200019237-001My kito story is not quite the kito story.

I’m Ade, 22 and I have been and known I was gay for all my life. You know that kind of gayness that’s hard to miss and can be spotted from 100 miles away? I was once nominated as the “mother general” of the student hostel where I live (story for another day).

After I finished Secondary school a few years ago, I decided to move to Abuja. I had heard so much about that city, how it flowed with milk and honey, how there were lots and lots of ‘generous’ and rich gays, and how there was an abundance of good sex to be had. I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that if I managed to move to Abuja, it would only be a matter of time before I snagged my own rich, loving sugar daddy. I was emboldened by the story of my role model, Madonna, who hitchhiked her way to New York City with just $20 and is today a globally famous star.

Itching to recreate my own story of the rise to stardom, I left my lovely Osun State and moved in with an aunt who lived in one of the slums on the outskirts of Abuja. It was a squalid and depressing place, a universe away from the bright glittering mansion dripping with opulence that I yearned and craved for. But I never once let the ghetto depress me or kill my dreams; I was sure that this was only a temporary phase and soon, I would land exactly where I wished to be – in the arms of someone rich and loving, who would take care of me, and who I would love and give myself to totally.

I held on to that dream for two years.

And then, I landed a job at a hotel as a porter; I supplemented my meager income with a few other side jobs as well some part time sex work, and soon I was able to save up enough money to rent an apartment of my own.

Halleluiah somebody!

Now I could have wild sex and moan with careless abandon, knowing that I was secure in the privacy of my own accommodation. But it seemed the devil had been watching (in 3D) and tracking my activities on Manjam.

A guy named Chuck soon caught my attention; his profile said he was 24, and we frequently chatted on manjam. Soon, I felt I could trust him enough, and so I shared my BBM Pin, Facebook ID and Whatsapp number with him. We chatted deeply and I soon fell for his caring and friendly manner.

After about four months of chatting, he invited me to visit him in Benin. He sent me a picture of his house, which he said was free for us as his parents had travelled. At first, I was a little apprehensive because I had never been to Benin in my entire life, and also, it wouldn’t be too easy for me to get time off from work. Hellooo! I’m a career woman … lol. Anyhoo, I told him I was broke and would not be able to afford the cost of the trip to Benin City. He quickly credited my account with N10, 000; after this, I had no decent reason not to honour his invitation. And so a few days later, I was in a bus heading to Benin. I felt little shivers of excitement running through me as we closed in on Benin after a few hours on the road.

Soon, we were in the city, and he was at the Bus Park to pick me up; he had driven a Toyota Camry. When I first set eyes on him, I was like, Gurrrrlll, this one is phyyyne! He was a Greek god; toned, caramel-hued body, thick dark hair that had more than a hint of waves, deep, penetrating eyes, and large hands. Just looking at him, I wished he would grab me and make me his total bottom. He smiled and hugged me and told me how pleased he was that I didn’t disappoint him. We drove off and soon afterwards, we arrived at a mansion with high walls and imposing gates. There were four boys and a lady in the compound. The lady took my bags upstairs and soon after offered me a plate of rice. Chuck made me feel so welcome, he even showered with me. He told me the four guys I had earlier seen were his cousins, and that, they ‘knew what’s up.’ (Apparently, they were all gay)

I couldn’t believe that I was in Nigeria; I had to pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t in some fairytale where my sexuality was known and accepted. I felt like a beautiful bride. In the shower, Chuck kissed me and gave me a soothing back massage and then proceeded to fuck me real good, just the way I like it. After that, we played a few games till it was night, and then we joined the other guys downstairs for some drinks. They all seemed very friendly and warm. I drank a punch which, in hindsight, I later believed was drugged. It wasn’t long before I got drowsy and spaced out. Through a thick haze, I could feel Chuck fingering my man-pussy, and I vaguely registered the other guys stripping off their clothes and touching each other. I wasn’t really bothered because I had had a few orgies in the past and actually liked them.

But poor me! I didn’t realize that I was about to be fucked hard and rough by four guys. I was soon gagged and slapped and then whipped by each of the guys, who then took turns to fuck me. I must have passed out at some point because I don’t remember much afterwards, except that some hours later, I woke up with severe pain.

I was still a bit disoriented as I took a shower and then told Chuck that I wished to leave. Hearing that I wanted to go, he flew into a rage and began to beat me, taunting me with names like fag, prostitute, ashawo. He then proceeded to rape me again. In the course of the day, the other guys forcefully had sex with me multiple times, and I was not given a single bite of food the entire day. They then informed me that I was to be their hostage, to be held captive for as long as they wished. They took my phone and called my mother; luckily for me, the woman is illiterate and can hardly speak or understand a word of English, and none of those Bini boys could speak or understand my native Yoruba language. They collected my ATM card and coerced me into giving up my pin number; they then headed to an ATM machine and withdrew all my money.

I was held captive in that house for five days, fed just once daily and fucked by four guys two or three times every day. I was kept in a drugged and helpless state until they’d had enough of me. At the end of it all, I was driven to a bus station, given the sum of N10, 000 and abandoned to my fate. Broken, bruised and battered, I eventually made it back to Abuja.

I am grateful to be alive and have largely put this incident behind me.

Written by Ade

80 thoughts on “HIS KITO STORY (EDITION 12)

  1. Hmmm.
    Stories I’ve heard about Benin guys give me the creeps.
    Even though it was hurtful to starve you of food and rape you in this heartless manner, at least, the brighter side is that it didn’t involve outing you to anybody in your family circle.
    Sorry about the whole episode, Ade. 😦

  2. With each kito story I read my heart is ripped apart! Are these things done by humans or beasts? Where is their humanity?

    And for the umpteenth time I ask; WHY DONT WE PLAN ANY REVENGE???

  3. Jeezox…stories like this shock the hell outta me…. I’ve said it before when you mix psychopath+gay , it gets bad really quickly…
    Sorry about your experience.
    Traveling outta my resident state for sex or care or love is something I ll never be able to do…

  4. Hehe.
    Hmm. The way you wrote this story got me laughing. Btw, who says money can’t buy love?

    And ‘trip to Benin’ just reminded of one scorned gay boy I’ve read about in “Love And Sex In The City”. *raised eyebrow* Pink Panther, episode 21?

  5. Well….it all sums up to same story….the golden rule still remains Never to visit anyone. Especially when they are the ones interested in you coming over. Be it for love, sex or whatever it is called. Why wouldn’t he come to see you in Abuja since you stay alone? Did I forget to mention a fool in Satellite town that has been disturbing me since last month to come over to his place……I just got a confirmation yesterday he’s a setup guy….told him last night his game is up and the urchin deleted me from BBM….he goes by the name ICE on Badoo…. guys beware !

  6. I’m really very sorry this happened to you writer. On a different note why is it that some people’s biggest life goal/dream is that they meet some rich guy/woman who will love them, spoil them and provide all theirs needs. I’m sorry no matter your background I think it’s laziness, greed and utmost lack of faith and believe in oneself that will make anyone live with such a mentality! Who says you can’t be something through your own hard work? I just can’t deal with people with such low mentality. *cat walks away*

    • I totally get you man. It is sometimes a case of laziness and plain prostitution even though i don’t think it was same in the writers case. He got a job and with ‘help’ from here and there was able to get an apartment. Well that says purpose to me.
      But i think everyone like sthe idea of having someone who’s financially stable to be in a relationship with. I do want this myself but has that happened? ‘NO’. I can say that at one point or the other i have given cash to at least two of my boyfriends to handle some dire needs but it was out of my free will. It sure would be nice to have a nice rich man to call my own. #hustling this morning

    • R u this insensitive?
      He is 22 now n tink abt how young he waz bk den
      As young pple we had so many fantasies dat time has tot us better not to follow
      U heard d young man’s struggle n how he got a job
      Yet u sit there n add more pain to his injury ds mornin or dnt u tink harsh coments on ds story wuld revisit his scars?

    • I taya Paul. Somethings are meant to be thought and then shelved into the deepest parts of mind, its not everything that comes to mind that you write or speak. You might not intend to but you just come off as insensitive. You’re not Chizzie for Christ sake.

      • Oga calm down. Whether you are 6 years old my point is its not okay to grow up with such a mentality. Besides the writer never said he went to Benin to make money biko, attack the issue raised and stop being unnecessarily sentimental. Good morning to you. And so I can’t express my opinion again without the fear of being labelled a chizie wannabe.?

      • Lool. I hope this was tongue in cheek.

        1. I’m not the Chuck who attacked and raped the writer.

        2. Gad, you’ve made another assumption that you wouldn’t have, if you thought things through.

        3. Rape and theft are crimes. They deserve strong punishment.

        4. The writer’s conflation of love and income is worrying to Dominic and myself because it is a commincbelief among young gay Nigerian men.

        5. Personally, I avoid people who are looking for sugar daddies, sugar sisters, augar tops, or sugar bottoms, because I don’t believe paying for sex or love is wise or sustainable.

    • Exactly! I keep telling people that ask me why i don’t hook up with some rich white guy and flex now that i am in the land of the free. My reply is always : me sef wan get money, wen money dey, i go fit fuck with any kain boy i like. I would rather be the guy with the money and have guys i want than be someone’s hoe.

  7. Just terrible that gay people would do this kind of thing to another. Ade so sorry for your experience.
    It’s just like when straight boys lure, kidnap and rape a girl.
    I totally understand why Dennis keeps saying that we should try to revenge. We keep saying ‘there is nothing like a scorned gay'(well i think that’s how it’s said) and i wonder, is it that the scorn is only existent when a guy doesn’t give someone money after sex? Because i know how i felt during and after my kito experience and it was pure hate, i was scared of myself. Only things was i wanted to get past the experience kinda. It got me really depressed and i knew it was not good for me. I guess that is how most of us felt after the experience.

    • I’m not one to come here and call people names, but this comment was insensitive, rude and out rightly dumb. Well, seeing how elegantly you write english I guess we shouldn’t expect any better.
      I hope you find yourself in a situation that ‘servers’ you right in the near future…

      • Blaq jaqs did you say “wel-CUM”? Dennis, you’ve CUM already on BJ? *looks around* where’s Mrs M? Come o, I’ve seen who wants to send you to the village.

        OAN, Cj ur comment is unfair. Even if you don’t agree with the writer’s actions back in the days (I believe he knows better now, and most of us in one way or the other misbehaved back in the days), you don’t have to be a bitch about it. You just came off as someone suffering from IDIOCY.

    • CJ you just being insensitive, hw was he suppose to no dat it was gon be a kito….it could happen to anybody..nd I just get d feeling u you trying to play d mean b**ch in dis story…..

    • @Cj Parker, you’ve shown what a low level piece of bottom feeder scum you r, better remain behind your anonymous screen and spew forth the venom your pitiable miserable life generates … oloshi!!!

  8. I’d like to state to everyone,stories like this do not ” Do Not ” mean the writer is lazy or gullible or easy. Yes there are places one should think over about before venturing to. He took a chance, irresponsible or not. He did that and he’s better than some ppl who will settle for whatever, especially when they can pay for a-laying. That said, we also get vengeance, we just don’t like stating the results of our acts. I got back at all 3 of mine tho. The last one, was on Sunday. I guess someday he will write his kito story and you guys will feel bad for him too. But trust me. He got what he deserved, they all did. ** now goes back to petting satchMO**

  9. I hate when people balance on pink high horses and pass judgement!
    Did the writer make very wise choices? Maybe not! But we don’t kick someone who is already wounded! Where are your souls guys? I am terribly disappointed!

    So nobody here has even made the wrong choice of an out of town tryst? Cos I did sooooo many while I was an undergrad!

    Ade, sorry it happened! Shit happens, we move on!

    But like I say, if these guys loose a body part or two, say like one eye or a few fingers I doubt if they will ever hand anybody kito again! These things continue because the people who do it always succeed!

    If this happened to me, even if it means me borrowing money from Satan himself, I would! Untill I get even!

  10. Some of the comments here though, just downright stupid and dumb. It takes real courage for someone to go through this and then write about it and share it with us so that we may learn from their torrid experience. Instead of saluting this courage, you cower behind your keyboard and write stuffs like ‘ serves the writer right ‘.

    Dear Ade, i am truly sorry this happened to you, and I am glad that you’ve put the incident behind you.
    I do agree with Dennis that Karma might need a little nudge sometimes, but its easier to say that when you’re not the victim.
    I believe they’ll Certainly get whats coming to them. Certainly.

  11. I thought u referring to your self as mother general and a part time sex worker was extremely hilarious. ..u r funny without coming across as trying too hard, (the one w the overtly active imagination should take note) and seem like a lively person…

    but then the last bit of the story is what I am in contention with. ..i can’t seem to wrap my mind around d fact dt u were raped consecutively for days,robbed,drugged and then given 10,000 naira as tfare. what was the essensce of u being robbed in the first place then? and the essence of u being held hostage? Its abit mind boggling to me…so I have decided not to believe it

    on another note…to avoid kito experiences..I tend to sleep w men who are in their 30s and above..as they are more likely to be employed, have less time to be dubious and are more inclined w real life as opposed to imagination/fantasy

  12. Those boys were just pretty cruel….all dey had to do was ask…I don’t no Ђơω to judge bt am guessing d writer woulda not mind bt d idea of d ROUGH nd being drugged just plain cruel, nd even after fucking nd enjoying demsefs dey could nt still give d writer good food….well tank God ade z still alive cuz nd as 4 dose boys dey should no dat Aunty KARMA is nt scared of anybody o….she would get back @ dem soon…*devil smile thinking of cruel tins dat could happen to dose boys*

  13. “THE FEAR OF KITO AND OUTING”, holding me back from hooking up since 1993! Am so not leaving my city to another just for sex! I’d rather die from sex starvation i.e. If it kills!! Sorry bro Ade! Being raped by one is traumatic enough but 5? That one na die oh! And Am sure some useless dude after reading dis would b fantasizing about such tryst! Experience is d best teacher but I would rather learn from others!

  14. Maybe they didn’t want him in still in Benin. Sometimes we wonder the motive behind what people do. Maybe theirs was to have someone to kidnap and rape for fivedays. He mentioned that the guy sent 10k to him, now that is a lot of.investment for inviting someone over especially if you are not going to use them for a ritual. And they did withdraw money from his account. I don’t know if they took his phone or not. But i think the robbing him part might have been a spur of the moment kind of thing.
    And let me state that most times, people are given at least enough money just to get back to where they came from and that is talking from experience. Heard of some guy in PH who after being beaten and robbed was hailed a cab to get him to his door step.
    Chizzie i’m not so sure anyways if anyone cares that you don’t believe it. well… except maybe me. Maybe you should experience kito first hand, then you can come and share the ‘unbelievable’ story maybe.

  15. Hey everyone Quick Riddle;

    I am something, I say I hate a particular blog! I have used abusive language on a lot of people on the blog including the blog owner!

    I hate every article on the blog, no story to me is true on the blog.

    Yet everyday I am on the same blog reading every post and making comments!

    What am I?

      • Pinky I saw what you did here ooo!!! You deleted my comment calling out the person who the riddle referred to even when the person gladly rose up to the occasion… C’est unfair

    • Hian!! Mrs M nke a achogo ikonye mmadu okwu n’oke anwu ehihie a(Dis Mrs M wants to give someone trouble dis hot afternoon!)! How much r u paying for d answer? We know d injuries dat would come 4rm stating d name of “u know who”. Money for hand, back for ground!

    • ‘Mrs M. i saw what you did with ‘I am something’ & ‘what am I’. continuu
      I woulda said th .answer o but i don’t want it to be told that i said President Jonathan is a bad presido.

    • if u are going to refer to someone, atleast get ur facts right…I never said I hated the blog…or I hate every article written, the only person whose articles I find ridiculous, and a product of an active imagination is Dennis’ , and its only just ideal and wise not to believe everything posted on here

      you really shouldn’t allow sentiments cloud common sense..

  16. The sheer honesty of this story makes my heart bleed. Not just because of what happened to him but because he’s a Nigerian gay man who feels no restraints in saying he lived in the ghetto, accepts having sex for money and calls his mum illiterate. This type of honesty is as rare as a hen’s urine with Nigerian gay men. Did anyone notice how different he is from those of us who wouldn’t even accept that we’re human enough to shit? That’s the kind of guy I’d want to be with.

  17. I think those charlatans were acting out a fantasy. So much for youthful exuberance. A number of things in this story beats my comprehension. Eg: sending someone who declared himself broke 3times his tfare with d intention of raping and robbing him,d number of days he was held hostage,giving him 3times his tfare to go back after robbing him etc. What could the motive for this crime be? Personally, I see no wrong in visiting someone outside ones state of abode. Anyone, including me can fall into this though I’m not sure any human being can hold me hostage in this manner for days and be exploiting me sexually.IMPOSSIBLE

  18. This story is sad. What makes it more heart breaking is the fact that nothing could be done to this guys because reporting them translates to outing yourself. Such evil thrives where there are no laws with the only existing laws engineered to kill human rights. Truly sad. Take heart Ade.

    P.S: I got a little hard when reading the story, does it make me a bad horny psychotic mofo or is it normal?

  19. Pinky, u did well by publishing the story.. the story is real, cus I know Ade. The moral of the story is to prevent such misfortune, from happening to another young gay guy… cheers

  20. This is extremely sad, I can just imagine the hurt he must have felt while been raped (my bestfriend was once raped and it was a terrible 6 months before he could pull himself together)……
    I think it is insensitivity of the highest order when you add salt to the wound of another person, we should learn to be passionate.
    May God heal your wound bro…..

  21. “I supplemented my meager income with a few
    …as well as some part time sex work”
    Imagine, the writer is a big fool and a prostitude, an ashawo, moving piom piom piom, instead of him to focus on what took him to abuja, he deserves every bit of what he got, it is his type that makes people see us in a certain way.

    • Haba daemom, why will you accuse the writer of deviating from what took him to abuja. Let me refresh ur memory. He went to abuja hoping to get some rich guys that will take care of him.How do you expect him to achieve that without plenty piom piom piom? Be mindful of the fact too that the Benin guy(24yrs old) showed him proof of affluence(picture of a mansion and generous tfair) before he went for greener pastures in Benin.

  22. I just gotta point out that dis story sounds a lil’ too made up 2 b real. He moved to Abj, got a job as a porter, did runz, rented a flat? & he’s 22. I’m sori, what??
    Shit doesn’t add up.
    2nd, 9ja men aren’t named “chuck” & no gay 9ja man sends anoda man 10k 2 visit just like that. Dis just sounds really fictional & exaggerated & I don’t believe a single word. Wayyy 2 romance-novelish. Some bored over imaginative teenager’s been reading 2 many Harley Quinn novels.
    No boo, just no.

  23. Place to the guy that had charted with ice.I need his line.I was kitoed one week to my exam.my laptop that contains all my materials disappeared. I will revenge on that ice guy trust me.

  24. Funny as it sound, its same gay/bi guys dat ar hurting d harmless ones. We go to dem blind n return hurt n rubbed. They luv sex N gayism but just jobless n heartless. But its said, what goes around,comes around. A day will come their cup will over-full. D reason they still exist n hav power is d fear of stigma wen others hear about it n this is shamefully motivated by our government who hav deprived us of any human right 4 being gay. But if we can put our heads together, we can in our own way secretely deal Wit ppo who hurts. I hav heard of this stories,my fren was a victim of it, I. Was almost falling into their Hand but same fren came to my rescue wen he heard of whom I’m about to visit. Let’s do something! Let’s form an organisation where ppo can freely come wit complains like this n we get revenge 4 dem. Being gay is no crime. N 4 u guys who like fucking ass n rubbing dem same time, b warned,u will not last long in this ur chosen trade. It may sound funny,but it will come to pass. U will lost X100 of what u have stollen, u will reciv in a single day all d hurts combined dat u hav hurt others n feel less dan a dog. Cheers!!!

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