Photo Of The Day IX

IMG-20141225-WA004LOL! Ah, the double entendre! You just know some of these men of God be watching porn in their spare time. And not just any porn – gay porn!

Oh shoot! I just realized I shouldn’t be posting this. Some peeps will say Pink Panther has come again with his tasteless gay humour jabs  at Christianity. I solemnly swear, I dunno how these things keep happening. 😀

76 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day IX

  1. Seriously?? “Do not SWALLOW ANYTHING satan (who we knw is black. I.e anything dat ebony muscular hunk) is tryna RAM down ur THROAT” hmmmm, ok ooo, nsogbu adiro. Btms u hv heard that sha. **continues humming**

  2. Do not allow Satan (accidentally) put a **** in your mouth, do not swallow what it releases! LOL!

    This one pass me; Oya gad, Lord and Colossus (yes I call you join)! Come and gall PP

  3. Pinky what’s the matter na….wetin dis man do u biko…in fact why r u so antagonistic in your blog against the GENUINE Pastors of the Faith! When I saw this my first thought was that he was caught watching porn and in fact gay porn…but I see its just one of your black devilish wishlist you post..hmmm…just reminded me about the damned story about “the road to atheism’ that was posted here…seriously was that for rating or what…..

    By playing with delicate and sensitive minds and making us gullible and almost antagonistic towards the FAITH really shouldn’t be the ish anymore seriously. See my advice to you is to look out for other selective topics that would stimulate our minds to wholesome thinking and make the intellectual gay community in naija a better thinking machine so we don’t look like it’s all about sex, scandal, and atheism….

    My 2 cents.

    • Wait, King :”…look out for other selective topics…so we don’t look like it’s all about sex…”? Really? That’s rich,coming from u.LMAO

    • and the award for hypocrite of the Year goes to… *Drum roll*…none other than the self proclaimed lord himself.

      I think that bit in the Bible…the one about not observing the log in one’s eye while pointing out the mole in another, was inspired by You. Jesus looked into d future and saw a married man with kids participating in bareback gay orgies and coming to gay forums to preach and the inspiration of that scripture came to be. You really should stop playing the religious one here cause u are giving the devil a very good laugh at the expense of your Lord and personal saviour Jesus Christ.

    • 2 in 1 shade.. @”Lewd”..
      *walks in and looks around.. It’s dark in here… *Opens the window to let the light in.. What a beautiful morning…

      • Max you are a mess for this.

        Its sunday biko, can we all be gay and happy and bright and sunny please?

    • ‘Black devilish wishlist you post…’
      Why do I suddenly feel like I’ve been assigned a room nextdoor to the devil in hell. You know, seeing as we’re so close he gives me some topics for KD and I update them.

    • You got that right the first time…..very pure minded…its you Dats just messy as hell…coz of how u ‘ve deduced it..ah Chestnut….bikonukwanu let’s not talk bad about MOGs abeg!

  4. Pinky there’s a deluxe suite waiting for you in hell right next to the Macaulay’s

    Of course you just had to spot the double entendre while Joel wasn’t even thinking about such things… *sighs*

    You’re just a hot mess aswear

  5. @JArch, just doing my bit for the service of the public. 🙂

    And @Lord, the next time you wanna pompously talk about ‘selective posts that don’t make it about sex and scandals’, also consider making ‘selective comments that don’t advertize your messy sex-starved self all over this blog.’

  6. Chizzie, I look forward to watching your life unfold. I realise we are (yea I’m generalising) shoot at Lord, but he has got a point, recently we have been shooting atlot towards faith versus gay. Like there’s a match or rematch to be caught on ESPN. Let go of the faith thingie. Let he that has faith hold it. And you without; hold dk*. And Chizzie I give u 5yrs u will be a terrible wreck of a hypocrite. Faith give many ppl something to believe in and hold on to. Please don’t take it away ‘cos you already have yours. Abi wetin church do una, or do u think other faiths don’t have biases. I don talk oo. He dat has faith should hold it.

  7. I found this funny.. but I think it’s supposed to be more of a private joke than one to be put online where feathers would be ruffled. Pinky just revels in conflict. Evil thing.

  8. King,its ok for you to voice your disappointment at d constant attacks on Christianity here but I want to tell you that it’s nothing new. Over the years there has always been attacks on the church institutions under different pretenses. The kaygites in higher institutions said that it’s aim was 2 fight foreign influence but it attacked only Xtianity.You wonder if Islam is African.I have seen the zeal to always rubbish xtianity here and I have decided to just watch knowing that the more the church is attacked the stronger it waxes

    • Gad dear, I know u support King’s stance when it comes to christianity,but u have to realise that, as there are atheists on this blog, so also are there christians, not just u and King. When u talk about ur faith (which is d same as mine), it’s easier for most ppl to take u more seriously because u don’t talk abt ur love for GOD and ur love for adultery in d same sentence. I understand that even the most pious gay married men can’t really change their sexuality,and will be tempted to sleep with boys(it’s difficult to change who u truly are), but one could apply discretion in announcing details of ur extra-marital affairs( if there’s even need to announce at all). I’m not saying be a hypocrite and pretend to be a saint in public, but there’s really no need to shout it on the roof-tops…(Especially if u’re shouting at the same time, about ur how much u love the same God that says u shouldn’t commit adultery).

      • Are u sure you are responding to my comments because your comment doesn’t relate to your rants in anyway. Well,if my being married is your nightmare… man up. If eats easy get a woman that knows your sexuality to marry you and still love and adore you.Before I forget,let me make it very clear that I have no fan here neither do I have enemies. I can agree with you on an issue today and disagree with you tomorrow.It ends there.

      • Fair enough. U SHOULD be able to agree and disagree as much as u please; it’s ur prerogative. However,I’m sensing u didn’t really understand my comment. I wasn’t referring to u in those parts of my comment that got u riled up, and I certainly have no problem with ur marriage. U talked about the “zeal to rubbish christianity here”, I assume u were responding to some of the remarks that followed King’s comment, and I wanted to point out the reason why most people here respond to the “King-type-christianity” the way they do.
        It wasn’t a “rant” dear, just an enlightenment (or at least an attemp at it,but it seems my efforts went waaaay over ur head).

      • Yea, as in over the bar. My comment was actually 2 dimensional. I was telling king 2 stop wasting energy when attacks are made on the church because I have come to realise that this blog gets excited when the misdeeds of ministers of the gospel comes to fore. On the other hand I was passing a message to DM why i wont glorify the topic on the table with a response because I already knew what it was meant to achieve. In fairness to you,i submit that we will always misunderstand or fully grasp the real meanings and intentions of each others comments because we are not in the minds of others.The watchword is restraint and exhibition of courtesy as much as possible

    • This is why niggas cant take the two of you seriously on this blog, you always assume that you are constantly under attack even when you really arent so your default setting on every religious matter is to reply with the aggression of someone being attacked.
      Chestnuts reply to the best of my understanding was trying to explain to you why King or Lord II religious stance is never taken seriously, its is not because he’s married and sleeps with guys but because that part of his life is public knowledge here and he still takes every chance to make the less religious people here uncomfortable with his rants about God and religion while breaking not just his marital vows but various rules in the holy bible, that my dear is the height of hypocrisy.
      As such his religious views cant be taken seriously. I dont think chestnut’s comment was in any way ranting sbout your marriage or whatever.
      I understand why you would think he was ‘attacking’ you seeing as your religion is always talked about here and most times not in the best light, but my dear this wasnt the case, at least I dont think it was.

      • Thanks for teaching me what chesty meant.How much will I pay 4 this your tutorial?you are feeling safe and wagging your tongue as if your Islam will tolerate half of the attacks on Christianity on it. Atleast, we voice our resentment bcos we are Christians but Islam the religion of peace would have started mowing people down,burning houses,traced Pinky and all who made comments against its teaching.My guy just hide and enjoy your holidays

      • Dear, I don’t know about other muslims, but I wouldn’t carry the issue on my shoulders and it wouldn’t bother me so much if anyone attacked Islam. The religion doesn’t belong to me and everyone is free to think what they want.
        Happy holidays.

      • Hmmm,so I was right? You are a Muslim? No wonder. Deola,if you are tolerant of people’s opposing views on the teachings of Islam,then you are not a good Muslim. I laugh when my friends tell me that Boko Haram and other Islamic Insurgents are not good Muslims. The Quaran in clear language instructs you to kill,maim and loot the people of the book(Christians) and Jews where ever they are seen.Allah said you will be his friend by so doing. Better let sleeping dogs lie.I had reason to study Islam many years just chill bros

      • Wow Gad…you took that out of my head!!! way to go!!

        Was wondering when Pinky was gonna post an imam’s picture too wishing and dreaming he was sucking on a dick!!!

      • Don’t worry.I have already worked on that. If I get Pinky’s reply and assurances,we will see the beauty of the religion of peace.Let them declare fatwa on me let’s see how it goes

      • Heheheee. I feel as if you niggas are wasting your energy it’ll be better directed at someone who takes Islam so seriously that their life’s depends on it, not measly little me.
        Incase you haven’t gotten a read on my comments, i really dont take religion seriously, direct all that at some who cares. *Victoria Grayson smile*

      • Now you are talking. You don’t take your religion serious and you have your reasons. Why not allow those of us who take it serious to enjoy our choice. We have our reasons too. To borrow DM,s expression, we are high on the opium of Christianity and it’s good enough for us.After all,it was good for our father’s and mothers

      • Lol…i cant with you guys I swear.
        Read my comment…did i say you shouldn’t enjoy your choice to practice your religion, you see why i say you always assume someone is attacking you. My comment wasn’t derogatory to christainity dude. Yours just reeks of ignorance…

        ‘Islam the religion of peace would have started mowing people down,burning houses,traced Pinky and all who made comments against its teaching’
        ‘Deola,if you are tolerant of people’s opposing views on the teachings of Islam,then you are not a good Muslim. I laugh when my friends tell me that Boko Haram and other Islamic Insurgents are not good Muslims. The Quaran in clear language instructs you to kill,maim and loot the people of the book(Christians) and Jews where ever they are seen.Allah said you will be his friend by so doing’.

        Really??? Really?? If thats what you think the religion is, then well done…you sir have mastered Islam and its teachings. Bravo

      • *Tracking Gad and Lord II’s IP address, deploying boko haram nuclear war heads to scanned address* ‘Because i want to be Allah’s friend and I want to be a good muslim’.
        Tell me you see how ridiculous you sound.

      • I only told you what your Allah requires of you as a good Muslim. If it sounds ridiculous be bold to confront your Imam on it. For Bokoharam,i will give you my address so you send them to their waterloo. I will facilitate their journey to alijana where they will enjoy orgies with 12,500 different categories of women and fresh boys as promised by Allah

      • I’ve seen clearly now that trying to reason with you both (Pious and his barebacking best buddy) is fruitless. You have a 2 digit IQ.. I’ll never ever try to reason with any of you.. You misconstrue statements, hate other people’s religion, lack simple understanding of simple English.
        Its just like trying to reason with a schizophrenic lunatic.. I pity the people in your lives….

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  10. @King/Lord, like i said earlier; you’ve got some weird sinister shit rolling around in your head mehn … but i honestly cant help but marvel at your uncanny and unnerving ability to clamber onto the pulpit and preach scriptures till you’re hoarse and without missing a beat you ditch your role of doting loving Dad/hubby and clamber onto a man’s behind during a wild hedonistic orgy session and then shortly after you’re shamelessly extending hookup invitations to James and several other readers of this blog … wow … just wow! How one man can embody so many contradictory personas and not be mentally ripped apart has got to be the 10th wonder of the modern world … wow!
    @other religitards/religidiots, must you construe every harmless joke as being an attempt to dilute that harmful toxic opium that’s got y’all so mentally disabled? Huh? ***rolls long silky eyelashes from Aba to Alaska *** keep marinating your brains in the mushy opiate brew – your brains, your life … as for me and my house; i shall wake up and smell the rich roast java coffee***

  11. Please, Chestnut and Pinky, ask King-turned-Lord how many stories, fact or fiction, that we have read from him.
    Maybe I’ve not yet come across any.

    The saintly Lord. I hail thee.
    Pharisaical hypocrisy even on KD.

    • Yeah…I can bear any name you call me..but to DENY the one who died for me and choose him OVER my sexuality???? NO and that is EMPHATIC!!!!

      Oh am sure you guys have got that about me by now!

      • I think we have a serious confusion here but what I’m not sure is whether it’s deliberate or a case of standing where it’s convenient at a particular time.Months ago,there seems to be a consensus here that homosexuality is not a sin as the church wants us to believe.Many shared how as kids they have always had the feelings. The only dissenting voice was Lord who insists it’s a sin because the Bible says so. Recent comments from Kdiarians especially when trying to get at someone they feel is pious seems to suggest that despite the things we say about homosexuality not being a sin,we believe at least in our inner most minds that it is.Telling someone that he is the least qualified to talk about Christ because he is gay sums it all up

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