We Are Not The Cause, We Are The Cure!

g-stay1I’m looking for a perfect beginning to this article, but seeing as words have repeatedly failed me, I’ll just go with the obvious: We are not the cause, we are the cure!

To borrow the words of some of our KD brothers here, the ‘Religidiots’ and their adherent ‘opium-pipe’ followers we presently harbor in this country deserve an Oscar for the numerous hardships we are subjected to daily, all in the name of law, order and justice.

Once upon a time, we had a speaker of the house, whose name literally translates to ‘The two Bank thieves’, who was hell-bent on ensuring that Nigeria had 24 hours of electricity daily. It is pertinent to note, at this point, that the same Bank-ole was, according to sources, the sole importer of Mikano Generators in Nigeria. Suffice it to say that many parts of Nigeria did not and still do not have 24 hours of light in an entire month. Talk about 2-timing!

I believe gays are behind that, No?

In my area in Lagos, we had this man of God with the fire of the gospel burning brightly in the veins of his entire family. His 17-year old son, obviously under same anointing, impregnated his 19-year old sister.

Gays are also behind this, No?

Most public buildings in Nigeria are presently inaccessible to People living With Disabilities (PWDs) yet we have a huge number of them in this country. As a citizen, I am to believe that they also have the right to Freedom of movement, but No, since no Senator, Governor or even President has a case of Polio-gone-bad, the system will continually deny their existence! Recently, at the last Paralympics, our Nigerian contingent won a lot of medals and was feted as is the tradition. At their grand reception, they were presented with cheques of varying sums. Amidst their joy, the one question they asked each other was: ‘At which bank do we cash this cheque and how do we get in?’

Maybe the gays in Nigeria also caused this.

We – and by we, I mean the LGBT community in Nigeria – suffer a lot of injustice and still come out tops.

It’s funny how the government made a law banning and criminalizing same-sex unions and relationships when they have continually denied the existence of our kind in this ‘pure and holy, whole-grain, thoroughly filtered, one-of-a-kind’ country.

Why buy bleach when you have no whites?

The way it’s going, the Nigerian LGBT community would probably have to travel abroad, compete and win in some sort of Gay Olympics or World Cup. Then maybe, just maybe, the Nigerian government at that point would begin to look and really see us as we are.

We are not the cause, we are the cure!

Written by enKAYCed

32 thoughts on “We Are Not The Cause, We Are The Cure!

  1. I dont know why I found e part about the Man of God’s son impregnating his own sister funny. I guess its the irony of it all.
    The thing is that some chronically homophobic people actually believe that the gays are the source of these problems and more. I once saw a comment on a blog about some dude bedding a goat, and the comment went, ‘its all because of these gay people. We need to flush them out and the country will be better, let the government take a note from Sodom and Gomorrah and flush them out’.
    Its sad but true.

    • I simply intended to portray that the world wouldn’t be such a holistic, perfect society if all the gays were to suddenly evaporate into vacuum.
      Given the abundant talents inherent in the average gay/lesbian individual, if we had some pressure taken off our backs, we might actually have a better shot at righting a lot of wrongs in the society.

  2. This morning I went for a run! On the way back folks on my street were going to church! You can see the judgment on their faces; like this sinner who doesn’t go to worship God on sunday.

    One of the girls asked me; “won’t you go to church? It’s not good oo”

    This girl has a boyfriend who comes around with his Camry to visit her. Now a few weeks ago my company made a cake for a female doctor who was our partner on a project as it was her birthday! I called her up to deliver it and she said she was in abuja, gave me her husband’s number to give the cake to. I called him up, met up with him and guess who? Yes yes! Camry man!!!

    So the b**ch who is judging me is fucking another woman’s husband and she sings in the choir!

    I told somebody the other day that these churches are not the house of God; simply because it’s hypocrites that live there not god!

      • Chizzie try and give it a rest. We get it. You think his life is too fabulous to be believable. At the end of the day, you’re simply projecting your insecurities on this blog. Perhaps you should learn to reserve your scathing judgment of people until you actually KNOW them.

    • I don’t understand why you guys derive pleasure from lambasting the church at every given opportunity. It’s always the church did this or did that. Pls the church is not against homosexuality, it’s some very vocal and powerful folks in the church who are. You should direct your anger towards them and not the entire establishment.

  3. I keep saying if people can take their mind off how we have sex and focus on the numerous abilities and talents that exists in the LGBT community, things will be all better. From fashion, to arts, to literature to science (yes science) , gay men and women are coming up with innovations that is shuttimg the mouths of thesr homophobic bigots. I picture a time where the world’s biggest corporations would be owned or managed by gay people. LLet’s see if they wouldn’t bridle their tongue. I even read an article one time that said gay men are more hygenic, better dressers, more concerned about their fitness, cook better and less likely to commit crime than heterosexual men. Why isn’t this side of gay men promoted and not the fact that we “invented” HIV.

  4. Hahaha …
    enKAYCed for president πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

    On a more serious note… If only Nigeria was just slightly better to justify our extreme religiousness and bigotry.

  5. to be honest…I really dont see the relevance of this article and the examples cited above, it reminded me of a barking dog who u would rather have shut up. We get that Nigeria is homophobic. ..and Nigerians for the most part are hypocrites, we’ve said that a million times here…it has been well established. And the general consensus is that : yes, the average Nigerian hates gays. ..but they do not blame gays for the issues of this country, its a wonder where the writter got this impression from.

    if we have to discuss abt an issue so generic…lets proffer solutions to said issues as opposed to constantly ranting abt them

    • Dear FKA Cheeseballs,

      My Article wasn’t about you or your kind of bruthas… It was and is dedicated to enlightened individuals who happen to have experienced some incidence where shade is thrown at the LGBT community even though they have no direct correlation to the issue at hand.
      I’ll reserve the insults for those who actually deserve it.
      Thanks for taking out out part of your miserable time to go through the article.
      Have a blessed week!

    • Dear KayY, I understand that you’re new here and need all the leverage you can get.
      I also understand that I’m giving you that leverage by replying to your comment. Good!
      Hope it makes you sleep better tonight.
      If you would take out time to read my counter, I never called your bestie ‘Stupid’ and ‘dim’. You literally did that yourself.
      I also didn’t think he had experienced what I wrote about which was why I said the article wasn’t about him or You for that matter.
      That said, I would love to get back to my fabulous life.
      Thank you for going through my article.
      I never realized dimwits could read.
      Stay safe!

  6. Dennis that’s the most apt illustration I think u have ever made. The hypocrisy is really not a thing of Nigeria, it’s everywhere though. We are not the cause we are not the cure either because I bet you chances are that from inception of Nigeria till date we have had gay/bisex president(s), vice president(s) and the situation is what it is. I agree with chizzie on his last comment too, I don’t think the gay community in Nigeria is being blamed for the precarious situation this country is in

  7. And to pinky, thank you for posting this.
    To all other people who have taken out time to read and comment, I appreciate all ‘constructive criticism’.
    Thanks for being part of this insightful literary cult.
    Have a great week!
    ION My passing out parade from NYSC camp is tomorrow.
    God bless y’all!

    • I do agree with a lot of the points raised in this article! And this was my position when that bill was signed into law; why are we fixing something that is not broken! Are gay people the problem nigeria has?

      This man that preaches in the mornings on my street (which is extremely annoying btw) had said once that God’s anger is kindled against nigeria because of “homosexualism” and “lesibianism” and this is one of the reasons things are going bad, as god has turned his back against us! So we should pray and seek the face of god.

      I have been tempted to “mistakenly” throw pepper water outta my window when he preaches past!

  8. Where can I sign up for d gay Olympics biko? My height is going to waste oh nd I need to win medals 4 my community i.e. If they would accept it nd not lynch me!
    The high time we realize that we r being ruled by bunch of hypocrites who r also leading deluded nd gullible bunch d earlier we forget them, add extra efforts to wat we do nd come out on top! The same ppl dat signed d laws r d same chasing young boys all over d streets of Wuse 2 nd UniAbuja!
    We r actually d cure they need for their hypocritical “blame it on them” syndrome”.
    By the way, some ppl in here think they have mouth nd can unleash their caustic comment on others. No b only you get mouth oh, its just dat u haven’t jammed ur match who is gonna put u in rightful place! Don’t push ppl! E kusi go m!

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