Anti-Gay Pastor attacks Gay Man by Squeezing His Penis

Gaylard-police_photoA pastor was arrested on charges of assault after allegedly squeezing the private parts of a homosexual man, reports the police in Indiana. Seymour Police said that they arrested 59-year-old Gaylard Williams (pictured above), who leads a church that preaches against homosexuality, for sexually harassing a man at Cypress Lake. The victim told the police that Williams, who leads the Praise Cathedral Church of God, approached him in his parked car before grabbing and squeezing his private parts.

After telling the pastor to leave him alone, the victim called police. The police who arrived at the scene found gay pornography in the pastor’s car. The pastor denied the allegations, saying that he waited at the lake for a friend who loves fishing. He also said that he was taking the pornography to another person. The pastor has been released on bail after being charged with assault.

*shaking my head* Someone please get that pastor inside a room and fuck the bejesus out of him! This is a clear cry from his horny, thirsty, anti-gay soul!

22 thoughts on “Anti-Gay Pastor attacks Gay Man by Squeezing His Penis

  1. Mtcheeew…whick kian mumu mumu anti gay pastor be this one?
    He is gay Jo….
    of all the places to attack person,na im prick he see….eh?
    e never talk wetin dey worry am..***

    Hungry tasty horny loves attacking prick holding gay pastor..***

  2. Wait… “Gaylard williams”? Really? Oh honey, with a name like that,u never stood a chance,did u? LMFAO.too funny!
    It’s so sad when u’re in dat phase of struggling with ur sexuality(because of what society says and how society interpretes what the bible says), but the worst kind of “struggler” is one who thinks he can “fight the gay away” by bashing it with all his strength and might. Smh. Why don’t u seek understanding and have ur struggle privately, so u don’t lose ‘credibility’ when shit hits d fan?(And it definitely will,eventually!)
    I’ve read about ‘homophobes’ who punish gay men by raping them: so,basically, u’re so disgusted by the thought of a man having sex with another man,that u punish them by having sex with them? Makes a whole lot of sense.
    So, anti-gay pastor Gaylord, was holding gay porn for a friend? Smh. A hot Mess!

      • @Absalom: my dear,I don’t know if he’s ever going to accept himself (althought these recent occurences might force him to have a good,loooong think abt his life).but if he’s still struggling at this age, he should do it privately,not by shouting “gays will burn in Hell!” on a pulpit.

  3. This goes to buttress what I read some days ago “homophobia is more pronounced in those with unacknowledged attraction to the same sex”

  4. Na wa o. How people get to this level is what I don’t understand. You preach hatred of what deep inside you know it’s what you are just for a society that care less of your existence. It’s just freakingly amazing to me sha.

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