On A Side Note

Who knew celebrities could be as catty as you and I? Remember when you had that social media spat with that friend or acquaintance, and you had enough of seeing him or her on your Timeline. What else is there left to do? You hit the Block button.

Well apparently celebrities have such mortal imperfections as well. Remember Keith Carlos, the male model who won Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model? Well, he must have pissed off Tyson Beckford so much that the dude blocked him on Instagram. So the other dude be trying to say hello, to find himself unable to access Tyson. Lol. Check on it below.zw

‘You can learn from me too…’ Am I the only one who thinks that’s a not-so-subtle shade? Lol. Kai! Keith Carlos, you really tried it. What I’d give to be a fly on the wall of the room when this beef between you and Tyson is getting discussed.

21 thoughts on “On A Side Note

  1. Wait, what? Pinky,u really need to come get ur man,lol.Who knew Tyson was such an insecure lil alley-cat.let it go grandpa! ur time has passed; allow younger guys to enjoy d spotlight.
    Funny that they’re both hot models who look alike and share d same birthday; guess I can see why Tyson feels…”replaced”. LMAO

    • Chestnut! You hit the nail smack on the head! ! Grandma Becky is petrified that her time has gone – she’s been around for like eva! I started hearing about her when i was in primary school! Now she sees this fine young thang come up to remind her of glory days long gone as well as threaten to steal her shine, bitch went into blind panic mode, and lashed out irrationally – thats what happened

  2. Something had to have happened between this two, I found it seriously hard to believe that Tyson would be so immature, I get that Keith Carlos is the new hot thing, but blocking him cause of it, stretches belief.
    What do I know though. Tyson may just be a green-eyed biatch for all we know.

  3. Hmmm. And I wasn’t even referring to anything sexual when I said something must have happened between them. Or was I?? Is my mind so dirty that My subconscious is making dirty puns without me knowing?? Choi.

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