Man Crush Tuesday: Omari Hardwick

oh5Who has seen the series ‘Being Mary Jane’ here? Pretty sure most of you have. Mehn, that show trots around more delicious chocolate men than a Tyler Perry movie. Case in point, today’s man crush – Omari Hardwick, the man who is Mary Jane’s ultimate weakness. Any wonder why that is so? Look at him! He positively oozes sex appeal from every well muscled pore. Ay! *fanning face* *struggling to stay focused on the men in my life, Idris and Tyson*

Omari Hardwick 04omar-hardwick-power-starzomari-hardwick2-sheisdivawpid-screenshot_2014-06-01-00-17-481Don’t you just wish you’re the one he’s crushing in his arms like so…

43 thoughts on “Man Crush Tuesday: Omari Hardwick

  1. Chei…chim ooo…that last pic finished it for me. Why can’t it be me? Pinky! Pinky!! Pinky!!! I have a meeting this morning, if my mind wanders off or I have a boner infront of my boss, na u cause am.

  2. Make Una no vex oooo….
    shey as this guy get muscles like this every where so,he is going to be massive down there?
    just an innocent question.

    *runs away with my big fat ass*

  3. Yass bitch Yass!!! That last picture is giving me life, why does Gabriel Union get to play with all the boys huh??! *smiles at Michael B Jordan* you still my boo though.

  4. But y’all r some thirsty assed hoes tho…….this on is useless to me…….no part of his body jiggles and if it don’t shake then its not jelly….and I love me some jelly…..

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