zget2zero-aids1FOREWORD: Today is World AIDS Day – a day to celebrate the promise of the day when the world will be completely free of new HIV infections, discrimination against HIV patients and AIDS related deaths. That day hasn’t come yet, but as a humanity that thrives on hope, we hold on to the promise and create the awareness of its purpose.

To mark this year’s World AIDS Day, I want to share a verse I wrote a while ago, which seemed suitable for the commemoration. Read, share your thoughts and educate someone you know.


Life is a psychopath, a bully and rarely fair

It’s going to push you over, kick you while you’re down

And hit you when you try to get back up

But your victory comes when you’re not beaten

Listen to your heart, follow your dreams

And let no one tell you what you’re capable of

Push the limits, bend the rules

And enjoy every minute of it

Laugh at everything, sulk over nothing

Neither for the milk still in the cup nor for the one that’s spilled

Love all, but trust a few . . . even then, sparingly

Believe in yourself, and never lose faith in others

Settle for nothing but only for the best

And when it’s not the best, give your 100% to make it so

Take risks, live on the edge

Yet stay safe . . . caution never killed anyone

Jump on every opportunity, but tread carefully

Life can be a con artist as well.

Not everyone’s going to love you

But who needs them haters anyway?

Challenge everything, and fight for what you believe in

Back down to nothing

Even when your loins tremble with fearful release in the face of a fiercer opponent

But give in to the little things in life

After all, that is what makes you

Believe in god, have a religion

‘Cos the afterlife’s a bitch if you don’t

Forget the unnecessary, but remember everything

Bring it with you everywhere you go

Learn something new, and appreciate criticism

But when the line is crossed from censure to scorn

Slap that motherfucker from Sunday to Sunday

Hate nothing, but dislike what you want

A healthy dose of dislike is a necessary evil

Never forget where you came from

And always remember where you are going

Live your life to its fullest

And have a reason for everything, even if it’s totally insane

Find your purpose in life, and Live it!

‘Cos life may be a psychopath, a bully and rarely fair

But it’s also a gift, and its rewards abound.

Written by Pink Panther

20 thoughts on “LIVE YOUR LIFE

  1. First person to comment…so u post updates this early…. Wow.. I particularly love this piece cause it covers all spheres… Pushing the limits, taking risks, and finding purpose…… Thanks nd Happy World AIDS Day

  2. “Challenge everything, fight for what you believe in”

    Monday Morning Motivation

    Thankyou P.P

    PS: I am still vexing for you sha

  3. ” Hate nothing, but dislike what you want
    A healthy dose of dislike is a necessary evil”

    I can’t say I understand that. Nice one though. Good morning.

  4. Ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ I love the “A healthy dose of dislike is a necessary evil” part. Got me cracking. Nice one Pinky! Nice one. Ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ with ev eryone in d family living with ds dreaded disease, don’t worry, a permanent cure would be out sooner than later. Happy world AIDS day…

  5. Pinky, the following excerpts I can relate with:

    ‘And let no one tell you what you’re capable of
    Push the limits, bend the rules’
    ‘‘Cos life may be a psychopath, a bully and rarely fair
    But it’s also a gift, and its rewards abound’.

    My testimony:
    Serially sexually abused before 6; laughed at in secondary school as class sissy; several suicidal attempts as a teen; manager in a Fortune 500 company before my 27th birthday (no masters degree both local or international and no graduate trainee platform).

    Oh, I still struggle but it’s not as dark as it used to be!

    They laughed at but the last laugh is mine…the class sissy doesn’t go far…for their mind!!!


      • Someday, maybe…

        Intend to share an abridged version here, hopefully in the nearest future.

        As I said, the dark days are still there – the occasional question of am I doing this for me or for them, the fear of falling from this ‘height’, am I over compensating? Is my career my only testimony?

        These are there, but when I look back and see how far the journey has been in its entirety, am sure even these fears will be overcome.

        We maybe gay…we may have shadows and live in shadows…we may not seem like it but we do have a choice!

        I choose to count in many more ways than society’s labels!!!

  6. Early morning dose of motivation! Slapping someone annoying 4rm Sunday to Sunday is on my mind now. Hoping to share this on my FB account.

    Happy New Months Guys!

  7. *slap that muthaf**fer from sunday to sunday* did it for me…..
    Buh why will i dislike the tinz dat i want?
    ***Life is not fair atall for she is actually a black bitch!

  8. Really nice writeup mizz Pinkie.Luv dat line”remember wer u are cumin from and know wer u are going” for doz wonderin why hate what you like it means there should be boundaries to achieve wordly vain things extravagance if u like in order not to land in serious trouble beyond ur powers.cut ur coat according to ur size!!!!

  9. Dat line right der has been my watch word since like forever right frm my tender yrs am frm a kind of dysfunctional family so being focused and strong wasnt an option! I just had to make sure i went to school and cum out with good grades to God be the glory..he makes it perfect in hiz own life my damage….

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