Dear KD: We Need A Solution to This Kito Story

blackmentalkingThe story is not one you aren’t familiar with. A recent acquaintance of mine in school was recently invited by a fellow who we all know is queer. When my acquaintance arrived at his place, about seven guys fell on him. They flogged him with a rod which gave him lots of bruises, and they took his Blackberry phone and ATM card, promptly emptying his account of the 32k in it, leaving only the ledger balance of 1k. Thankfully, he hadn’t gone on the visit with his other more expensive phone. He was videotaped naked and forced to confess to being gay, as well as naming other gay people in the school. He was asked to bring 180k before Friday otherwise the video will be released.

This all happened on Saturday night.

We need suggestions on how best to solve this problem, hopefully with whatever shred of dignity my friend has left intact.

Submitted by Anonymous

60 thoughts on “Dear KD: We Need A Solution to This Kito Story

  1. A chilling reminder one can’t be too careful.
    Before judgement can be mete out… in what state did this said kito take place?

  2. where did dis happen? u need 2 recruit d toughest, roughest area boys/touts u can find, dey don’t nd 2 know exactly wat hpnd, jst let em know 2 beat d shit outta doz airheads & retrieve d tape. Funny thing is dey don’t cost much. As little as 5k can get u what u want. U’ll only nd 2 gv dem something once in a while afta dat so they remain loyal 2 u.

    I think we nd an anti-kito task force in major cities 2 take care of diz situatns. Once it happens, u call d force, dey march down der & cut off all d idiots’ dicks.

    • @ B.A.D: “anti-kito task force in major cities”? Lol. I’d like to see how that would happen; like’ is it gonna be like the secret-police in Russia,or a public body,like OPC?
      U know,arranging another set of area-boyz for them could turn out two ways: they might succeed in beating them and retrieving the recorded video…OR…they might get curious and start talking with the previous set of area boys,to find out why exactly d guy is being blackmailed for, after which they might see a veritable “Cash-Cow” in d victim,and decide to join forces with the other blackmailers.

  3. Now,this is very bad,,,,
    How will they say they would make the video go viral?
    For me,such things doesn’t work out…
    From the story read,all I could see was high degree of battery,collection of his atm under duress and obtaining by force pretense.,..,there is no evidence that he is gay.,,
    Ny first question…before you went to his house,what was your discussion or chat like?
    Do you still have the chats on your phone abi ma Facebook,badoo,or whatsaap?if yes,did he say he is gay?did he say you should visit him?if the answers to all this is yes,.,please keep the chats saved as evidence…even though your phone was taken from you,you could still log in and retrieve your chats,that’s number one.

    They making you confess that you’re gay doesn’t count at all,anybody can say that….the question is that did you say it out of your own accord?If No,you will have to prove it that seven guys with big sticks with enough beatings made you say that you’re gay under duress and undue influence…..once that is established,the case would be scrapped out…

    Now,my advise to you,don’t panic,,if you have information’s about this person or the people involve,save it,,keep the chats,don’t ever pay the money…….this people will never get away with it….

    You can also establish that it was a set up,and that you were lured to visit only to be beaten….if I were you,I won’t say that I knew he was inviting me for sex..just keep the information close to your heart..because cunning man die,na cunning man go bury am…
    I have been praying for this type of case to God since,let me see if I don’t defend it ….

    Need I remind you,please get a good lawyer,it depends on where you are……,I can refer you to a number of friends that I know will help you out…,

    I am far that is why….

    Please don’t be ashamed to speak up to your lawyer,na because Una dey keep quiet that is why Dem dey get Una for this kind matter….

    Enough is enough

  4. Do violence solve violence? Calling boys to beat them up will only aggravate the issue. And the victim’s life is put in danger. He can be killed in Enugu. I know that city well. They never spare in a second attack.

    Make no contact with them, give them no money. Hopefully they’ll lose interest.

  5. Handsomely Inclined, you’ve been praying for this kind of case, to happen to you?
    Be careful what you wish for.
    They guy who wish for HIV has gotten as a christmas gift.

  6. Masked,please that is not what I meant…..i said I have been praying let me have this kind of case brought to me or to our office,if I no defend am with my Last blood,make I no wetin cause am….roger that!

  7. Oh! Better.
    I hope this case is solved quickly. This guy must be in shreds now. I pity him. Who knows the nature of their chat?

  8. With this kind of cases,I think its high time I come out as the gay right activist lawyer in naija….i hate this kind of stories….

    Let me first discuss it with my family first..

  9. Solidly behind you.
    But you the law, isn’t it hindering and unlawful?
    They’ll say what you are fighting against is ilegal in the country.

    • With the level of knowledge you have expressed on this issue,I will advise you do more of learning by asking questions. If an act is illegal, is it lawful to lure someone into it and “punish” him by battering him and robbing him? This is my problem with most of us. Rather than give ourselves to learning, we are busy wasting our times and efforts on mundane things.Handsomely, the things you said actually brightened me up.We still have learned and objective people amongs us.This case is sadly a hopeless one because the victim will not be willing to come forward and give evidence.If one follows it up, im so sure the guy will back out.God will help us

  10. @ pinky,.. he should look for Mike Mario, he runs an NGO called ABC in Enugu, I can promise u, he will help..he is an activist and a legal personnel..

  11. well, this stuff happened particularly in UNN tho, and the guy was set up by one Jay guy like that, sometime during May this same set of guys set up a friend of mine, bruised and battered him, the guy had to runnaway from skul then, mind U this guys are gays and their leader is one STANLEY dude like that, I av his pix….. and he is notorious among queer pple in skul and really feared cus of what he can do…. I av his pix, facebook, IG accts if am given the permission to post them…. The guy has refused to graduate, almost 7years in that skul, I really hope he meets his doom soon enuff

      • yes henry… Its me, U know who…. am tired of this Stanley dude, he has messed up many pplez lives in skul, he has to b taken down biko, his next victim might not be alive to share his story

    • Please, as a matter of urgency, share his pix and social media details to serve as a deterrent and warning to others who might be unlucky to get tangled with this piece of scum … please send to Pinky, after due verification, he will likely post the details …

    • Who the hell has to give the permission for us the see the pictures? This courtesy we show these monsters is a bug reason they feel they can get away with this. Just don’t post the pictures here, shout it from on high, make fliers out of the pictures describing what he does beneath, nail them on hostel doors and all major university buildings. Find out where he lives and share the fliers on his streets. Haba, o gini di?!

  12. I don’t even know what to say or what solution to give! Am just short of words that this is from a brother to another brother. Who can we trust?
    @Goodboy…..pls share oh! @ least it would prevent future occurrence on other individuals cos it would make him known nd avoided!

  13. @Chestnut…well,I would have told you to leave that mystery for brilliant and quiet experienced lawyer to unravel but just for your sake,I will…

    For all I know,if I were him,we could have been having a jokeful chat….i do that alot with some of my *straight friends *I chat dirty with them….yet it would be cool and they won’t take it very seriously even with those who are homophobic,still they still see it as normal…so it won’t count..

    People who are forced to give to provide information to another person against themselves is wrong and unconstitutional.
    That is where I am coming from….they got that information from him out of his free will,he saw sticks,he saw knives,he saw seven guys,his life was at stake,he was alone there with them,if he doesn’t cooperate,he might have loose his life.
    The police or the guys and come with the defense that he confessed that he is gay on tape,the lawyer will come with how was the confession made or gotten… if it is established that it was gotten under duress,then that confession is not admissible in court….

    Please saying your gay does not mean you will be arrested,its when it is established that you had sex with some one….and the question arises,how did they know?did they break into your home to watch you or its just a mere hearsay…and you know hearsay is and can never be admissible in court.

    Putting a camera in my house to catch me having sex with a guy makes you an accomplice to the act…
    Breaking into my house or peeping will amount to invasion of privacy and breaking and entering…one can sue for that,this is what people don’t know.

    The police knows it would be so difficult to to prove that one is gay that is why they and the illiterate mob do anyhow and gets a way with it….

    Masked…..i know its a crime in Nigeria,I am not going to go in for a vain course,rather,I am coming under the breach of human rights…..where mobs won’t take laws into their hands,where even if they get to see someone in the act,they should be rightly prosecuted and not maimed or killed…..

    • I love you for this.. Invasion of privacy is something people in Nigeria don’t Know about. That’s why many are just too scared as hell.. Sometimes I wish I was a lawyer..

    • Handdley, the police does not need to catch anyone on the act. All they need do is rely on circumstantial evidence, or the oral evidence of anyone who had gay sex with. See the case of Mogaji v. The Nigerian Army. If they were to break into your bedroom and catch you naked in bed with a guy, that will be circumstantial evidence leading to a conclusion that both of you had gay sex.

      Finally, please don’t entertain false hope over this quote:
      ” Putting a camera in my house to
      catch me having sex with a guy
      makes you an accomplice to the

      No sir, it will not. It will only give the police a piece of relevant evidence for the prosecution. And remember, relevance is the test of admisibility according to the evidence Act.

  14. This is a simple matter. We need a brother here who is in the military to give this guy a call, introduce himself as the victim’s uncle or brother, and threaten the shit out of him!

  15. Pinky: its about time we discussed FORMALLY on this forum how to handle situations like these. all the “eyaaaa” and “sorry,dear” are practically useless!

    • maybe that wasnt the best word to use. i mean we should make this issue the main focus of a discussion thread and rub minds on how to tackle it. Maybe in the “lets discuss” section…

  16. @Handsomely inclined, you are indeed a brilliant lawyer!! A lot of Gay Nigerians allow themselves fall victim due to fear. It is not a crime under any Nigerian Law to be gay. I can walk into a police station and declare that i am gay and there will be no basis to arrest me. The video evidence was gotten under duress, when the victim was obviously in great fear and apprehension for his safety, under those circumstances, he would have confessed to anything to just ensure he remained unharmed.
    I often sit and think about why a guy who is gay would plot to harm and rob another guy who is gay, on top of the already hostile environment they jointly, it just beats my imagination. I am all for doing things the right way, but honestly, i wouldnt mind contributing to a fund to get these guys maimed and scarred (for life), by vicious thugs. They honestly deserve it.
    Aunty Pinky, pls quickly publish details of your solution … this is getting out of hand!

  17. Ive tried to think of something logical to suggest. but what keeps coming to my mind is to go visit a native doctor and place a powerful hex on them…and I mean a powerful one, not just on them but on their entire families.

    …..OR u could have the case reported to the authorities. but ul have to approach with caution. its a well known fact that the police over here are corrupt and hungry; one can use this to an advantage however. Go with a modest bribe, advice ur friend to tell them he was kidnapped and forcibly blackmailed to make such a confession,let him put up a very convincing act…the bribe should win them over; The one’s on the receiving end will have no clue that u went to the authorities, as they know most gay people will not, so they’ll be taken by surprise.

    or you could write to Linda’s blog! Giving ur own account of how u were blackmailed into making such a confession on video. These people feel they have Cate Blanche to do anything because we let them get away with it, but if u like your friend, advice him to act and to stop licking his wounds.

    I’m just extremely irritated. why are Nigerians so frustrated and diabolic…Im tired!

  18. Wow! I may b new to dis site though not dat new; but i do go through comments and hardly do comment myself. But for dis particular kito story am really touched and at d same time impressed with d comments here especially from our lawyer handsomely who has clearly stated d law and its stance with respect to situations such as this. Again, someone suggested its high time sometin is done to serve as a deterrent to those (whether sraight or gay) who may want to indulge in such heinous acts in d future, especially d gay guys it really beats my imagination just as someone rightly said here to see a fellow brother plotting against d downfall of its kind mostly in a homophobic country like Nigeria but am sure just have learnt here dat lady karma will sure visit them. I thank u pinky for creating such a wonderful platform cos it has really served as an eye opener for most of us here. Ride on with d good job and it may not b in our generation but surely like d west we will surely get they some day.

  19. @Pinky, please I need ur email address, will send this STANLEY details to u…. then I will also connect U to one of his victims, the boy is serving now, so u can hear for urself

  20. Anybody fighting gay rights is utilizing his fundamental human rights,freedom of thoughts.
    Homosexuality has been criminalized in Nigeria,but agitating for the right of gays not to be arrested unlawfully,mobbed,lynched and killed was not criminalized.
    The Police and indeed some of us should try and study that law to understand that mere suspicion of homosexual tendencies in a person is not a crime.
    The crimes are the practice of homosexuality in public,gay marriage and aiding of gay marriage…

  21. @Good boy on that will b great. Whether his name is stanley jay or whatever it will b good we know such guy here on KD. Guys should also b learning from dis platform from other people’s stories, else they may fall prey to such persons; those of us already on dis platform should advise their frnds to register with KD cos most of us r ignorant of d strategies dis dudes use and so r very vulnerable, but KD will pave a way on hw we can forge ahead; and for those who really want to live happily with their sexuality in a society dat si such as evil. We need more lawyers and medical drs here pls. I appreciate and thank all those who have made meaningly suggestions with respect to dis. All d best guys.

  22. Going through the comments, i have a lot to say. First, Handsomely inclined as true to gis name is inclined handsomely. Second, i agree with sensei WE HAVE TO CREATE A PLAN TO DEAL WITH THIS. IF YOU KNOW ANY LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL THAT PLAYS FOR OUR TEAM PLEASE DO WELL TO SHARE.
    Third, i 100% agree with sharing their info. I got to see one blog recently that solely deals with exposing kito guys. Even though the blog is dysfunctional currently, i got to see that two of the guys on my friend’s list were big time kito guys. I mean big time dangerous kito guys. We have a forum, let’s kindly use it to fight. This could be our own stonewall. I am so sad and angry right now. The fact that these guys are gay themselves is even more fucked up. A guy at Babcock was once outed this way to the point that students had his video and went to record songs in the studio for him. Let’s deal with this.

    • Ace, d blog you are talking about is lagosheat. I have got very useful informations from it but some of the stories there were false. Formulated by gay guys against other gays in order to settle scores. A guy I know,was a victim. It took a court action to get the false story out.we should always be meticulous with things

  23. Hhhhhmmmmm @Ace on thats a great one! Please if u know whoever has dat blog let d person reactivate it. If u have an idea it will work really good for members in dis platform and even those yet to b part of it. It’s high time we reduce dis trash about kitos to d minimum ebb as soon as possible. Tnx

  24. Here guys…i got this from my best buddy,Ace….the blog that reveals the identies of scammers,kito guys and the rest,though its been long it was updated (last year)…it will serve a purpose no matter how little…go check it out guys

    @Ace,please there are two guys on your Facebook list that are into this secretly,please use your delete or block bottom immediately…i will give you the names on your bbm

  25. And while we go ahead and make plans like Sensei suggested let’s remember some of dem r here reading ds too.
    Its only God dat wuld save somebody’s pikin in ds Nigeria.

  26. This z really so bad and uncalled for,hw can sum1 do such inhumanity to his follow being,as if the struggle z not enuf already in nigeria…I think we need a lasting solution on hw to deal with dis guys such dat dey don’t forget the experience in a hurry
    ION….there z also a serious buzz about one Nedu collins on Fb…he has been alleged as kito too..don’t knw hw true dat z tho

  27. The best thing ia to turn the game around for him. get a queen and when I say queen, I mean it. This Queen will appear in all his glory (make up on, drag and all), go to the setup guy’s house and accuse him of having an affair. This queen should be one that don’t give a damn. and of course, a standby bike should be available for exit (preferably the same that was used to arrive there)

    that way, the guy’s release of the video would very made difficult. #justsaying

  28. Interesting kito story.
    Interesting comments.

    But let’s me start by saying that I don’t buy the idea of outing anyone here. I thought we had talked about that here and came to the conclusion that it isn’t a bright idea.
    I believe there are better ways of dealing with turn coats than outing them.

    Now to the problem at hand.

    I am of the opinion that our anonymous guy has a good case.
    But hei, I don’t think the issue here is whether he has a good or bad case.
    Someone’s reputation is at stake here.
    You don’t want to drag this stuff all over the place, from a police station to a court room.
    You want this nightmare to vanish overnight.
    That will be my desire too if I were you.

    So, what to do.
    When I was in Lagos, I used to know a policeman who plays for our team. He once told me that the best way he handles this kind of matter is that when such reports gets to him, even when It is outside his own jurisdiction, he and his boys have a way of flying down to such police stations, do some waving of a magic wand and….. bam! Where is the case file?
    Pinky does our mystery man have such connection?

    It may even be better to use such pink police unit to confront those kito guys.
    I think that is better than angling for an opportunity for big legal turenchi in court.
    You don’t just want to go there.

  29. Alternatively, our guy could still go to the nearest police station, make a statement stating that he was attacked and robbed by these guys. This is important because when the gay video goes viral, he may now fall back on the police diary, and urge the police to go after those guys relying on the extract his confessional statement he made earlier. He can tell the police that those kito guys are hell bent on criminally defaming him even after the robbery.

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