Pastor Tells Openly Gay Christian To Commit Suicide

im-praying-you-commit-suicide-pastor-writes-gay-christian-authorThere never seems to be a shortage of right-wing Christian extremists spewing out vitriolic nonsense, but Pastor Logan Robertson (pictured left above) has risen to the top of the flock this week by tripling down on hate.

The story starts with Jim Marjoram (pictured right above), a self-proclaimed gay Christian who has written a book about his experience in the church and his faith. He sent an email out to around 400 churches about his project, and received a reply he could hardly believe.

Pastor Robertson of the Westcity Bible Baptist Church wrote: “We are not interested in your filthy lifestyle or book,” adding, “I pray that you will commit suicide, you filthy child molesting fag.”

Jim contacted the media with the outrageous email, and New Zealand’s ONE News took the story. Openly gay reporter Matt McLean called Pastor Robertson to request an interview, and on the phone the pastor told Matt that he hoped he too would commit suicide, and that he doesn’t give interviews to “filthy faggots.”

The Pastor did grant a straight journalist an interview, however, and said: “I think every single one of them should be put to death. Christians shouldn’t be doing it, I’m not going to do it, it’s the Government’s job to be doing it.”

Jim told ONE News he isn’t angry with the pastor, but he does hope people realize that what Logan is preaching “isn’t love.” He also wanted to give a special thanks to the homophobic pastor for helping him promote his book.

22 thoughts on “Pastor Tells Openly Gay Christian To Commit Suicide

  1. “He wants to give special thanks to the homophobic pastor for helping him promote his book”……………sometimes its just best to murder ur haters with love, the kind of love that they can’t bring themselves to give

    • The pastor did promote his book. Albeit unwittingly. Nothing sells a product like controversy. Just ask Dencia and her Whitenicious cream. And when this pastor stoked the controversy with his homophobic words, thats when he helped sell the author’s book. Lol

  2. Suicide? How is it gonna add more sheep to d already dwindling flock? More like giving Satan a free candidate! Some ppl r not worth being called Pastors or Men of God! Where is d love? Jesus came for d “supposed sinners” nd not for egocentric, shallow minded imbeciles nd selfrighteous idiots like that pastor! Casting the first stone! I won’t b surprised if I hear this pastor is shagging his 12yrs old daughter in secret! Na their type!
    By the way, the silver lining is that he just promoted d book for d guy!

  3. The pastor probably has homosexual tendencies…

    I wonder how people like this find themselves as pastors. How can someone who claims to follow christ wish someone he doesn’t know death. But then again we shouldn’t use him as a yardstick for all Christians.. He is just one of the twisted bunches.

  4. You know its usually these loud mouthed homophobes that do stuff even more sickening when no one is looking. Lord help him when his can of worms open. Not even gravity can help pull down the lid and then to make things even more interesting, he will be abandoned by those closest to him. No one would even dare touch him withba yardstick.

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  6. You know it’s funny but looking at the pictures before starting the story I assumed the identities the other way round- the pastor looks gay and the ‘gay’ looks benign in a holy way. What if this is one of those cases of self – hatred where the pastor is running away from deep seated fears of his own homosexuality and is so vengeful as a result?

    Whatever the case, I’d also like to thank Pastor for helping me promote my upcoming book, which contains a chapter on how religion goes extinct in the future because it failed to adapt to humanity’s growing need for love….on sale at Idumota and all the usual places, kitodiariesians get 5% off. Grab your copy … ?

  7. God,s kingdom will continue to grow in leaps and bounds where ever man is found. His kingdom will stretch from shore to shore till moons shall wax and wane no more.

    • gad what is the relevance of this comment to the issue under discussion?
      This genetic tendency towards Christian apologetics is exactly what makes Christianity irrelevant.

      A pastor is caught on record exposing his murderous thoughts to the public.
      Address that issue.

      We are not interested in the longevity of an institution, “god’s kingdom”, that encourages murder, thank you very much.

      You may want to reserve your exasperating comment for another post.

      • I taya. I just taya. The guy labours under a default to instinctively throw his weight behind his religion, no matter the issue under discussion, as long as he perceives his religion is under attack. Sometimes i want to yell ‘Take off the blinders, man!’

      • Oh Pinky baby,if you check well, you will realise that I commented in response to your you. I decided to ignore that dream about xtianity going out of existence until you called me. How can I ignore the call of my mannest man, our own Pinky

      • Chai Legal, slow-hearted guys are here no doubt but to a large xtent I don’t think you lack understanding. My post was a response to some comments that xtianity will go extinct in 5yrs or so. I’m surprised you didn’t see this.very surprised

      • You didn’t indicate you where responding to Pinky. You made it as a fresh comment without reference to Pinky.

      • I apologise for that over sight. Pls also note that it wasn’t Pinky that made that wishful comment. It was a guy who said he is writing a book in which he stated the remaining life span of xtianity as 5yrs. By God,s grace we will be here…

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