anyway have a great day!

      • Na wah o! *sips tea*…the day Dennis and Chizzie will catch themselves behind closed doors ehn…that day no go soft at all…#AngryTwistedSex (hey Mrs Macaulay! How u doin’?) *flees*

  2. That rebuke from uncle Pinky is long over due.However, implying friendship with DM as the reason to do the right thing is to say the least unfortunate.@ chizy, I will advise that whatever bitterness you have against DM shouldn’t be taken to the point you are taking it.Whatever,lies anyone tells here so far as it doesn’t challenge our general well being or attempts to misinform us thematically we should take all as fun and move on.

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