Man Crush Monday: Tom Daley

tom-daleyIf you don’t know who Tom Daley is, you’ve been hiding under an igloo in the land of Eskimos. He’s that swimmer with a hot bod you want to spank and lips you want to suck on all day. Ok, that’s my personal fantasy. Sorry, Max.

Yup, Tom Daley is our Max’s man crush. And when I asked him why he found the Olympic swimmer appealing, he said two simple things: ‘He’s gay. And he’s hot.’

Dazzal. Lol. Way to pick ‘em, Max. 🙂Tom-Daley-prepares-to-divetom-daley-1344530080-view-1tom-daley-640x500-gettyimages

28 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Tom Daley

  1. ive been dying for this dude ol my life so he is gay ha? ama hafta do something real soon. dear Max good to know we hav somtin in common but as a kid i never shared my toys until i was done with em

  2. vigil on KD trying to catch up with posts i missed……..Loved Daley more after he came out *does nothing for me down south tho*……….#faceonpalm

  3. Hmmn! Truth b told, La brother la hot! The toned bod is awesome But the junk is almost empty even in a wet trunk(how can, is he junkless?!) nd the cake looks kinda flat. So Max, u shall have no competition from me on this one! Enjoy!
    By the way Mother Pinky , pls check out that Latino hottie called William Levy nd tell us wat u think. Am sure he has enough cakes, guns, bulge nd everything to go round on KD/4 DM nd King to share!

    • Errrmmm maybe you dont know how tight those swimming gear is… Maybe you shld check out his side view pics..or watch a video of him on YouTube… ☺☺. Junk is ok.. Not on McIntosh level though…

  4. He falls flat like a domino… No front and back! Body’s on point though especially the waistline, but not ripped. No dragging this.

  5. Unless you are looking for Anaconda like Nikki Minaj, the 3rd pix is evident the hottie has got cakes abegi…I can see them cakes even with my eyes closed. Max dear, pray I don’t beat you to it tho, unless you are not looking for his cake menu.

    Yes, bite me.

  6. Ok the guy is cuddle-cute! He look like the type of guy you want leaning against ur chest with ur arms wrapped around him.
    And for those saying he is not buff enough, he is a diver/swimmer not a model/actor. His line of job doesn’t require him to ve GUNs or Be bulky.
    He is fine, portable and blah blah blah but he is all yours max, I will pass

  7. Bleh… Max y’all can have him …. hes cute and pretty and all, but white boys usually dont cut it for me. They just dont have that extra ‘oomph’ that a black brutha gat… ***goes back to painting nails bright red***

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