Sam Smith Doesn’t Need Grindr When He Can Have His Pick From Music Video Extras Hanging Around

260182-15be5e38-857f-11e4-9f59-4e93e361b697Sam Smith rose to the top of the pop charts by baring his broken heart to the world, but now he’s met someone who will keep the shattered pieces velcroed together for a while.

Sam met Jonathan on the set of his music video (who needs Grindr when you’ve got an international music career?) for ‘Like I Can,’ where Jonathan (pictured left) was one of 20 extras dolled up in a penguin suit and hitting the town with Sam.

Here’s the chorus to the song, which doubles as a pretty solid pickup line:

Why are you looking down all the wrong roads?

When mine is the heart and the salt of the soul

There may be lovers who hold out their hands

But they’ll never love you like I can, can, can

They’ll never love you like I can, can

Sam understandably downplays the story, when he says: “It’s very early days. I’m talking very, very, very early days. But he’s really sweet. I met him on the video for Like I Can, he was one of 20 extras. It’s a surreal thing to be talking about because I haven’t even confirmed with him that we’re officially seeing each other.”

But he also added: “People need to realize I’m never going to be happy. The reason I do what I do is because I’m an artist who is always going to be blue about something.”

Well there’s some added pressure for any potential beau. Either way, mazel tov!

Here’s the video:

23 thoughts on “Sam Smith Doesn’t Need Grindr When He Can Have His Pick From Music Video Extras Hanging Around

  1. I just love the headline, who really needs all those social site when you have got tons of admirers everywhere.

    #pinky how do you do? Its been a while.

  2. ‘they will never love u like i can’ my dick! Thats wat many wil tel u nd after they wil break ur dick_ sorry ur heart like no other. **hisses**

  3. Oh that voice!!!!! Dear San you can take a mechanic or a kabu kabu driver even…..yiur voice will still have its impact on me….mua!

  4. lol Samantha is clearly one of those delusional gurrls that assume a guy is dating them because they’ve been on a couple of dates. I expect another In The Lonely Hour Vol 2 based off this guy.

    Speaking of which…Pinky whats w my stuff? is it being hoarded? ..

  5. I repent of all I said about Sam previously! It was chestnut’s idea!

    This man sings beautifully!

    “I am never gonna be happy”

    Biko why is there so much sadness with these people? You have 6 Grammy nominations, you will make a ton of money! If you are sad, go buy the entire Christian Louboutin Male line shoe collection and be happy again!

    • My second best….here’s my Sam Smith chart

      #1- Stay with me
      #2- Leave your lover
      #3- Latch
      #4-La La La
      #5- I’m not the only one

      • Not in that way is my current favorite.
        Good thing
        I’m not the only one
        Stay with me still gets a spin every now and then.
        He has finally gone platnium in the US (sales of 1million copies of the album)

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