sunrise-with-man-760278-galleryLike the Morning Sun

Bright and early

Wasting no time, waiting no more

I rise


Like a Phoenix

Avian legend steeped in magic

Rebirth brand new

I rise


Like a Buoy

Anchored to the depth of deep dark seas

Afloat even in swaying billows

I rise high up in the waters

To help strays in ships sinking

Find shore


Like a Slithering Serpent

I shed pain

Holding venom in fangs bared

Ready to spring


Fiercely burning like the Fiery Sun

I will warm the Hearts of those charcoaled in state

Shooting up like Discorea sprouts

Out of the blackened rich Earth

Spreading tendrils gentle to soak the Suns’ never ending warmth


I rise not to hold back

No more to be bound

Shackles on the trail

Falling off my Feet

I rise


Leaps of boundless joys

Springboks in the Seregenti

A pride is born

Now the Lions roar

We’ll Rise.

Written by Andrevn

14 thoughts on “MY RISING

  1. Wunderber,. Ie wonderful.. with such consistent alliteration, sheakespare will be envious lol.. oh dear, oh yes we all rise away from shackles of fear and bondage and ascend into the glorious rainbow and glow.

  2. I love it! I love it! I love it! Well written nd quite inspiring! I shall rise nd when I do, d who whole would feel my impact!

  3. “I rise not to hold back

    No more to be bound

    Shackles on the trail

    Falling off my Feet

    I rise”

    I really love this, Andrevn. Beautiful lines there! 🙂

  4. oh my God!!!!(do not knw wat to say) elated,just got a watsap frm illuvmua dis morn dat my post was up….i could nt contain my joy……jumping round the hux and every one is wondering wats hyping me…..thank yu so much pinky for dis rare opportunity.

  5. tnx every one for yu liking it……was pessimistic at first yu knw,if it would be a worthy read…tnx for yu encouragements……….this poem is a reflection of my present state..penning down my thots is one of the things keeping my sanity intact!…………K’Dsians yu rock!!

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