Photos: It’s The Bulge Craze!

So after that deliciousness that is Keith Carlos’ bulge that titillated more than half the population of Kito Diaries, I was made to understand that there are other bulging crotch pictures floating out there. And a Kitodiariesian doing his bit as a good citizen let me have some of them for your viewing delight.


August AlsinaAugPeen

Dolphins player, OchocincoochoLol. No be small Monster’s Ball.

33 thoughts on “Photos: It’s The Bulge Craze!

  1. Chad Ochocinoc though………………now I can see what Evelyn lozada saw in him cos u ve to ve a Bold dolla sign on ur forehead to get with that girl.
    Didn’t even know BOB packed this level of just thought he was the new breed of pretty boy rappers when he blew up a couple of years ago.

  2. Lol…August Alsina tried it; (is that an ‘ube’ in his shorts?)…but I aint even mad at him tho,with his frail,sickly behind; so cute,I just wanna put him in a play-pen!

  3. is this like a fad now? take pics of your semi erect penis struggling to escape from trousers and post them on instagram? And that light skinned one actually captioned his “monsters ball” …why are we light skinned guys like this? lol.

  4. @Dennis, I hear thee loud and clear.

    @Peak, no wahala, although I must warn that I have been accused of being high maintenance *covers head in shame and runs off*. But honestly, I wouldn’t mind the company. As I said earlier, with 95% of my friends being straight, it’d be good to adjust the straight /gay friends equation a bit…so feel free!

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