32 thoughts on “Morning Humour VIII: What We Do, We Do For The Lord

  1. This is not funny to me at all. I think this is wrong. We can do whatever we are doing without bringing God into it. Pinky, before you remind me, I know that was meant to be a joke

  2. Is this a sick Joke or a joke from a sick person?! This isn’t funny @ all nd utterly disgusting! The fact that d we in d days of Grace doesn’t mean God can’t strike some ppl dead when they rub certain things to his face! Thread with caution biko!

      • I know what u’re “trying” to do there,Absalom, but it won’t work. God created sex, and God created gay people,but a joke like this is…disrespectful. It’s just like creating a group called “Faithful married men with Huge strong dicks for Jesus”; being a faithful married man with a big dick is defintely not a sin, but creating a group like that is sort of disrespectful…and d motives would be confusing.

      • Toh. Chestnut, I’m glad you saw where I was going with that question. I don’t ridicule Christianity just because it’s not my journey. I like to tell people why I don’t subscribe to a thing while not disrespecting their rights to do otherwise.

        Plus, I enjoy a good conversation…

        I’m aware of Christians who cringe to have “God” and “sex” in the same sentence. Wanted to know if that’s where Kryss S was coming from – since, I imagine, God created sex and sexual orientations (I’m glad you pointed that out).

        The humour I saw in the picture is the BIZARRENESS of someone thinking to bother Jesus with their bottoming skills. Some things are funny because they are bizarre (I’m actually a fan of that kind of humour). That’s MY reason for laughing. I’m not saying Christians should find it funny; I’m only seeking clarification.

        It’s very okay to declare: “It’s disrespectful to God.” All I’m asking, for my own education, is: How?

      • Thanks Chestie dear for clarifying things for me! U r such a darling! Muah! No matter how hard we try to paint it, we all know that Christianity, God, the bible nd same-sex sexual relationships don’t see eye to eye! Thus making a joke out of it is like rubbing it in God’s face. It might b a joke, funny but it is still inappropriate!
        By the way Absalom *mean look*, thanks 4 making me comment in church *Muttering “Forgive me father for I have sinned”*!

  3. We may not all agree with Christianity but other people’s beliefs and religion needs (or is it need…) to be respected.. Christians will find this offensive and I quite frankly do not see anything amusing here. Just saying.

  4. Well its a joke, but an offensive one! Its like making jokes about rape or N-word jokes!

    I am not religious, but I respect people’s beliefs and will not denigrate them. Christians and the bible will never accept homosexuality! So this is very tongue-in-cheek

      • You can’t get me to say that word chestnut! No thankyou! I am friends with some people that it means a different kind of history to!

    • Lol Dennis i believe you. I swore never to use the N-word until i got into school here in the US. It is like the only English word all the black people use. The day the word slipped from my mouth, it became news that i have finally joined the team. I felt so bad.

  5. Bia why do u like tainting everything bout church and Christ?
    We know you are a God-hater but at least you can still try and respect other people that adore God.
    The other day it was about your cousin in uk and the image you painted about christ on the cross was denigrating.
    You know you can’t try this rubbish with islam.
    Feel free to yarn dust insulting me. That’s your bizness

  6. There is a very thin line between humor and stupidity. Whoever created this group has gone over the line a wee bit.
    You might not believe in peoples opinions, religion or orientation, the least you can do is respect it. Na wa o!

      • Dennis Ochonganaoku! Always looking 4 trouble! Don’t call Gad nd King’s name oh b4 some ppl will tear u to shreds with their pointed nails *looking around 4 Khaleesi*.
        Loving Jesus passionately would mean not doing what is abominable in his sight! We all know how he views homosexuality!
        Aunty Pinky, I just saw Pst. Jide Macauley’s Testimony on Linda Ikeji! Hallelujah brethren!!

    • LOL!

      Wait first, my point is that this is not so offensive after all! There are some gay men who love Jesus passionately, we know a few people like that!

      So there are power bottoms who love Jesus passionately! So why is it offensive sef?

  7. What if the phrase is some people’s way of making a very personal spiritual connection and communication with God? Will you then deny them their constitutional right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion because it doesn’t agree with your limited understanding of Jesus?

    All yee prudish Christians pack well biko!
    Go and read King David’s Song of Songs and you will see how pornography was turned into an effective tool of spiritual imagery and communication in the HOLY BIBLE.

    nuf said.

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