Move Over Jeremy Meeks: New Sexy Mugshot Goes Viral

141103114502-sean-kory-jeremy-meeks-split-story-topOh, those cheekbones, those piercing eyes, that hint of danger.

Move over, Jeremy Meeks, there’s a new bad boy in town when it comes to lawbreakers the Internet lusts after.

You might remember Meeks, the California man who — despite a rap sheet littered with charges related to gang membership, firearm possession and grand theft — became a viral sensation in June because of his attractive mugshot.

Now, Sean Kory has stolen the social media spotlight after his alleged Halloween escapades and subsequent police photograph.

Police in Santa Cruz, California, said the 29-year-old dreadlocked man attacked a person dressed as a Fox News reporter during the city’s downtown festivities on October 31.

Kory “attacked the victim telling him he ‘hates Fox News’ ” and then “grabbed the victim’s microphone and placed (it) down the front of his pants and proceeded to rub the microphone on his crotch,” according to the police report. Police said Kory then attacked the victim with an aluminum tennis racquet. The victim was not injured and reported the incident to police, who chased down the fleeing Kory, the report continued.

Kory’s mugshot sparked numerous reactions on Twitter, many from women praising his looks or comparing him to Meeks.twee1

In all this brouhaha, can someone please get a sexy humanitarian portrait to go viral? 🙂

46 thoughts on “Move Over Jeremy Meeks: New Sexy Mugshot Goes Viral

  1. As in eh… When will something positive ever go viral.

    I remember when the ALS Ice bucket challenge was hot and the “cool kids” were nominating each other, I stumbled on an article about something more humane in India called the “Rice Bucket challenge”

    the rice bucket challenge asks that participants simply donate a bucket of rice to somebody in need.

    you can read more here:

    I doubt the picture of the girl who started the challenge ever went viral in India. Only 2k hits on their facebook as at the time the piece was written

    ALS was for a good cause, having fun and showing solidarity. It did go viral. I just wish this rice bucket challenge would have gone viral instead of this Kory person- who’s clearly not that hot to be honest.

    Jeremy was hot and the hype was more than enough, and funny too. But second time around with another fellon isn’t sexy at all. I’ve seen better looking dreads abeg

    • JArch,those people were only joking. U should stop being uptight & enjoy satire when you see it but I see u as a dumb bimbo

      • I know satire when I see one King but really did you read the article properly and then reading my comment before coming guns blazing

        Pinky wrote and I quote “In all this brouhaha, can someone please get a sexy humanitarian portrait to go viral?”

        Now read my comment (AGAIN) and understand my point of view before you talk.

  2. Wait o…he attacked someone cos he hates fox news keh?lol. And d thing he did with d mic…was it his groin or d victim’s groin?
    He’s cute sha, but obviously unstable.

  3. Pinky I’m busy drinking in the sight of my new flavour of the month (kory)
    Will get back to you with my thoughts when am done with him
    *chai ! Just when I thought am making progress by over coming my thirst 4 light skinned brothers, pinky go bring kory come!! Is ok!

  4. Leave the dreads. Leave the duck lips. Those are some of his fayne features jor. If I wasn’t “taken” i’ll be bailing that nikka atta jail.

  5. Lol! These American women won’t kill me wit laughter shaa! Imagine knocking him down nd tending to his wounds! God help their thirst cos its real! Hehehe!
    Just like Chestie dear said, brother is foineeeeee but I will pass biko! The only light skin man dat gets me wet is RICKY MARTINS! Body to die for, colgate smile nd voice to die for………. Awwwwwwww! Take me away Ricky.

  6. Biko the guy is cute… Whoever thinks otherwise needs to visit an eye clinic immediately… I’m sure he’s hotter than ur bf’s and all the hoes ya’ll been screwing..
    Caramel skin, hazel eyes, cute lips…
    However, he might just be crazy… But he’s one cute crazy modaf*ka…

  7. He’s a good looking fella….but those dreads ruined it all.. They are as bad as Renee Zellweger’s new bland look….. And the rubbing the microphone on the crotch thingy…. Am I the only one who didn’t see that as a simple gesture of mockery…!? *sips coffee and walks away*

  8. Meek is fine but way too thuged out for me!
    Kory on the other hand is giving “pretty boy wanna be bad” tease (I hate fox news? Lol even stevie wonder can see my ni99a is begging for attention). He has this almost “omo mummy” vibe but the dreads is giving him an edgy look. With that said, I want him all of him. Omo yi fine baje baje! I can bet my next paycheck that these cats bad mouthing his looks no fine reach am.
    And @ king nice to have u back

      • Hian! Peak? U want to be worn oversized nd worned out kito abi? Jejeli shut up oh! Even aunty Pinky shushed me on twitter when I asked!
        By the way, welcome back King! Would have given u a royal welcome if u had given us a prior notification of ur coming back! Missed u plenty nd I was on ur side ooooooooooooo *looks left, right nd run away*!

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