Harvard Is Offering A Course In Anal Sex

full_1322870765640px-Inside_a_Harvard_Business_School_classroomGod bless the Ivy League.

Harvard University, one of the most renowned educational institutions in the world, has added a new workshop to its curriculum.

‘What’s in the Butt: Anal Sex 101?’ will be part of the school’s annual Sex Week initiative, “a week of programming that is interdisciplinary, thought-provoking, scholastic, innovative and applicable to student experiences in order to promote a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality.”

The workshop will cover everything inquiring minds could possibly want to know about backdoor action.

“Come learn everything about anal sex from the experts of Good Vibrations, a sex-positive store located right in Brookline,” the course description reads. “They will dispel myths about anal sex and give you insight into why people do it and how to do it well.”

Topics covered during the class will include: anal anatomy; basic preparation and hygiene methods; anal penetration for beginners; how to talk about anal sex with a partner; lubes, anal toys, and safer sex education; and more.

“Learn the facts about this exciting yet often misunderstood form of pleasure, find out the common mistakes people make, and get all your questions answered,” the course description promises.

But not everyone is pleased about butt sex being taught on campus.

“I do question the amount of time and resources that went into planning and funding these events, some of which are downright vulgar, at a place like Harvard,” student Molly Wharton told The College Fix. “I can’t imagine that there are not more worthwhile educational programs and initiatives to which Harvard’s resources should be devoted,” she added.

On the contrary, we can’t imagine anything more worthwhile.

22 thoughts on “Harvard Is Offering A Course In Anal Sex

  1. Clap hands, and fixed my hair, abeg where is my derenle,heels. Looking thru my passport to check if I have visa, abeg I don waka, next time una see me, do remember to add Simba harvard Anal graduate abeg.. ciao

  2. Molly Wharton thinks discussing sex is vulgar. Everybody clap for her. Abeg I need a scholarship to Harvard ojare. Who’s paying? All the daddies in the house?

  3. “On the contrary, we can’t imagine anything more worthwhile.”

    And our Dennis Macauley being d lecturer would make it even more worthwhile. He would make it a more “practical” course. Lol!
    But I think it is worth d study cos most ppl i.e. Gays nd straights alike, indulge in it, don’t rilli know wat it entails, go about it d wam bam way(painful by d way), don’t rilli know d erogenious spot nd all.
    I don’t mind taking a course biko. I find anal sex quite painful cos am too tight so I avoid sex totally! 5min pleasure is not worth a whole day discomfort!
    Harvard here I come! Going to broaden my mind nd …… *wink*. Dennis is paying my tuition by d way!

    • Hello Kryss

      Dennis is paying your tuition? Erm lemme put it mildly, that cheque will bounce so hard it will make your head spin!

      • @Chestie dear maka gini? O gwo m ka abacha e jiri m me ngwongwo isi ewu! Mstcheew! I am d one dat is gonna put dat woman in her place which is in d servant’s qtrs by d way! E si be ya eje ebee? I choptas not biko!

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