28 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day VIII

  1. Dead gorgeous wow! Discussion continues,ejikwanu igbo agwa ya onyeocha?he will make love to me starting rt there in the kitchen,then to bedroom,shower and …..*horny as hell rt nw*

  2. So in oda news..just av two issues i wanna get off my chest.1st iz d Tayo issue dats d tayo who took second in bba or rada was robbed of the huge sum of money i really find him HOT so i heard ayiriemami d warri billionaire gave him 350k dollars i tot it wuz a rumour but ebony tv confirmed it.so my questn iz is it really possible for an indvidual guy to give hiz fellow guy such huge amount of money just like dat witout fuckin????diz guy was olso said to have given tuface 200mil n range rover for hiz wedding..d amount he gave tayo with d current dollar xchange rate iz bout 55mil! diz same ayiri also bought a jeep for one oda male singer…just tinkin aloud

  3. Anoda issue is am i d only one who finds it really annoying for my family to receive a male visitor who isnt tb den decide he shud pass d nite in myroom especially if his cute??seriosly i just pack my things n sleep in d living room coz d temptation might get too much during d night and i might do sumtin i can possibly regret in d mornin..i have straight guys issue lol

  4. *sigh* This will do just right for a Saturday morning especially after a strenuous week! The hot food in d pan nd d other hot food in d pan*!
    Missed you Dennis! Nd yes, we love our Akpans as they r!

  5. #falls down. #blood of jexix kraist. pinkie, pinkie, pinkie how many times did I call u dis morning? u wanna put me in trouble abi? am in my pastors office ooo. #adjust skirt. #dennis where did thou goth b4?

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