Man Crush Friday: Kenneth Okolie

Kenneth Okoli 08Four things I know about him: He was once crowned Mr. Nigeria. He is hot. He used to be photographed with Uti Nwachukwu…quite a lot. 🙂 He is no longer photographed with Uti Nwachukwu…not so much anymore.

One thing I don’t know about him: What he is up to these days.IMG_20141120_231959_6284

39 thoughts on “Man Crush Friday: Kenneth Okolie

  1. Still wondering why this guy was crowned mr Naija. Maybe I need to hit the gym, am sure I’ll beat him in a modelling duel. *flexing tiny muscles’.
    By the way, Bryan Okwara still remains my best Mr Nigeria ever. That’s a man crush alert.

  2. …….. And he also has a cool personality… For someone who won Mr.Nigeria, I was expecting him to be stuck-up or sth…. Buh he’s really cool… And he has a great smile too..

  3. *looks around and whispers* sista pinkie I watched a movie where he was sleeping with his househelp and the way they had rough sex got me wishing !!! and I seriously wanted to kill dat house help and take her place mtcheeew!!. I swear dis guy has got weapons of mass destruction *whew* fans self* . Abeg if any1 hears that ken need a PA / househelp plz am seriously interested !!! And pinkie we need to talk ooo!

    • See everyone playing the territorial monkey’s tune. *no offence*. Oga let’s see your man crush and then you can lay.claim to him. #Me i like Bryan too.

  4. All this coffee that DM is serving dat i am not getting invited to…Diaris God o. Me too i like gorgor na.
    Newest fantasy——- Spend 25 mins in an elevator stuck between the 10th & 11th floor of Stallion Plaza Marina with Kenneth Okolie.

  5. OmG kenny boo lol datz my pet name for him ever since i watched him in d movie desperate housegirlz..funny enof i didnt even know much bout him till i watched dat movie wen i saw bae fuckin ini edo my life changed!had to visit google sharpaly if i hear i quickly ffd him on ig,twitter..i like dem thuggish n not too cute abeg i dont need a fineboi i need my men realmen..mizz pinkie seemz we got same taste in men oh i dont joke wiv my darkchocolate icecream,and i must really commend ur blog u are doin a really gud job diz blog gives me so much life specially sum few peepz whose commentz brings all d drama.aswer itz like m watching real housewives of atl..ok m out.kisses dear

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