Man Crush Sunday: Zac Efron and Denola Grey

After sifting through his vast harem of crushes, Dennis Macaulay was finally able to pick out two hotties he won’t mind going to gay heaven with. And he picked one for each flavour, Zac Efron for vanilla and Denola Grey for chocolate.4c05aa07e05ba103_Banner_Oneimage_R3ECu3e.191ratioImage-7882

25 thoughts on “Man Crush Sunday: Zac Efron and Denola Grey

  1. The one yu wake from soaked like like yu were dipped in d Niger?@ Enigmous ……………La chocolata,la vanilla….i wld’nt mind some butterscotch!!!………Goodmorn yall,have nice worshiptime in God’s presence!!!

    • My brother! I can’t shout, shildren go pursue me go village!

      Zac Efron doesn’t bother me, where him and dennis wan jam kwanu?

      It’s this Denola guy that I am watching closely! Work always takes Dennis to Lagos, so I have to watch the two of them closely! Don’t worry I have spies all over Lagos! Yes I am twisted like that

  2. I never thought Dennis would have a crush cos he is always bad mouthing people’s crushes. But alas, he has two! Good for him!
    Zachy Zach! I remember my High School Musical craze period, I drool over him everyday! I crooned nd danced to all d songs 4rm dat movie! Awwwwwwww! Those good ole days of naivity, foolishness nd young crushes. When life was young, gay nd free I miss it.

  3. Pinky u didn’t put up plenty pics nah! I’m in awe of Zac’s body,but I don’t know who Denola Grey is…and I can’t even see his face or body well in dat pix…

  4. Zac is all shade of fine and pretty if you ask me, but for some unknow reason he does nothing for me! Was never into high school musical, would change the channel whenever ii walking on my sister watch it. He is a little 2 boyish for my taste, now Joe Manganiello is what I call vanilla or alexander skarsgard (eric northman in true blood) now that’s what I call vanillAH
    As for the denola guy? I will get back to you after I see google

  5. I’ve never been a fan of skinny boys, but there’s something about Denola Grey that makes me want to go all ‘Bad Teacher’ on his ass. He’s gorgeous no doubt!

    As for Zac Effron…..bleeeh!

  6. so Dennis likes ’em really young? good 2 know 😉 some of u may find denola a little too girly tho, but he’s soooo cute. pity he’s strictly top

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