The Delights Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

So I just recently watched the winter finale of the series, How To Get Away With Murder. (Don’t worry, I’m not about to give away any spoilers) In addition to being intrigued by all the plot twists here and there, I developed a thirst for a tall drink of delicious-looking chocolate.ABC's 2014 Summer TCA Tour PortraitsHis name is Billy Brown, and he plays the role of a married cop, who has an adulterous affair with the show’s main lead, Annalise Keating. So where there’s an affair, there’s sex. And where there’s sex, there’s flashes of skin. And what skin is revealed to us of this dude is tasty – Tasty – TASTY!

And he’s not even on instagram. How can he not be on instagram, the place where he can share the delights he possesses and contribute to world peace, hmm?a_250x375how-to-get-away-with-murder-premiere-21-574x327billy-brown-lights-out-fx-550x366

17 thoughts on “The Delights Of ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

  1. Pinky is it me or do u just ve daddy issues? What’s with u and men who look like someone’s daddy? I aint hating bro. I kind of noticed that it has to be chocolate with age 35-45 vibe going on. Tyson, idris and now this all of whom ve the above symptoms. No let sweet mouth kill u. Hmmmmm I wonder if scarface is like that too………..ok I said too much already *runs off

  2. The guy na mature meat! U ve to be grown and ve a good eye to really appreciate the guy, I kind of see what pinky saw (*but he is nothing to loose sleep over) he is not ur conventional pretty boy so a lot of ppl won’t be all that into him. But he is Raw hottness though

  3. #stamps foot on the ground vehemently# alright have had enuf pinkieee. why do u delite in stealing my candy crushes? first it was idris elba , next it was tyson now dis ? oh lord #sobs pinkie atleast leave 1 for me na lol #runsoff #tonguesout

  4. What abt the follow up to yst’s ask KD? wouldn’t dt be the ideal thing to post? or has that been swept under the carpet as we do best in Nigeria?

  5. All you thirsty hoes had better back the hell up, this one is mine!!!! Aswear pinky, these pictures dont do him any justice, y’all need to see this man in action, its a sight to behold!!!
    World peace indeed!

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