25 thoughts on “What They Tweet III

  1. its the self professed satirist with his faux twitter activism and his struggle attempts at being sarcastic. I’m not a fan of this man, I personally think lawyers shouldn’t spend that much time tweeting rhetorics up and down – esp not lawyers that are busy and successful at their craft.

    And he should really have his jaundice treated and his skin lightened a tad bit. He looks like a ghoul

  2. Chizzie, i understand that your “brand” is to play devil’s advocate and find something wrong in the tiniest of things but you may want to reconsider how and where you sell your hate brand. It is suddenly loosing it’s shock value and coming off as immature.

  3. Chizzie is one funny dude. Dude thinks being sharp tongued and critical about everything males him smart, most at times the opposite is the case. there is nothing wrong with disagreeing about something but to be critical about every single thing, it gets boring and you come off as an attention whore, which i think is the goal of all your comments. Attention.

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