Anderson Cooper Responds To Woman Who Says He Should Have Remained In The Closet

Pictures2CNN anchor Anderson Cooper on Wednesday responded to a woman who told him that he should have remained in the closet.

The 47-year-old Cooper came out in 2012 after ducking rumors for years.

Lexie (@twinkleeyes2817) describes herself as a 26-year-old dispatcher on her Twitter profile. The lover of “music, technology, food, outdoors, gym, movies, sleeping, chocolate and more” has 9 followers on the social media site.

“@andersoncooper,” Lexie tweeted, “The world wasn’t interested in hearing about your sexual preference and it didn’t stop you from sharing it with the world.”

“@twinkleeyes2817 thanks Lexie,” Cooper messaged back, “pls tell me where I can get my photo airbrushed like yours, It’s awesome and looks almost lifelike!”

LMAO! That is the best shut-up-your-mouth response I’ve ever seen. And I checked the woman’s profile; the airbrushed photo had disappeared. I guess Cooper’s barb stung her real bad. Someone should have warned her that gay men can like to have a serious case of Bad-Mouth-ism. Lol!

32 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper Responds To Woman Who Says He Should Have Remained In The Closet

  1. Seriously I’ve noticed that most of us, including me, know how to fight well with our mouths. I think it’s a defense mechanism, especially for those of us who received taunting while growing up for being girly. By the time you’re working to ‘man up’ you’re also getting some real dirty ‘shut-up’ lines.

  2. Hey Rap’um how can i reach yu?..maybe discuss over cups of Jasmine with a squeeze of lemon……would so love to sit at yur feet(now i did not say dat…did i?)

      • Bia Rapu’m,which soap u use baff dis morning biko? Let all these dangerous stalkers here not kidnap u and tie u up in their basement o!hehehe

  3. Lol! That is one helleva “hits like a brick” shade.
    I think the whole bad mouth comes naturally, since a lot of us consider getting physical a tasteless look. So in other to show class we horn and perfect our come back line skills.
    Mehn them know me for office die. Lol! No one talks down on me without getting stung, unless spirit of God follow me come work that day, then you can get away with a cold-dagger stare or a cold shoulder

  4. I agree totally that wat we lack in getting down to in physical combat we make up with our tongue! Personally, anyone that gets to me on my bad hair or menstrual pain day, am so gonna soak, wash, rinse, dry nd iron dat person with my mouth! So not taking craps 4rm individuals who wanna use me to remain relevant! U try me, nd I LAUNDER u with my tongue!

  5. This bad mouth is one trait i wish i had. All my friends have it and they give it both ways, igbo, English in fact, one even speaks Chinese so it is “anyway you want am”. Chai! Good old University days. They called it “Cleaning mouth” and when the spirit moved eh… Anyway, Good work Anderson Cooper, she no reach.

    • I’m yet to comprehend why one will wish he has bad behaviour. Verbal attacks speak volumes about the character,maturity and discipline of the attacker. One keeps wondering what people who use abusive words seeks to achieve and how they feel after fanning embers of discord.Anderson,s response was far from an attack.Its a mild way of putting an errant in check.

      • Oh. Now it is ‘wanting to emulate bad behaviour’ abi? Nobody remembers the ‘sissy’ was sitting helplessly jejely and friendlessly minding his business when the homophobic bullies came around. Who is this??? Take a seat abeg.

  6. Lol…I don’t even understand her point in that message she tweeted…maybe if she had used “but” instead of “and”,it would have made more sense as shade, but as it is,it looks like an unfinished motivational/pep talk… This,is why she has 9 followers on twitter

    • Azzin…that’s the part that got to me… 9 followers on twitter, in this century…. Who knows she may have tried the Andy stunt to gain followers…. Nothing gives you more followers than a twit-fight…

  7. Yeah, Denis, that’s why ‘man up’ is in quote na. Unless….your mind is thinking another thing. (I’m not that into tea, so, no thanks. Lol). Hey, everybody, me don blush taya for here oh. Kai. And abeg, all of you saying 9 followers on Twitter (starting with Pinky), una go finish me be that. Pinky, your Twitter petition against me still on? *runs off*

  8. We call it ‘reading’ in the US/CA axis… If you don’t wanna put your pepper spray to work, just get your ‘shades’ on, open your library and read the life out of your enemy!

  9. If she knew Cooper she should have known not to start anything. His tongue is as sharp as his jaw. He’s known to throw jabs that reach the soul.

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