‘He should continue in the land of the dead.’ Proof That Nigeria’s Humanity is Ever On The Decline

So, while 9-year-old Americans were giving their teacher compassionate letters in acceptance of his sexuality, faceless Nigerians on the cyber warpath had no compassion to give, even in the face of a fellow countryman’s misfortune, just as long as he is gay.

Yesterday, gay activist Bisi Alimi revealed in a Twitter diatribe that he was recently in touch with a young Nigerian who intended to commit suicide to escape the humiliation of his recent attack. See his tweets below.bisi1bisi2bisi3

And when these tweets were published on nairaland.com, the very first comment (which I slipped upon, because I really detest going through the comments sections of these mainstream blogs when LGBT posts are up) was:bisi4

I’m sure there was more poison following suit. And it all makes me struggle with my faith in the humanity of this country. And for those who may come to protest, ‘Ehn, but homophobia is everywhere, not just in Nigeria…’ (They know themselves) I don’t care about every other place. The one thing I care about is this country, my country, and it feels less and less like home for me and others like me.

27 thoughts on “‘He should continue in the land of the dead.’ Proof That Nigeria’s Humanity is Ever On The Decline

  1. Sometimes I just feel like running away*Teary eyes*and I can; only that my destiny lies here.I am sure of that,I am destined to bring hapiness to millions of souls here,especially LGBT community.

  2. I have no desire to live in this country one minute more than necessary….I might visit from time to time tho; it has great potential.

  3. This is just sad….. Thr hate is incredible, I went thru the comments on nairaland ….. tears rolled out my eyes, tears of anger and sorrow ….. pple were like other gays shud commit suicide, Yesterday a Lesbian friend of mine in UK told me of one her friends (lesbian) ….. just 16years that committed Suicide on Monday ….. God help us

  4. i think much of homophobia esp in Nigeria’s case stems from transferred anger and aggression. Nigerians are hungry and poor ppl to a large extent, many of them dont eat 3 squre meals, live in derelict conditions, are unemployed, plus there’s this horrible heat ( omg yst …I almost died) to contend with; so they pick on anything vulnerable and vent their frustrations on them and the LGBT community seems like their perfect punching bag.

    I feel bad for homophobic Nigerians though. Their frustrations are always so apparent.

      • Right now, i will do anything for that heat. Have you ever been so cold that your ears starts to give you burning pain? Please dey bluetooth the heat come my side.

    • Funny thing is d average illiterate nigerian doesn’t know y he hates gays, he just sees others do it & joins ’em. It’s just such a stupid culture of homophobia, & its especially sickening cuz derz no real reason 4 it.

      Last 9t was HOT. Thought I was d only 1. Turned off d gen @3am & swam through d nyt in my own bed 😦

  5. Ya’ll have said it all. Dunno what else to say.
    No matter how nice they seem or open minded, once the issue of homosexuality comes up, you’ll see a different side of them that will begin to scare you. Its quite shocking to see people’s reaction to it… I’m more shocked at how they change from Optimus prime to Decepticon in a second..
    Filled with hate.. Transfered hate. Because the truth is that no gay person has ever done anything bad to them. But they hate them so much that they wanna hurt them. Its mind boggling…I’ve always been fascinated about human behavior.. I love the field of behavioral analysis. In the behavior of most Nigerians, it almost feels as if its imprinted in their DNA to hate gay people. Just like snakes are naturally inclined to eat rats/mice. Its crazy.

  6. Am gay…you are straight ; am Igbo…you are Yoruba; am from Anambra…you are from Abia; am christian…you are not; am Catholic…you are Anglican; am dark…you are light skinned; am short…you are tall; am single…you are married, and the list goes on

  7. The pourings continue on nairaland. The last I saw is “P.T.O.”. I guess he’s saying Please turn Over to another story or so. I see a lot of hates towards LindaIkeji on her blog any time she posts LGBT stories. This even makes me to ponder on the insensibility of the “homphobics” because you see that they are just too vile and infuriated unnecessarily. My colleagues in the office have been pressuring me to bring my girl friend to the office, and I’m like “Is this a family place?”

  8. Ace abeg where you dey? I can do with some heat myself right now. For instance the downstairs of my house is so cold I don’t feel that the fridge is working when I open it.
    Let’s keep each other warm, mbok!

  9. I can’t say when or how it started, but all i know is that right now, Nigerians have homophobic hate imprinted deep in their DNA, i frankly dont know how or if it can change even in 4 generations to come … which is why i repeat my exhortation to all (including myself), flee!!! The longer you stay, the more you feel like you’re living in hell… its ok to say ‘i’ll ignore them’ but the truth is, it’ll only be so long before the negativity and hate creep into you slowly and insidiously and dry out every trace of joy from within your soul … I’ve seen it happen and believe me, its scary as fuck – you wouldn’t wish it on your worst enemy …

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