29 thoughts on “Photo II: When you get it… lol

  1. Hallelujah.
    Reverend, pray for me. I think I’m becoming straight by the year. (You’ll just spoil TB Joshua’s business though.)

  2. loooil. Rev Jide, did u do the southern baptist church tap dance thingy???. “Sisters join him n praise the lawd”

    One of the comments on that video linj tge oda day got me. “would u wanna give ur daughter to this man?”. I so laughed when I pictured yhe pastor hmmming n aaahing.

  3. im not a fan of this man…its one thing to be gay but its another to use one’s sexuality to blaspheme an entire religion. I dont know what bible he’s reading but the general consensus is that God doesn’t glory in men loving men, unfortunately . He’s extremely delusional…attention seeking and an unattractive gay man

      • Pinky, what would you say is the defining feature of Christianity? I would argue that gay men cannot be Christians, because it is clearly banned by the Holy Book. If you have any precedent as to how a Christian is allowed to disregard the Bible please share it.

      • I disagree! I don’t see anything wrong with Jide’s faith! There are gay people who have been able to balance their sexuality with their christianity! There are gay people who love Gad, sorry God passionately and believe he is the KING of KINGS etc, and are still gay.

        If a gay man stills wants to practice his christian faith, what is wrong with that? How is that blasphemous? Gene Robinson is he not a bishop? The bible is against fornication, but don’t Christians do it? The bible is against stealing? Lying? Need I say more?

        ****drops mic***

      • Sweetheart what shade do you speak of?

        It’s summer out here! Warm, bright and sunny!

        Ain’t seeing no shade!

        *sips sprite*

      • Mrs M, God loves Gad and Gad loves God.continue * plotting on the fastest and smartest way to make u a widow* did I say anything?

      • Mrs Macaulay, I’m sure those who fornicate acknowledge that its a sin. My issue is with legitimisation of homosexuality within the Christian tradition. Of course you can sin and be Christian. The issue is to acknowledge that its a sin. People who fornicate hide or rationalize it.

      • @chuck, following your line of reasoning, I guess the cries against homophobia and non-legalization of same sex marriage is vain and idiocy? Gays should just hide and be sinning

      • For once in a long time, I want to kiss gad for something well said. I don’t get Chuck’s blithe disregard for LGBT wanting to be right with God. Unless of course, you’re already not down with Christianity

      • 1. Same sex marriage is a legal issue. The state should not reflect the theology of a religion. So same sex marriage should not rely on Christian doctrine for approval.

        2. Homophobia is also a legal issue.

        3. @Pinky, I understand that the Christian faith does not approve of homosexuality. You can either be a Christian that knows being gay is wrong and continues to do it, or not be a Christian and think being gay is fine.

        4. If you have any knowledge of a Christian tradition that endorses homosexuality please let me know.

        5. @gad, you missed my line of reasoning. I would stick to critiquing the articulated argument rather than building assumptions that are unsupported by my claims.

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