40 thoughts on “Tweet Of The Day VI

  1. Great answer ofcoz. But let’s not forget it’s not the same for everybody….people discovered their true sexuality at different times and ways in their lives….have met some who didn’t think they were gay until after sex with one or two partners of d same sex and “liked” it and THEREFORE CHOSE the life…so what do we say about these types….

  2. For someone who takes a lot of bashing on twitter it was a very classy response!

    And true tho!

    However even though Khaleesi and Chestnut will never agree, I do believe strongly that people can be “recruited” (for want of a better word). I know (straight) boys who agreed to shag men in exchange for a favour and after that one encounter continued along the journey. I also know someone who never tried it again after that one time.

    One time this guy I knew wanted me to do something for him and he has always spewed homophobia. I lay my cards on the table, after going back and forth over it for weeks, he consented on bbm and made me promise no soul will hear. I did not do it, I just wanted proof from him which I munched and saved for blackmail whenever the situation arises (like when next he tweets homophobic stuff).

    Oya Khaleesi and chestnut take me to the cleaners

      • My dear! I have many munched conversations saved on google fotos! Just in case I loose my mobile.

        It’s always good to be pre-armed! Incase of “incasity”, you will be prepared.

        Shebi the bible said the shildren of issaca understood the times and the seasons or something like that!
        In other words, they think ahead ahead!

        I’m so going to hell

        ***runs away from pastors gad and king***

      • @Dennis, sexuality isn’t who you sleep with, it’s who you’re attracted to. I could sleep with 500 women without being attracted to them as long as the d*ck is ploughing a hole, you’ll definitely get to Orlando. Did you enjoy it, hell yeah cos your Lil man was getting worked out.. But were you attracted to the person? No.

        People can’t be converted dear. They can choose to have sex with people of the same sex for many reasons, experimenting might just be one of them.

      • But really, if that’s the going definition of what sexuality is about, then I must be an anomaly, because I could never bring myself to sleep with someone who I’m not attracted to, male or female.

      • Pinky, thank God you haven’t been in a situation where the price for what you needed was sex with someone unattractive.

    • Dennis you as well as I know what you said is FACT!!! no doubt.

      In fact I have met a guy who said before he met me he didn’t even know it existed in Nigeria and was just one of the American life styles!!!!

      • @Max, a big kiss to you joor!!
        @Lord, those guys were simply not exposed to the fact that they had a bisexual side to them, these days i suspect a lot of Nigerian men have bisexual sides and inspite of the choking homophobic environment, are willing to explore it just a teeny lil bit … the stares and looks i see in the eyes of men of all ages and from all walks of life these days, tell me all i need to know … lol

    • Lol…no cleaners bae; I just don’t think ppl can turn their sexuality around. A lot of gay ppl in dis part of the world are actually so uninformed that they don’t even know it’s a real thing that exists here. Thus, when u think u’re the only one that feels what u feel, it’s kinda easy to tell urself “it isn’t real…just my mind playing tricks on me”. Some straight guys did it and didn’t continue, some did,and loved it too much to stop(these are the latent gays). I think it would be safe to assume that all the gay guys on this blog are NOT “closet-heterosexuals”; if we were all made to have sex with some hot women, would we forget about guys forever? Dennis,would u forget about guys forever if u had a particularly exciting sexual experience with a woman?would u even turn fully bisexual because of one or two trysts with women? Do u know any of ur gay frnds who would?
      Even married gay men,who have to have a lot of sex with their wives,don’t turn straight,for all that heterosexual sex they’ve been having with their women/wives.I mean,just yesterday, King more or less told someone that they should hook-up,because “unlike Dennis”,he was unattached, “unattached” meaning that he didn’t even regard his wife (biological mother of his biological children) as an “attachment” because she’s not a man. All that marital sex didn’t turn him straight; infact I don’t even think it turned him bisexual. If being married and having sex for years doesn’t turn a naturally gay man straight (enough to see himself as being in a relationship with his wife), then I wonder how one or two gay encounters can turn a TRULY straight man,gay.

      • I have had exciting sexual encounters with women. It was like driving a car sha, after enjoying the ride you will still come down and walk which you do more than drive.

        I get your point sweetheart, I just don’t agree entirely.

        But then again human sexuality is fluid and not black and white. Based on that premise, I will concede!

      • Very true Chesty and no shade there but I still don’t know why it’s easier for the so called str8t guys to just go with the flow and continue to do d dirty with d gays??!

      • @Chestie, you’re so on point ***flicks on my bright pink flashlight, the sudden darkness here will need stadium spotlights to even make a dent*** eishhh … shade oooo

    • Dennis,Pinky and all human rights activists on sexuality who will always jump on the neck of anyone that suggests heterosexual sex 4 a gay guy. I still remember someone telling us hear that some guys can’t stand d sight of a vagina. Agreed. Are the straight guys not also entitled to their sexuality? Is your right advocacy one sided tilted only in favor of gays? If you say no,why has none of you voiced your displeasure against Dennis for taking advantage of a supposedly straight guy because he needs something from him? We blame society for this and that but we seem worse off. Even if a gay guy turns you down we shouldn’t take it to official or other levels. I initially want to read and pass but I can’t keep quiet on this one.

      • My dear! You see me for dream?


        Did you read the comment? I did not take advantage of anybody!


        Pastor gad! Oga oooo

      • When you make someone do or promise what he would ordinarily not do due to some influence you have over him it’s exploitation

      • This Gad sef, you have this weird penchant for leaving the issue on the ground and pulling your own issues out of your ass and proceeding to force everyone else to bicker over your own issue, when did the issue move from what it was to advocacy … biko learn to read posts properly and perhaps wait a few hours for the opium haze to clear b4 you attempt to jump into any issues **wipes brow** ps: Your very obvious absence the other day was noticed ooo, welcome back …

  3. The question itself is messed up and problematic: What does the asker want to know really? Is it when Bisi KNEW for certain he was gay or if people are BORN gay? Two different questions requiring two different answers. And Bisi answered only the second about being born gay – forget that he used the word “realised”.

    We are born gay, but may not come to this realisation at the same point in our lives.

  4. @Dennis, my bae whom i must never dream of thinking of dreaming of touching (Mrs M things) … Sexuality is fluid and never fully understood. My opinion: I storngly believe that some guys are totally straight, i.e at one extreme on the kinsey scale and hence cannot under any circumstances and for all the money in bahrain fuck a man, however much they want to, in the same way, some guys at the other end of the spectrum, cannot no matter how much they want to, be straight, i even suspect that attempting to force them to run so counter to the flow of their sexuality might have horrible psycho – emotional consequences. A lot of these so-called “straight guys” who “ben for money or favours” are in all probability bisexuals who never realised they were bi and the money or favours only helped them along the road to true self discovery. Subsquently, they developed a mental correlation between gay sex and gratification (money or favours), and frequently use this as a means of justifying what they cant bear to accept. i.e “am not gay/bi, but if the money is right, i will fuck a man – but only for the money, i am basically a straight guy who can bend my rules when they money is right” … if you wish to test this theory, find one of these “straight guys” and attempt to hook him up with a very goodlooking guy, you will find that he will very likely willingly fuck him even when there’s no money on the table. The money/gifts/favors were was merely a tool in the journey of sexual self discovery. We discover our true sexuality at various points in life, that why some are early and some are late bloomers. I personally know persons who were completely (or thought they were) heterosexual for a large part of their adult lives, some discovered their bisexuality when they were well into their 40s and older. It does not mean that they suddenly became bisexual, it had been there all along, they just hadnt been opportuned to have that switch flicked in their brain. I would personally answer the tweeter thus: in the same manner you grew up to discover that your attractions gravitated of their own volition towards the opposite sex, so also i grew into the realisation that my sexual attractions gravitated without any input on my part, towards the same sex – live with it or fuck off!!

  5. Looking for answers to questions about homosexuality from Nigerians is just about as smart as asking Russians about democracy, ISIS about religious freedom or Jamie the British cook about Jollof Rice.
    For real, I think we underestimate how warped and traumatized our senses are about LGBT issues and human liberties as a whole. Give yourself a few months in a truly free country and see how you begin to question some of the things you thought you knew.

    • God lanre! I could kiss you right now! In just a few sentences, you have encapsulated what’s been on my mind for like ever… i think every single Nigerian ought to spend at least a year living in a liberal and orderly society … not visit, actually live in and be part of the system … the broadening of mind and mental acuity it brings is unmatchable, you will see that so much of what we assume to be unshakable truths are actually man-made whims and caprices; and only then can we begin to address so many of the problems (not just LGBT issues) that plague this misguided and rudderless country

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