Wives And Husbands in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

tumblr_static_tumblr_static_2gnhr9bsydlwc4ksgs4sgsc4s_1280Okay, there’s really no point to this post. Just sharing a mild movie spoiler; it’s not a shade, not a lecture, no a gibe.

Over the weekend, a good friend of mine and fellow Kitodiariesian blessed me with a hard-drive-full of movies and series. Yes, I felt blessed, especially since I’d finally gotten my hands on the one series I’ve been angling to watch for so long – Shonda Rhimes’ How To Get Away With Murder (aka Murder).

And so far, that woman’s genius is still wowing me. You’d think she’s lost her touch after Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. Anyway, I got to Murder’s Episode 3 (Okay, this is a bit of a spoiler o), and I watched this verbal fight I thought to share with y’all.

First a little background. There’s Annalise Keating, a law professor cum defense attorney, and five of her law students who also sort of interning for her law firm, assisting her in real cases. There’s particularly these two – Connor Walsh and Michaela Pratt, both of who don’t like each other very much. Not like any of the five like each other very much; they’re interns, currying to be the boss’s favourite. Connor is openly gay, and Michaela is engaged to be married to this cute dude, Aiden Walker, who makes an appearance in Episode 3. It turned out Aiden and Connor went to the same boarding school, and Connor, in his usual relentless taunting of Michaela, lets it slip that he and Aiden had had sexual relations way back when. So of course, the engaged young woman was enraged.

2c5d9279bca236673139f9837c5dd142(From l-r) Michaela Pratt and Connor Walsh

And the dialogue below is what ensued between her and her fiancé.

Michaela: You should have told me before you proposed. Before you said you love me. Before you asked me out!

Aiden: Michaela, come on –

M: Where there others?

A: Other people I hooked up with?

M: Men! Men you had sex with!

A: No.

M: Because if you’re gay –

A: Gay –

M: If. You. Are. Gay –

A: I’m not gay –

M: People are gay. My cousin is gay. It’s not a big deal. I’ll still be your friend –

A: Michaela, it was a stupid thing that happened when I was a kid! A horny kid! I’m not some guy on the down-low, you know that! I love you! I’m not gay.

Then, there’s a pause, before Michaela speaks in this quietly furious tone that is cold with purpose.

M: My wedding dress is Vera Wang. Not off-the-rack Vera Wang. Bespoke Vera Wang. It cost me a fortune. So you better be sure, you can’t embarrass me, Aiden. I have a plan for my life and it doesn’t include you ruining us. You hear me? So you better be sure, because if you ever do anything like that again, I will divorce you! And I will take all your money! And I will destroy any chance you have of a political career!

Now, what was that we were saying about a gay man’s vindictiveness being more lethal than a scorned woman’s? lol

36 thoughts on “Wives And Husbands in ‘How To Get Away With Murder’

  1. Hmm this just proves a woman is a woman and her scorn oh boi..it could only be imitated at best by a gay man’s scorn….coz a woman’s own is ugggghhh the original one! and funny enuf we really don’t get it in this part of the world where every man is the ALPHA…in America and other parts as such a woman can really ruin the man to the ground I tell u!

  2. You think a woman scorned is really sooooo much more deadly than a gay man, because she gave her fiance d chance to back out b4 it’s too late, or face divorce in future? A gay man(who wasn’t even scorned) practically ruined her marriage with his big mouth because of mere”office quarrel”…(Or maybe he saved her from future shock in d long run, but that wasn’t his intention; he was being vindictive and wanted to hurt her where it would pain d most!)

  3. Everyone knows that you don’t just wear Vera and then have an epil fail while in it… Michaela knows this all too well

    PS: Let’s all say a prayer for Dr Myles Munroe family, friends and church. Dr Myles Munroe and his lovely wife died earlier today in a plane crash.

    I am not an overtly religious person and so not deeply familiar with his works. But I do know what it feels like to loose a mentor and Dr Munroe was a mentor to so many people including close friends of mine

  4. The Vera Wang part got me loling to NewYork! Don’t joke with a woman nd her “not off the rack” Vera Wang! Lol! *still comparing a woman’s nd gay’s scorn*
    By the way, is being gay synonymous with being loudmouthed? Ah ah! Must u mouth all ur conquest to everybody dat cares to hear nd those dat don’t? He had sex with you nd so what?! Am sure some will go to CNN or start a hashtag of #IHadAnORGYWithBradPitt_PrinceWilliamsAndJimmyHendrixIn2012! I can’t deal biko! There types deserve any kind of kito dey get! Mstcheeeeew!

  5. I think the show missed a chance to create a bisexual character with Aiden. We all know how shit goes down in an all boys boarding school but the character would have been made more interesting if he told his fiance that he liked both men and women. There just aren’t that many bisexual characters on TV. The lack of representation of bisexuals on TV makes it seem as if they are unicorns.

    Oh and Murder isn’t a Shonda Rhimes show, it belongs to her protégé the out and proud Peter Nowalk. The show is produced by shonda Rhimes production company, Shondaland, but other than that she really has nothing to do with the show.

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