51 thoughts on “Morning Humour VII: This Could Be You…

  1. Lol. That’s suicidal…Middle of a threesome somebody? And, if I understand what you mean, it’s when u are having your two digable-holes fucked at the same time huh? Can’t deal abeg. Lol.

    Before I forget…Chestnut, king said I should ask if you are not a slut.

      • Heii Aunty Pinky biko zie nu (pretty please in English Cornelius) cut Chizzie some small slack nau … abeg … this new Chizzie js

      • If you were blocked from commenting, that’s just wrong. I understand that the blogger might not want to post some comments if they are really bad, and I wonder what’s so bad that gay guys can’t endure to hear. But blocking you from posting any comments at all is just so immature and nepotic of the blog owner.

      • Lol!! wait this isn’t the real Chizzie. I am!! I have chosen to observe from the sidelines and occasionally roll my eyes and hold my tongue at Dennis’ rampant imagination. ..but when I saw this person, whoever u are impersonating me…na had to come out of my cocoon. its flattering from my end that ul want to impersonate me but its really pathetic on ur part. Drop the monicker! asap! …

      • Ewoooooooo! D drama begins again! Who is d imposter nd who is d real deal?! Let me watch while drinking my zobo biko! E leyi gi di gan!

    • Chizzie fake or real shut ur trap jare.
      You aren’t all that.
      Many of you just like to feel or act so big.
      You are ugly inside and outside.
      Dirty bitch.

  2. Hello, I am gay and nice being here.. class shouts simba ur welcome… gay anonymous… abeg where is rapu’m and all those fabulous guys,.. am new to lagos and want some company, not necessarily sex plzzz.. lodge in palmgroove area.. anybody wanna help a brother plszzzzz..

      • Lothario,there are some kweshions not meant for public consumption. Ask Pinky for his details & ask him anything u want. Chizzie don talk finish

      • @Simba, maybe you didn’t get the memo, but this isn’t a hookup site..
        *walks over “not necessarily sex plzzzz” line…

      • Max who died and made you the landlady and legislator of this blog?
        Can’t a brother express himself anymore? Last time I checked this is a playground where we can all express ourselves without being mugged, abeg chill with this cyber thugging, its not a good look

    • Max!!!!! U r a meanie!!! A brother just said his mind nd joor it is “not necessarily sex” period! Hehehe!
      By the way, where is Dennis? Isn’t he up yet? Missing his comments already oh! I guess dat yeye Mrs M kept him up all night!

  3. *thinking * Been a while I had a threesome….but seriously some bottoms are pros. One digging your behind and the other choking you…. Lol!

  4. Max!!!!! U r a meanie!!! A brother just said his mind nd joor it is “not necessarily sex” period! Hehehe!
    By the way, where is Dennis? Isn’t he up yet? Missing his comments already oh! I guess dat yeye Mrs M kept him up all night!

    • Queen blue eh…pray where do you live??! is it anywhere near the FCT?!…ION enigmous when did I tell you what you just said upstairs??? and Simba welcome ojare…and have fun while looking..wink wink

  5. Bwahahahahaha *rolls to Timbuktu*. It sounds like a one time thing tho

    Simba, Onipanu-Palm Grove axis is teeming with guys from the community. If you’ve just only moved in, relax. THEY will find u

  6. Fake chizzie chizzie. Get a new IM. The one whose blocked. I believe u r the real chizzie. No one can mask his venom so fast. This fake chizzie is impersonating and too soft jor. B t w. I miss chizzie’s comments. #bringbackOURchizzie.

  7. Peeps be dropping contacts with pinky. My oh my, the hustle is real and pinky apparently got y’all covered.
    For those that are hooking up, remember to invite us for the naming ceremony.

  8. Hian..just seeing all these comments now… Internet hasn’t been loyal today+busy as hell..
    Ndi sex hustlers-
    Subject: Looks like u got ur hands full dear
    …. @Everyone who replied me(who took it personal, I was merely making a mean joke.. But seems like ya’ll took it personal.. ) well, I’m not bothered…
    @Peak Milk, well, I have nothing to say to you… All I can say is, you’d make a terrible blog owner…
    We need the “real” Chizzie here pls…

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