64 thoughts on “Photo: Cakes On The Menu

  1. Chei! You this pink devil; see what you’re serving school students going to school this very early morning, eh? (God is watching you in 4D!) Hmm.

    Please, take off the nylon covering the cakes.

  2. *I cover my eyes with the blood of Jesus Christ*
    Dennis where’s coffee please.
    This Pink has turned into a seductress oh.

    • Which Doctor Kryss? This is not an over the counter drug or for public consumption either! Specially nd only for d good doc! Am sure Max is in hallucination(side effect of last night drugs I gave him).

  3. Ehhh Pinky, u didn’t have to spill my order for them thirsty hose to see naa! U see what have caused? I will have ur time soon *goes back to order*!
    Awwwwwwwwwwwww! My kind of man! I na anukwa eh! Ife m n’eri! @ least I would have something to dig my nails into nd urge him on! I hope he is packing more in front oh!
    OAN: Dennis Macauley is gonna die here today! If you hear that Dennis died, just know its from ass suffocation while eating out.

  4. Take me home dear Jesus, take me lord!

    What is this? Ogini bu ifea!


    It’s suddenly hot around here! Are these air conditioners not working! What is happening here!

    You see the picture where his hand is on the wall eh? That is the position from which you eat it!

    • Mrs Macauley run come to rescue ur husband oooo… they don plan to suffocate him with ass and make u a widow..a widow…chai chai there is god oooo

  5. Hmmm…mmm…Chai…mmhmm…

    Please what do I need to do to upgrade my butt to this standard?

    Suggestions ASAP…

    *starts off with Google in the interim *

      • Simba, I have the genes o. You need to see my brothers. I have hardened my thighs because of the squats and YET. What to do biko.

    • A fresh sperm devoid of HIV,Stds etc.can do the work perfectly well in some days,just ask ur bf to dump it inside ur cake hole alws and never allow to spill*speaking with a serious face*Experience is d best TEACHER oooo!

    • Yes dear ur totally on track*swallows fufu plus oha soup*ehee!,dnt u knw dt u fit turn ur top bf to vers?some bottoms can handle a top and alws leave him moaning down d building.some tops love to be rimmed too,infact dey enjoy it with series of uncontrollable moaning.why some cos of ego denny demselves of wot d knw d love.

    • @maskedman, kindly confirm date, time and venue for the tutorials.

      Also confirm requirements for the tutorials.

      Do treat as urgent.

      Await yours.

      Best regards,

  6. In Rihanna’s voice “It not even my birthday, but I wanna lick the icing off,I want it in d worst way…….just gimme that cakes,cakes,cakes,cakes,cakes……”. Enuff said.

  7. hmmmmm nice cakes #side eye.. I know mine re bigger #walks out n red heels #dennis am in ph ooo for d umpteenth time #whew. can some volunteer to show me round ph gosh am bored aiidy

    • You are worst than that white woman from obsessed…… Dennis is married ooooo and Beyonce got nothing on Mrs M oooo, thread carefully my dear, I’m in Ph too.

      • looool. You hear his nyash is bigger and u suddenly offer to show him around PH. *hands cup of water over* Here, have a drink of water. It should quench ur thirst

  8. And Mrs. M makes her appearance finally!!!

    *tafia mood activated *

    Mrs. M, you need to see Dennis has been going on since your trip to Escravos. He has invited so many people to share your matrimonial bed with him. Me I only read it up and promised to tell you all about it when you are back.

    I know where we can get groin cage so you can cage his cock up when you are unavailable. You can add that to the Bendel insurance you currently use…it’s all for extra measure.

  9. @airdeecan, last I checked, we had Al Jazeera, BBC (the news station that is, so get your mind outta Ladipo market gutter) and CNN amongst others. Same news, different presenters, different slants.

    So buru oche ga nodi ala kam nu ife…

  10. And my friends wonder y “cake” is my favorite snacks…they got no idea what it does to me…can’t live without cakes, can’t breath without cakes!

  11. Ha!
    Somebody can’t live and breathe without cakes.
    Another person’s god is a consuming fire (except when eating cakes),
    Some other is trying to snatch up my tutorial contract right under my nose.

    The devil is a liar!

  12. @Dennis, believe it or not, the protection of your marriage was topmost on my mind when I spilled to Mrs. M

    It’s for your good!

  13. @Maskedman, keep rapping on about who is spoilt and who ain’t you hear…just kontinu!

    Still waiting for details on how and where to buy the direct entry form abeg…it’s important I am in January batch.

  14. Hian!!! Just left here for few hours nd markets r already selling, Mrs M *rolls eyes* is back nd Dennis just turned a religious man with a consuming fire god! Umu ururu umuazi a eh! Jiri nu ya nwayo oh! Ass tutorials kwa! I nukwa Direct entry! Ph trotting hookup! Deris Goduoooooooooo!

      • Lol! Ironically, I Was born nd bred in the north, schooled in d north still live in d north nd have only visited d east few times. I guess my parents did their work well.

  15. This is the reason right here why I will be single forever. I can’t ever be faithful with asses like this just strutting around in shorts like those! Nor can I trust anyone I’m with would see that and not wanna get some either. Bouncy, fleshy round mounds of succulent goodness. Just beautiful, gawd so beautiful! I’m sorry but I just can’t.

    I can’t.

    Naah! I honestly can’t…

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