Photos: Someone To BEWARE Of

A Kitodiariesian who doubles as an LIB reader stumbled across a disturbing comment someone made against what could only have been an LGBT post on Linda Ikeji’s blog. And he brought both comment and blow-up picture of the commenter to me. And now, in the spirit of enlightenment, I’m sharing it with y’all.Screenshot_2014-12-17-06-39-38Screenshot_2014-12-17-06-30-37

After reading that comment, I said to myself, ‘So what does he expect now, congratulations?’ This is someone NOT to know. Or someone to know just for the sake of helping karma do a number on him, the soulless prick that he is.

53 thoughts on “Photos: Someone To BEWARE Of

  1. And seriously they think what the’ve done was funny or interesting? Now who’s worse? An innocent man staying on his own or those bandits who beat up pple and take away their belongings? He was even proud to mention the injured him with weapons part! I weep for the callousness of pple!

  2. Assault, grievous bodily harm, invasion of privacy, extortion, theft, blackmail, attempted murder….

    And I’m not even a lawyer sef.

  3. “He runs away when he sees us”

    I am sure you guys know what I want to say and how I feel about such things already.

    Let me just keep mute

  4. This post made me scared for my life.

    Now this guy is a good candidate for a hit and run… I swear down, I run him over and I would feel good about myself. I promise to reverse to make sure the job is excellent.

    I curse all our Nigerian leaders, such a worthless country… each and every one of us has to take a more active role in politics.

    • GEJ is one of the smartest politicians I know, he knows his term is coming to an end and seeing as he has achieved only two things: diddly and squat! He decides to give frustrated, angry and unsatisfied Nigerians a ‘common enemy’ and they channeled all that frustration and anger to the common enemy (us), and the clueless fools ate it all up. And thus with that distraction Nigeria can go on as it is. Hey we have no electricity, but the law is against the gays, GEJ is working. Hey we have no water, but the law is against the gays, so GEJ is working, hey most of the youths are unemployed, at least the law is against the gays abi, well GEJ seems to be working.
      That law has done nothing but set Nigeria back a couple of centuries and the Nigerians applaud it, the people who passed it and those who exploit it, and you think this country will progress?

  5. Someone just confessed to a crime on a blog, why isn’t he in jail?.. They jail people for updating incriminating status updates on fb in other countries.. Once again, I’m ashamed of Nigeria..

  6. So this is what Nigeria has turned to, where a psychopath boasts of his torture skills while others look on and applaud him?? I weep for humanity

  7. Hmm. Who knows what Linda posted..

    “We stormed into a hotel room…” Whatever happened to hotel security? The place is too local like that?

    Chai. The man sef is a shrimp!

    • A group of ppl can walk into a hotel,asking to see a guest. The front-desk just has to call the guest to confirm the appointment (I’m guessing the victim had invited one or some of them to see him)…it’s the walking past security with “weapons” that I’m not so sure of.

      • Pls, for those, who for one reason or another, have to invite a “new” acquaintance to a hotel room, when the reception calls to confirm, ask how many ppl are there, so u can make sure it’s only the ONE person u’re expecting that is coming up to see u.

  8. The sooner this homophobic people stop being obsessed about us the better. No seriously its the creepiest thing ever. You decide to spend all that time and energy hating someone just because he is a little different from what you are used to.
    Whenever I see coments like ‘i hate gay people’ , i am like but what has a gay person ever done to you that you will just hate ’em like that.
    See that one was even so proud of his achievements that he put #homophobic. Well hallelujah you should be knighted for being homophobic. Nonsense.
    Once again my decision to stay away from that woman’s blog is looking better and better.

  9. Ok… my killer instincts just kicked in as I read this……me self get torture skills ooooo, and I’d like to use em on someone like this, till he begs to die……for starters my pliers will like to pull his fingers and toe nails off very slowly, a lil water boarding should help too, only this time itvaint water but caustic soda.

  10. Ok… my killer instincts just kicked in as I read this……me self get torture skills ooooo, and I’d like to use em on someone like this, till he begs to die……for starters my pliers will like to pull his fingers and toe nails off very slowly, a lil water boarding should help too, only this time it ain’t water but caustic soda, a lil shock therapy sould fry his dick/testicles to crunchy bits……..I guess he can go home after.

  11. There is something called Revenge! And I am not talking about the TV series!

    Why do we always cower away and hide? Organaise people, strike back! Don’t kill him, but do damage that will last forever so he will always remember to mind his business.

    Let him loose an arm and then give him 4 big oyo tribal marks on each side of the face. These guys need to be stopped, otherwise they will continue on to the next one!

    • Dennis, it’s not that simple. Everyone does not move in the same kind of “crowd”. I may not be comfortable with area boys or know any influential military men; why will it be because of one kito case I’ll start knocking on these doors? Where do I begin? What if the solution fails or I get doubly exploited?

      Leaving response to kito cases to the victims, anything can go wrong…

      I don’t know how we are going to run it but what we need is an organised support system victims of hate crimes such as this can go to and make a report – a report that doesn’t have to be disguised as something else e.g. kidnapping.

      In saner climes, countries take care of their LGBT community; the average American will walk straight from that hotel room to the police station, and god help this idiot whose picture is here when the law descends on him. But we’re not that fortunate here. It’s like being orphans. So we have to help ourselves – but not on an individual basis. It has to be a collective thing. It’s the kind of support rape victims get when they get to a centre that handles such cases.

      Even here, on the blog, we tend to send people off with recommendations on what to do after a kito sob story. Is it that easy? What about follow-ups to these cases?

      Perhaps you’re a brave person – good for you – but if you’ve ever been beaten up or molested for being gay it is scary; the experience shakes you. And the last thing you want is to be left on your own to handle the matter.

      • @absie bae
        I totally get you and I cannot say I know for sure what it feels like, but I know it will be traumatizing.
        As for me that pain will turn to rage and I will strike back in a well orchestrated plot. I am speaking for myself alone.

        My point is that these things need to stop! Punish a few people and the frequency will begin to decline! They think of us as “men-women” who will runaway and hide, hence these people continue to wreck havoc.

        The government will not protect us, the police will not protect us! So what do we do? PROTECT YOURSELF

      • I’m with you Dennis. If we start fighting back, it’ll eventually stop. First thing to think about before committing a crime is how and if you’ll get away with it. Sadly they’ve profiled most gay people as girly wimps who can’t fight back or make such noise after so they already know they can get away with it.. That’s why they keep doing it. They never born pesin wet go wear me kito.. I’ll show them they messed with the wrong dude.. My agony in life always turns to rage.. And I always revenge.. No matter what.. Not that I’m praying for such experience though.. I always have my anti-kito kit with me.. Everywhere i go. Yeah, I’m that security conscious..
        Trail them @ night and know how they commute, wear hoodies to hide your face. Go to a convenievece store and get a good claw hammer and pliers..
        Package petrol or any highly inflammable liquid inside a used bottle water can… With a lighter.. Find their apartment and throw in the Molotov cocktail inside. Destroy their life the way they destroyed yours.. When they rush out of the house, hit em with the claw part of the hammer… Theyll never do kito in their life again…
        And again don’t let people know your address.. Especially new acquaintance s.. Always meet up at a neutral place..that way there’ll be no way to trace you…and also watch your language in chats..
        Or you could just sit in your car and wait for them(if you drive).. You you can borrow ur parents ride… If you see em passing by, you just punch it on the pedal.. Once u hit em real gud, reverse like a champ and go fix your bumper.. You’ll feel a lot better. Trucks are better eg Hilux… There are many ways to deal with kito ppl… Just that ppl cower away easily like Dennis said… Stand up for yourself cos no one else will…

  12. This is terrible, prejudice and these kind of people should be the one eradicated in this world. I hope he gets his karma ten folds!

  13. Awwwwww, he is so cute

    I wanna carve off his face, Texas chainsaw massacre style….and then feed it to a rabid dog..
    We should have three support groups like I said before and the kito support group, maybe a little ‘militarized’.
    PS: There are some guys wrecking havoc on guys in Asaba, around immigration. Pls no one should go there and wait for anyone for any reason. My friend was a victim

    • Two of my acquaintances were victims too. I was practically begging them to provide information and the efforts it will take to bring those asaba rogues to justice but they were all scared of more wahala and d case rests

  14. Well, the guy is actually cute. I wonder why someone like this should waste his time on such a thing when he could invest his time on something better. I think it is time to strike back. I hate it when I hear stories of people being attacked because of their sexuality…it actually disgusts me…you can check him out on facebook for more pictures…this guy is a potential murderer…

  15. I have my reservations about what this obviously gay boy said but I will restrain my comments as Christmas gift to all who can’t stand opposing opinions. I will only add that issues should be viewed from all angles including,motives,rationality etc @ all times

      • It’s good that someone has said he knows that guy. I only wish he will volunteer information on what he knows. My thought is that this guy is guy and has someone on Linda,s blog who knows him personally but suspects him.That story might just be a face saving attempt or a diversion. His story obviously sounds made up. What manner of hotel will allow people to visit a guest armed with clubs and other weapons? How were they able to attack and rob the victim in the manner they did unnoticed? I wanted to keep this to myself but you have made me spoil some people,s day @ Pinky

  16. So sad that such a goodlooking young man, the type you probably would wish to shag with eagerness, can be so twisted and ugly in the heart! Its heartbreaking! What on earth could make a promising young man – someone who should seek to take his rightful place among the future generation – be so full of hate and bigotry as to maim and injure another human being for no other reason other than by reason of his sexuality, its sad … it’s an ill wind that blows not (not even straight people) any good …

  17. There’s nothing good looking abt this man…absolutely nothing. I’m shocked that some of u would think dt he is. He looks under fed. With a head bigger than the rest of his body and clearly cannot afford a wristwatch.

    During my spare time..I am going to visualize evil things happening to him; if i persist long enought then they’ll come to fruition. A technique I read in book.

  18. Dis same story makes me sick,4 hw long will dis continue?wen can we live our natural lives just like every oda Nigerian?I pity any son of an unrepentant slut who’s gonna tink he can set me up,hhhhmmm!!!both of us won’t live to tell d tale,I swear

  19. I see graphic & written evidence for a legal indictment. If Nigerian law doesn’t work that way, I wonder if the Interpol/ICJ Hague has jurisdiction? Or is that only for African Heads of State…

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