Update: And The Idiocy Continues…

So in the wake of Kukogho Iruesiri Samson’s rant against his chykers on Facebook, one of his followers, a self-professed poet himself, posted an updated that amounted to a campaign against ‘Mosticated bongs’. Check out the ridiculousness below and a few comments that I screengrabbed. I had no idea people had this amount of time.Screenshot_2014-12-14-16-25-51Screenshot_2014-12-15-01-31-438 insult poems… I just can’t. I really just can’t.

33 thoughts on “Update: And The Idiocy Continues…

  1. Enwerem may have wanted to say closet” instead of “closest”.

    “I’ve sent 8 insult poems!”…..As though it were a life time achievement award.

    A poet of negativity. Expending energy on composing insultive poems.

    We can see the kind of friends Mr. Kukogho keeps. Show me your friends…..

  2. I don’t know why i find this funny! Hahahahahaha this is the height of irresponsibility + mental retardation +idleness
    all rolled up to show many Nigerians indeed have got time on their hands to be stupid.

    • Lol. That’s good.
      An NGO to fight gay chykers through sending insult and hate poems. That will deter the gay chykers. Indeed.
      Stupid self-acclaimed poets.

      And don’t be surprised that most deep-closeted gays among their group will use this opportunity to start chyking the guy in question.
      Ironical but true.

  3. Well,.. mosticated bongs, must have learnt his lessons.. the poems must quench his thirst.. all these seem childish, .. make them continue, infact make them open Facebook page to campaign against mosticated bongs.. agadi n’ agwo ofe

  4. The “self-professed” poet (I see what u did there pinky…continu) really has time sha! These children must be really young;if they’re old,then they’re really foolish. So, Enwerem feels dat dis is an opportunity to get more ‘likes’ and followers and praises on facebook? Smh. He’s inadvertently selling Bongos Ikwe’s(I don’t know how to spell his name,biko) market by posting his pin there;watch how all d “undercover” brothas on his time-line will put their ‘curiosity’ to d test with that pin…

  5. I guess when a guy hits on your best friend, one you’ve been crushing on, best thing to do is to form a gang and write hateful poems. Human beings in all our glory, a funny and sad sight to watch.

    • LMAO, Colossus. 😀
      Maybe I’m the only one who saw it, but I definitely saw what you did there.
      Don’t think it went unnoticed oo.
      But just continuu sha.

  6. Eyah.. they must be pretty jobless to decide to expend time and energy to write poems that insult. They should well done… wish I had that kind of free time or I cared so much about another person’s existence.

  7. Abeg, what’s an insult poem?

    All these uncouth people with internet access… sigh, MTN’s fault for making data accessible for all.

      • Are you suggesting they are acting under some influence? Alcohol or drugs? Mbanu,the effect of those ones clears with time.hmmmm, are they possessed? Most likely. Someone should help with TB Josh address,pls for deliverance sessions

    • Aswear I cant with this people, look at the way he starts, ‘hey friends, please do me a great favor’ and then he goes on to vomit all that nonsense. Lwkmd. I seriously cant. After now they will blame GEJ and government for unemployment, when they themselves obviously have too much time on their hands to do anything productive.
      The more i think about it the more I burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter.

  8. this is what happens when you do not have a real job or a life for that mattter. You sit at home and compose insult poems on behalf of a friend.. Someone give this person a job pls.

  9. The cliche of their Stupidity makes me itch. 8 poems? Really? I’d like to read them. I’m certain He’s a better writter than I am.

    Ugh! I just reached my point of realization. Their insecurity. Is putting thoughts… Murderous thoughts in my head.

  10. Away from their rantings though but how do guys even decide they want to pursue another guy via social media? I have heard it a couple of times and a bewildered look from me is all they get as a response

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