35 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day VII

  1. The lips on Tyson ehn! Those are d kind of lips u can send out on a date alone; those lips are enough to do wonders to a person,even without d rest of d body.

  2. Pinky bia o, something is seriously going on hia o. You have put your Tyson on display and everyone thinks he is up for grabs….well including me.
    I’d rather it were me he was biting not his lower lip.

  3. Lemme see do I have any straight guy. I am eyeing*thinking hard* now dat I tink of it no one in particular..I might see a straight guy nd be all “he z hot” bt to now be drooling over some1 dat I just might neva have just too painful… Bt dose tattoos woulda made me drool…love a muscular guy in tattoos…

  4. *Heavy Sigh* Oh Tyson………….! I’ve being waiting all my life for those words! #screams# Just take me away already b4 I die of thirst!

  5. keep flirting with me, ama fuck u.

    See his mouth. Lol.
    Oya turn around, ama fuck u too. Ama give u some sweet purnishment cos u is bad boy.

  6. Erm, I think I have a straight guy that I am falling head over heels ƒøЯ! I jst want that guy… Jst him right now! Ǻn̶̲̥̅̊ԃ God bless d day he makes such statement to me.

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