The Reason Uti Nwachukwu won’t Get Married Until He’s Forty

uti-bba1Recently, while having fun with the housemates in the ongoing Big Brother Africa Hotspot game, media personality, Uti Nwachukwu stated that marriage is not for everybody.

The conversation started with Nigerian housemate, Tayo asking when Uti would settle down. Uti’s answer was ‘Forty’, while Tayo said ‘Thirty.’

According to Uti, “you can’t decide when to get married; only God will tell you when it’s time. The divorce rate in Nigeria is pretty scary. Marriage is not by age, you have to be ready. Everybody is marrying and divorcing, it is pretty scary. We are having highest rates of divorce ever. It isn’t compulsory for everyone to be married. Some people were born to be single.

“Marriage is not something one should rush into. Make sure God says it is ready before you plunge.”

36 thoughts on “The Reason Uti Nwachukwu won’t Get Married Until He’s Forty

  1. Dnt we all give ds ansas?
    O wat abt d charade wit d false GF wen d law was fresh den?
    Is he tayad already?
    Life must realy b hard on ds celebs. Its 1 tin to b in d closet and anoda to pretend to b str8.
    If I hear say Uti wan marry my enemy sister,I’d reconcile wit d enemy fast jst to protect an innocent girl!

  2. Can the insinuation just stop… shouldn’t we be trying to protect a brother, instead of adding embers to the flame.
    Uti has said he is straight, let him live.

    • Anonymous, if only you will give yourself an identity, I will arrange a meeting between the two both of you. When you come back, you will share your testimony.

      If you are interviewed in the current Nigeria gay clime, what will your answer be: straight or nay?

  3. Did somebody mention dangote?

    That is the ultimate DILF!

    I’d take him in his Gulfstream 35000 feet above sea level

  4. Pele Uti! Being in d closet isn’t easy oh. We know u can’t stand women bcos u r queen nd dats y u picked dat “nosy” Saeon as ur beard. But na u cause am! Always in weddings in ur tight fitting pants as a guest or acting as bestman! Ppl want to eat ur rice oh! Its payback time!
    By they way, u sure will still look hot @ age 40. So, enjoy!

  5. He is a celebrity, cut him some slack! You cnt expect him to own up!

    If I were in his shoes, ofcourse I won’t accept but I will not denigrate the LGBT community with that stupid facebook post he did one time while denying it.

    Honestly even me as a person I am afraid that if someone asks me, I may not deny it. I always speak up for gay rights at work and more than a few people are watching me with odu-anya on account of that (not that I care anyway).

    As Max (whom I totally love btw) once said, nobody has ever been killed for not getting married or having a girl friend. There are Hollywood celebs who have never been associated with anybody of the opp sex and they are still working and raking in millions!

    He should not sweat it! I’m not his fan, but he is a young man hustling his grind and making some success out of it and I respect that!

      • Mrs M…Is it MAX because DM openly said he loves him (in which case I think you should be calling out DM) or because his stance on marriage has brainwashed DM into putting off the marriage date till further notice (in which case I will support you in calling him)???

        MAX, whatever the case may be, if Mrs M is filing her nails, you should be worried. The coffee is still in the kettle o, and the kettle is plugged. *He who has ears, let him hear*

  6. Hmm. Marriage is not for everybody (Straight or Gay or … ). Tell it brother’m. Some people are born to be single, e.g. Priests..

  7. Oh sweet Lady Gaga! Uti is at it again. Is this another Simon Cowell?
    I watched him closely in Biggie’s house. Flirted with Ellah for a while. Not even that lasted. He’d rather be over Tayo. I don’t expect him to marry even at 40.

  8. I guess we are too busy tearing him down because he is a DL brother instead of keying into what he Said/meant. Gay or straight, marriage is not for everyone. A lot of ppl are getting into contracts that they were not ready for because of some imaginary clock that seems to be constantly ticking in their head, while some owe it to parental/family/society pressure. Settle when U are ready. If he wants to get married at 60, Its his clock so be it. Let’s butt out and quite with the gay jokes. Let the guy live biko.
    @ paul it seems u ve made it ur life’s mission to save every girl from marrying a DL brother? Oluwa aso agbara dotun! Good luck enh. Whether u like it or not, the ones way wan marry woman go marry woman! Come to think of it, u have never said anything about to stand on marriage, all u ve done is chastise others who ve by chance mentioned that they intend to get married? Abeg enlighten me biko I will like to know ur position on homosexuality and marriage

      • Peak U wan drag my leg comeout abi?
        Anywayz my stand is simple.
        If u’d get married n continue shaging boys, do ur wifey d honours to let her knw ur true sexuality.( I hv heard of men who did so)
        If u r he who decides dt u can do away wit guys totally(wondering how tho) den go let go of guys and stick to dat chick
        Wat I’m totally against is an undercover marriage. Leading a woman on and leaving her there to stand alone once d society calls u Mr and Mrs.
        If u sincerly are aversed to women pls do some1’s daughter a favour by letting her go.

    • U never answer paul! Accrding to pinky, “so u go get married?” Its one thing. To get. Married and ve the intention to stay faithful, but u ve ur hormone working against u? Paul I ve an idea oof where all this ur sermon de go, but the way its. Set. Uphas hypocrite written all over. It

  9. In a way, I pity this nija celebs on the downlow. I wonder how to wake up each day and memorising what to say each time one interviewer ask them about marriage. The way the guy be describing himself with each post on IG ehn, he say he get male cleavage. Lmao. He has really tried for himself. I respect that a lot too.

    • Oh My God! So you too dey see all him yarns for IG! Damn! I think say nah only me. This guy fit write sermon eh! Long ass stories with hashtags and bitchy exclamations. One day i was tempted to call him out on IG then i remembered nah him account if him like make he cum on top am.

  10. Yeah, and I totally agree with him, he made a statement which I love so mUch that God created peep for different reason and I was screaming go girl…

  11. Dear sista utiana! We both know you wont be getting married well atleast xcept gay marriage is legalized or you get urself a beard which is even too much of a burden for you to bear.biko spare us d fakery and stop trying to deceive do u guys notice how hard sista utiana trys to control her shele on jara when shes with helen paul???lol dat woman flame pass helen sef

  12. U guys are just lovely! For me i think some people out grow being gay like Desmond, Rocha’s n co. Just maybe uti might at 40.
    Biko who has dangotes contact, coz wen i grad i would like to submitt my CV personally to him.(its official)

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