A Few White Men

I’m not racist or anything. The white guys just don’t do it for me sexually like the black brothers like Idris Elba and David McIntosh (eat your heart out, Pinky). However, they are a few white guys I wouldn’t mind bending the rules for.

  1. Channing TatumChanning Tatum 10Truth be told, I never really got the rave about Channing Tatum. Even after seeing the infamous “Magic Mick” movie, I still didn’t connect with him. Then a few days ago, I saw “22 Jump Street” and I totally fell in love with him. Maybe it had something to do with the way he defended gay people with his lines in the movie. Either way, he might just be the sexiest stripper alive.
  1. Zac Efron432069-zac-efronRight before our eyes, our “High School Musical” twink transformed into one of the sexiest men alive. The 27 year old “Neighbours” star holds his own down as one of the most desired men in the world. I spend almost every waking day of my life questioning the reason why Zac isn’t my boyfriend yet. My life though.

  1. Matt Bomermatt-bomerMatt stole my heart when appeared on the Glee episode “Big Brother” as Blaine’s older brother. The 37 year old “White Collar” star first publicly acknowledged that he was gay in 2012. He is married to Simon Halls and they have 3 sons together. He also stars in THAT “Magic Mike” movie.
  1. Ian Somerhalderian_somerhalder-1527870Ian has successfully sent millions of hearts around the globe racing with his charming portrayal of the Infamous Damon Salvatore on the CW hit series “The Vampire Diaries”. He definitely is the sexiest vampire to walk the supernatural world. Something about those eyes and oh! his sense of sarcasm.
  1. Joe ManganiellojmRight next to Ian, Joe Manganiello has to be the sexiest werewolf to grace the supernatural world. With a body sculpted by Zeus himself, the 37 year old “True Blood” star was named the Hottest Bachelor for 2014 by People Magazine. Did I forget to mention that he also stars in THAT “Magic Mike” movie? Now I can’t wait to see Magic Mike XXL come 2015.

Written by Micky

62 thoughts on “A Few White Men

  1. Actually the year wey i been like Tatum done pass. Now it is all David McIntosh, one guy like that on my IG and another guy like that on my Facebook that i am tripping for. Have never been attracted to white guys though, cream is good but chocolate is best for the heart.

  2. mine is opposite. i prefer white guys
    i really dont see any future wit any black mostly bcos of this embedded innate cultural homophobia.

    will take my chances with blond blue eyes any day.

    • See white guys everyday and i can say they are not as appealing up close. They are pale and get visibly stained. Tanned guys are ok but from my current view of things, Dominican guys are just right. Right skin color, hot accent, nice ass and eye color but they can be quite rude though.

  3. Oh my Zac Efron, my banana chocolate chip, melting Mozarella strawberry apple pie!

    This man is beautiful goddamit!

    *cocks shot gun*
    all thirsty hoes, stay away from the Efron, if u still wanna live!

  4. This is how the list works it for me.

    1. Channing Tatum
    2. Joe Manganiello
    3. Matt Bomer
    4. Ian Somerhalder
    5. Zac Efron

    Yes Dennis, Zac is at the bottom (exactly where you would want him to be right?), in Phyno’s voice *kpuru onwe gi ga court, nwanne sue yourself*

    • U just want to find Dennis’s trouble,abi?lol.
      (For some reason,u just made me remember my favorite line from Phyno: “O bu na o kwero a ba,nwanne i tee ya VASELINE”…hehehe phyno is such a spoilt child…I LUV him!)

      • Obatala,it means: “if d tin no gree enter, just rub am vaseline”…
        Another of his lines I like is : “Jide ifa…jidesie ya ike!” (Hold dis thing…HOOOLD it VERY WELL!)…lmao. Oh,I’m so goin to hell on a bicycle this morning.

    • Khaleesi kwa? With this line up? Not in 55 life times will she make an appearance here!
      There is simply no chocolate here for her to eat!

      • I want him to do away with these vanilla flavors, throw them out of our blog’s fridge.

        (Chocolate though..)

  5. Well,I feel I love whiteys…..they just do it for me….no restrictions in their act of love making….they can go all the way.
    Are we talking about romance,love,passion,sex…….and friendship?they just know how to rock the bedroom very well…and they can stick their lips and mouth any where.I call them *noholdsbarred*guys…

    Can someone please remind me that I am still a virgin?


  6. ***walks in – gasp!!!!! – looks around with an angry reddening face **** PINKY!!!!! What the fuck is all this early morning sallowness and paleness? ?? All these sickly pretty white boys dont flutter my juices in the least abeg!!! Mtchwwwwww —- **rolls eyes from Cairo to Cape Town & sashays away***

      • The other macauley is away to some no network zone! Feel free to reach and touch baby

        ***hands at akimbo***

  7. Aaaaah excuse me! Why is Alexander skarsgate not on the list? (Eric northman in true Blood? Yeah! The Real sexiest vampire Everrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!. Ian has his pretty eyes, impressive cheekbones and good dose of sarcasm(just how I like em) going 4 him. But alexander is one heck of vanillahottness

    • Ian bawo! Abeg if I wan chop meat na mature meat I de chop! Ian is 4 twinks and teens. Why would I leave a fully grown cow for a lamb? I guess everyone has what flares their taste buds. He is pretty, pretty doesn’t cut it for me. Although I die and live 4 his sarcasm but Eric’s coldness is just breathtakingly timeless. And Joe Manganiello…………..don’t even get me started on that guy! I want to throw him against a wall, scratch and manhandle every inch of him! *someone pls hand me a Blood bag cos I am beyond V thirsty right now

  8. I just dont find white ppl sexually attractive…I’m slightly repulsed by their skin to be honest. it just looks so see-through, like if i look at them close enough I can see their organs. And the one’s that aren’t tanned? No, no no…disgusting.

    But…They have gorgeous free flowing hair, something every bottom craves!

    • Yess!!! Bless you Chizzie, that pale dead looking skin just shoves every erotic thought out of my mind… but the hair? Oh Lawd! You should see them on a bicycle on a windy day, hair flowing gloriously behind them as they ride past … its a sight to behold!!

  9. Chestsnut….we have movies,internet,porn…and above all experiences and gist from my good friends who go international…..with that I got to know that they are so good.

    need I add……an experienced white guy,when you stay with him a night,will make you have someone to moan to at night and a God that hears your prayers for forgiveness in the morning…

  10. Matt Bomer, Matt Bomer…… Me I will crawl to moon if he asked me. Lean athletic build does it for me when the are white. That Joe is just packing too much…

  11. White guys never did it for and never will……even when I was having a thing with one old white British friend….it was totally based on financial gains…..I fucked him and he took care of my finances then. He knew only a black guy with dark skin turns me on so he allows me to come with a friend to Fuck in his presence once in a while…….whew ! #ThingsIHaveDone

  12. @kingbey good to know……….. For me Joe is the perfect drug to get my juices flowing. Dude better be built like a horse to go with all that muscle……… I would ride him like all weekend long

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