Eminem Admits To Being Gay in Sony’s ‘The Interview’

eminemplaysgayin22theinterview22Sony gave freedom-loving fans of badly-reviewed comedy films a major Christmas gift this holiday by making the beleaguered film, The Interview, available not only in select theaters, but on various online streaming services.

Anyone who tuned out their family and tuned in The Interview on Christmas day was treated to an Eminem cameo where the rapper — who is frequently accused of homophobia for using the very bad f-word consistently — comes out as gay.

Of course, the entire thing is scripted and presumably not real, but Marshall Mathers deadpans the scene convincingly. “I’m more shocked that people haven’t figured it out yet,” Eminem tells James Franco’s character. “I’ve been playing gay peek-a-boo for years. I’ve pretty much been leaving a gay bread crumb trail.”

Behind the scenes, Seth Rogen’s character feeds Franco a question pertaining to lyrics from “Medicine Ball” on Relapse: “I said nice rectum, I had a vasectomy, Hector / So you can’t get pregnant if I bisexually wreck ya.”

Franco asks Eminem about that line, who confirms that “Hector’s rectum was real.”

Watch it below before it gets pulled down. Or just check out the entire The Interview movie online, even if just to irk a dictator.

21 thoughts on “Eminem Admits To Being Gay in Sony’s ‘The Interview’

  1. Nna pinky u and this ur headlines sha!
    I bolted right out of bed to be sure I read right the 1st time and dashed here to get the complete det.

    Oh well! Half of hollywood is gay these days. He spills enough hate to allow his self hate shine through. If he is not hating on gay ppl, he Is bashing pop princesses, if he is not doing that, he is going after kim (his baby mama/ ex) if he isn’t doing that he, is slamming he favorite punching bag “his Mother”.

    He still shifts albums like craz, but I think he is played out. His hype is no longer what it use to be. He is talented alright, but I ve never really cared 4 him. He has some really impressive classics under his belt though

  2. I downloaded the movie immediately it was released.. But haven’t seen it yet.. Ummmm I think I’ve found my next movie to watch. **Where’s my remote control??.. **Rushes off to go play the movie..

    • Lol, I do ds all d tym, DL movies once they’re out but don’t watch ’em for months, got about 30 movies 2 see, even some from last year & I alrdy DL’d dis one 😦

  3. Downloaded the movie on my way to school. Should have finished by now. Going to play it as soon as I enter house. I just think it is a image repair stunt and an attempt to get views for the movie. Nothing else.

  4. So I watched the movie this morning right after my first comment. All I can say is, its not worth the buzz.. Few laughs here and there. They tried too much to make it funny.

    • It’s Seth Rogen and James Franco, they are not particularly funny. Some stupid jokes here and there, penis and anal jokes tucked in somewhere. The hacking scandal just gave the movie some serious publicity

      • Exactly! They bank on shock value and from the reviews I’ve read, the star of the movie was the guy that acted as the north Korean dictator.
        I’ve never looked forward to this movie, not before and not now North Korea just kinda made it popular.

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