g17I solemnly swear that I have no judgment for anyone’s lifestyle, no matter how debauched; I may be filled with distaste, but I will not give voice to my opinion, unless the individual is someone I care about, or the lifestyle borders on folly and destructive to other individuals.

The true story I’m about to tell is an instance of the second scenario.

I live in Abuja. That city, with all its sedate glitter, can fool one into thinking that there isn’t much that is shocking and dirty going on in its underbelly. I mean, any such decadence is what you’d expect to find in Lagos, the city where anything is possible. Not so in Abuja. Here, we are supposed to do things with a dignified pace. We should live dignified lives. Interact with dignified airs. Live in dignified surroundings. Have dignified sex. And well, break the rules in a dignified manner.

But the man I want to talk about is too much of a hot mess to be dignified.

His name, well, let’s call him Prince George. And in the secret alleyways of the Abuja gaybourhood, he has quite the reputation, such that I know enough about him to know he is married and, at the time of this story, was in his thirties. I have never met or had any friendly contact with him, and after the virtual episode I had with him, I feel doubly certain that I am not interested in making his acquaintance.

The first time I knew about him was when a friend showed me pictures of a fivesome, or so, that Prince had taken and shared to his friends. Naked bodies, bottoms, dicks – they all formed the ambience of the digital photos that was apparently making the rounds.

I had nothing to say to that.

About a year later, another friend invited me to a BBM group that this same Prince had created that day. And his intro into the group was: ‘Hey guys, seven of us had a great time at my house last night. I opened this group to share the pics with you guys.’ Yup! That was the sole purpose of the group’s existence, to titillate the rest of us with photographs of what a raunchy time he’d had the night before.

And then came the pictures! Lots of them. Seven of them took centre stage. Dicks inside asses. Faces contorted with carnal pleasure. Dicks coming inside asses. Dicks ejaculating on stomachs and chests. Sex captured in all the glory of its reckless abandon. And not a single condom in sight.

And that was supposed to be arousing for the rest of us? The irresponsibility was shocking. I couldn’t withhold my opinion in that instance. I had to say something. I told Prince that he was irresponsible and disgusting for having unprotected sex with seven guys, taking pictures and opening a BBM group solely for the purpose of sharing those pictures with strangers. I said a lot. I gave free rein to my anger and distaste.

And he clapped back. Yes, Prince George was not going to take my admonition lying down. Now, this is the funny part. He clapped back with the accusation that I was jealous. That I was probably jealous of him because (Wait for it!) he has a very big dick and his dick is probably bigger than mine.

He went on to say something along the lines of: “Post pics of your dick and I will post mine, so that everyone can compare.”

At first, I hoped he was joking with that ‘post pics, let me prove that my dick is bigger than yours’ line of attack. I mean, here was a married man in his thirties, telling me that I was jealous of his big dick. He had never met me, never seen my pictures before, had no idea who I was. He had to be joking, right?


He was serious. All his responses to my lectures on responsibility were: “Post your dick pics and I will post mine… You’re jealous because my dick is bigger than yours…”

I could not believe it. What was this, a pissing contest? How could a man his age be acting like a nine-year-old boy, going all ‘My daddy’s car is bigger than your daddy’s car’? It was incredulous. I called him out for the fact that seven strangers were having sex with each other without condoms. And his very brilliant retort to that was that everybody there was HIV negative. I was beyond shocked and disgusted at this time. Everybody there was HIV negative! What, did they all simply stroll down to the nearest laboratory, run individual tests, wait for the results to confirm their statuses, and then quickly and gleefully progress from there to Prince’s house for a night of lewd revelry and reckless sex? Even if, perchance they were all HIV negative, how is it not tempting Fate when you indulge in unprotected sex of that magnitude – seven men fucking every other guy like some badly-shot porno flick?

How does this reflect positively on the LGBT community?

And as a man who is married and in his adult age, should he not be an advocate for this message I’m trying to pass across? We are talking about the unrestrained passage of diseases amongst all people involved, from these guys to him to his wife? As we locked horns in this digital fight in the BBM group, I kept thinking he would realize this, that he would understand the risks he was putting his family into, especially considering how this way of life was apparently a norm with him. But no, he didn’t. All he wanted to do was let it be seen by the whole world – or, well, everyone in the BBM group – that his big dick is bigger than mine. After all, it is only jealousy that can make anyone speak out against the thrill of seven men smashing into each other with no condoms.

A couple of years have passed since this incident, and I’m well aware that there’s a strong possibility that Prince George is reading this, and remembering. To him and his ilk, I have this to say: Carry on with your orgies and trysts. There should be no judgment on the extent man should go to fulfill the urge of his carnality. But do so responsibly.

Written by Scarlet Joe


    • My dear! I’m shocked!

      So wait when does he get to play good husband and father? Before or after the 7some?


      • Lol…dennis,I know u’re trying to be a good frnd by asking questions for ur frnd, but that ur frnd wee put u inside trouble one day o… U cannot com and go and kee ursef becos of frndship o!

  1. Uh o˚°◦h my, 7 males with unprotected sex??? PG is seriously a sadist, what rubbish even if they all marched to the nearest lab to do some checkup, haven’t he heard of how the viruses behaves in their window period state.

  2. Wait biko; 7 guys? Unprotected sex? Sharing orgy photos? Married man?

    Pink Panther it doesn’t add up, I am a bit confused.

    Oh well what do I know! Talk about double life 2.0

  3. *eyes popping* Are you for real? Is his brain dat small 2 fit d tip of his penis? Cos that’s where he is definitely thinking 4rm! His response is exactly wat u get 4rm primary school boys who jammed puberty in d market and feel that dey have arrived! How does my his dick size change d fact that he is wrong?
    He is a retarded psycho nd those bottoms or guys that allowed sex without condoms/their pix to b taken in such manner need a hot deliverance session 4rm a Cele Church!

  4. kryss yur comment delight me so!!!………..all HIV negative he said? The man is retarded beyond repair and also why do married men behave thus(found out about my Ex,how i was not the only supposed ONE…even had the temerity to have sex on the same bed where i slept…..i spent a week and i lost count of his shags while begging me to come back to him) abeg who is brewing this mornings’ coffee cos’ sleep ar gba uso………

    • I have Arabian coffee

      *turns on machine*

      Meanwhile Khaleesi always draws a correlation between married gay men and hypocrisy! He was right

      • DM, reserve a cup for me pls and i’ll need some cream and 2 sugars to go with that. Shii is getting interesting.

      • Of course he was right. Why would a gay man marry a woman, especially if he knows he’s not ready to just control himself and ogle guys but not touch them?

      • Thanks darling! To be able to perpetuate that level of deceit, you must of necessity have a deep dark devious core … just my opinion sha, i may be wrong … but if Gad and king are anything to go by, then i strongly believe am very close to the truth …

  5. The only pity I have when it comes to this man….is the woman he calls his wife…but then, who are we to judge… Everyone has a different definition to the word ‘FUN’…. Buh the whole my dick-is-bigger-than-yours thingy….that’s a whole new kinda low… Even Teletubbies wouldn’t do that…

  6. This is 2014.
    We however still have ‘educated’ people who believe that polio vaccine is meant to “sterilize our people and reduce our population.”
    We also have those who say that HIV and Ebola viruses are synthetic viruses designed by “America to cause problems for black people”.
    Then those of us who live our lives guided by the reckless maxim that “last last, na something must kill everybody”.
    Thus, with all education, they go on to behave like idiots. Endangering their lives and those of other people around them.
    The number of such people in Nigeria is quite sizable; or so I think. They are everywhere and firmly ensure that national development is retarded.

  7. Mr cream and proper, when ever you are narrating a story…. Speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Don’t say things to back up ur own end of the story so people reading will see the good guy in you. Tell it the way it happened so everyone will learn. And another thing, don’t mention real names. I was in that grp and I saw every thing unfold. U didn’t tell abt the nasty replies u sent or the nasty statements u made. And for the rest of u ( chief judges of this blog)…… It really shows how narrow minded all of u are. There is always a second side to a story. The guilty ones are always the first to cast the stones.

  8. And I’m sure the fool is reading this…Oh Dear Poor Wifey of his; he’s a wild beast, not fit to be called Hubby or Father. Mtscheeewwww!!!

    Thanks ScarletJoe, this was quite a read…so true…so appropriate.

  9. Nawa o…this one don pass fun abeg. It’s now wickedness in the highest order to his wife. Wait, does he even have children? Cos if he does, I bet he will be doing my-dick-is-bigger-than-yours thing with his sons

    • Hahahahha……… I can only imagine… Father and Son….flashing their weiners at each other, and going ..’Mine is bigger than yours’…:p. …LMAO

      • He’s part of it jor… His idiotic comment said it all.. He was then added to the group to re-live whatever nasty and twisted fun they think they had..
        Ndi bttm sha, unu Na anwa… Just out of curiosity, how many people paddled ur ass in the orgy?? I’m referring to you Daus… Hope I got the name right…

  10. Hmm…I’m confused o: should I drink tea this morning?…or should I drink tea tis morning and in d afternoon as well? *conflicted*

    • My dear chestnut I have the solution!

      We can drink Arabia Coffee this morning and then have Mint Tea in the afternoon!

      Oya start coming! This coffee will not drink itself

      • Yay! I knew I could always count on u to advise me on any caffeine-related dilemmas! I dey come now now…just boil plenty hot water;d weather is cooooold!

  11. Errm……has a certain Prince become a King? *slaps hand over mouth* It’s just that a certain king talked about a time of extended debauchery in the past*slaps hand over mouth again – now i have really said too much*
    Aunty pinky come o lemme hide under your skirt, my big mouth has suddenly become bigger after i deepthroated dat big d*ck last night.

  12. So many things to say, so little time.
    But I’ll say this, the man was living his life, just as each of you here live yours. He called for an orgy, people came for it and though I totally detest the having sex without protection part, they were all consenting adults who agreed to such. His fantasies are apparently your icky factor.
    You keep referring to his being married like that’s a thing to whip him into being responsible. News flash, some married people are irresponsible, gay or straight while some of them are more responsible than the Pope. It’s human nature for people to be different and it’s been many years, you can’t still be that disgusted over a pissing contest. We all cruise the Internet and I’m sure we all have met people who totally disgusted us 5mins into a conversation. Heck, one or two of us might have been the disgusting person.

    I was thinking of making a joke about this but reading the comments and seeing how we sometimes can be so judgemental and guilty of hasty generalisation, I got slightly irritated.

    • You were thinking of making a joke…? Of what, exactly?
      I see.
      I had actually tho’t you were better than this…now, I know better.

      • Yes I was thinking of making a joke, one clearly it seemed you might not have taken as one. Have you heard all the sides of the story cos this one was totally one sided. Saying he is sure Prince George is reading this does not mean it was two sided. I’ve made a pass at a married man as I’m positive you have also. So pray tell what was the need to state Prince George was married? This should have been a post about unprotected sexual orgy but I came off it slightly convinced it was a smear campaign.

    • Being judgmental is a human failing, that much is unarguable. And from this story, everyone has drawn whatever inferences to react to and pass judgments on. I have no reaction to this man’s married status, or to his propensity for pleasure. But pending a rebuttal from the Prince George, what I have a problem with is someone’s blithe ignorance over the seriousness of HIV/AIDS. Irresponsibility is a human scourge and everyone of us, gay or straight, man or woman, is prone to fall to the temptation it offers. But when you are confronted with it, not acknowledging the gravity of the issue deserves my disdain. Being irresponsible and reveling in it is quite simply idiotic. At least have the decency to be shamefaced when you have been made aware of your mistake.

      • When you put it this way, it makes sense but that’s not what I’m getting by reading this, not in the slightest.
        We are quick to judge, yours truly inclusive, I judge some of you based on your online persona but from this post, the one thing I’m against is the unsafe sex. Every other thing seemed to be a personal attack and I find it distasteful like a HIV filled cum

    • Emm. Why am I feeling like I have to just say my mind this morning? Well, maybe because it has been raining all morning and it’s November for chrissake!

      Colossus. If you check my laptop now, you’ll find bareback porn and gangbang and threesomes. Yes. Sue me, I’m not underage. But I know when the line crosses beyond fantasy and enters into lifestyle. We all have nasty, crazy, evil images that we masturbate to. Christ! I often imagine a macho dude spewing obscenities at me while we’re at it. But try it with me in real life, and I just might break your head with the closest bottle. Why this guy’s action is unacceptable is because he is not only putting himself at risk, but is also putting his wife. Yes, he’s an adult and he can do whatever he likes as long as the others are adults. But he’s also responsible TO the woman he calls wife who is probably cluelessly sleeping with him without protection.

      Now to Mr Daus. Maybe the writer did say some unwholesome things during the chat. That’s not the matter. Was there a bareback orgy? Is the man married? Those are the important stuff. But if you feel the story is onesided, write your version and send to Pinky. I’m sure nobody muzzles anybody up here. We’re not into BDSM. At least I’m not. LOL.

      • Dennis, don’t make this about marital status. Whether Colossus is married or not is besides the point. Pinky was right. It IS about a single person’s irresponsibility and his failure to see the point. The way people dismiss HIV is just something I can’t deal with, now that I’m a patient of the virus. HIV has been around for years, and yet, this world acts like it needs re-education time and time again.

    • Sexual irresponsibility, unfortunately, is a VERY public matter. So please, spare everyone the “it’s their business”.

      Notwithstanding the risk of spreading HIV by those engaging in such risky behavior, consider also those watching who actually, truly don’t know any better. It’ll be your business when that person unknowingly infects your future partner, won’t it? Gay OR straight.

  13. Well….Pinky i don’t think this post should have been made in the first place. I totally agree that having an protected 7some (doesn’t even sound right saying it) was totally irresponsible and dangerous to themselves and their partners and even really childish for the guy to create a group just to share pictures but a lot of Ur watch porn and we see gangbangs and frat bois sex and bukakkes and get very aroused and sometimes wank to them, what really is the difference? These guys decided to try it out in real life (at least it is not WWE where they say ‘Don’t try this at home).
    If we knew some of the stuff some of the people here did we’d all be shocked to pieces.
    Sha sha the guys na still slut supreme.

    • I have much to say, but it’s 2 am and I’m inclined to instigate and watch the drama unfold sleepily. But I will say that porn is NOT REAL. Lol. What I mean by that is, those actors are under CONTRACT to be tested very, VERY frequently. The nature of their jobs makes it utterly necessary. So, their sexual freedom is just a fantasy. Those tests aren’t free…

    • A porn movie isn’t exactly d same as real life tho,is it? I luv “vampire diaries”, that doesn’t mean I want to live in a neighbourhood filled with real-life vampires,does it? Maybe “Scarlet Joe” was shocked that a married man would do dis and NOT want to keep it private and personal? I dunno…

      • Chestnut my love,

        Why is Scarlet Joe in parenthesis?

        This coffee is the best grade

        *smacks lips*

      • Dennis,ore mi, I know u’re asking for a friend: “Scarlet Joe” is in parenthesis because I don’t think that’s his real,birth-name…and it reminds me of “Scarlet Johansson”…hehehe

  14. There are 2sides to any story!
    I had already bin judgemental in my mind till I read Daus’s comments
    We shuld have allowed Daus to say his mind rada dan attackin d young man outrightly.
    There’s also sometin I dnt get- its bin some yrs bak-Y d sudden resurrection.
    U r almost sure he is readin dis,could ds b dt u still hv ds bitterness against him n ds could b an avenue to get bk to him?
    Collossus U made my day wit ur mature outlook to ds post!

  15. Wait first;

    Married, top, abuja, “Prince”, debauchery

    Is this article about…..*eyes wide open, covers mouth before the name escapes*

    Dennis, where are you biko! I suspect you know a thing or two about this

    • My o my dennis have been banging the gate oya be fast and open the gate for US nah!!!

      Mrs M, you say what??? Oya spill the bean to my camera when you both are in the kitchen, I promise he won’t tell even me. Men this is going to be one tea party.

    • My o my dennis have been banging the gate oya be fast and open the gate for US nah!!!

      Mrs M, you say what??? Oya spill the bean to my camera when you both are in the kitchen, I promise he won’t tell even me. Men this is going to be one tea party

  16. OK. All jokes aside.

    Scarlet Joe, I know you mean well and this story could help someone out there with informed choices. But meaning well has to be in sync with respect for other people’s choices. You’ve made yours, Prince George has made his. Different colours, same rainbow.

    Sometimes in meaning well we could create more problems, delve into matters not our concern. Are you worried about the risks he’s putting his wife through? We all are too! It’s sad and unfortunate, but what can we do? In this kind of situation, the best thing is to look away and hope whatever “damage” comes out of it is not “too much”.

    Be well, bro. 🙂

    • Or we can talk about it and he maybe realizes it’s not exactly great!

      And also cast off the tag of hypocrisy I often see with MGM (married gay men)!

      Where is Khaleesi? Battling someone in court?

      • Yes. Silence is not going to help at all. MGM. Bareback gangbangers risking their parteners’ (wife, boyfriend, whatever) good health, these are things we must talk about. Since he decided to share his pic with strangers (and don’t forget that gay people are not all adults. We were once children and we were gay and much of what we know, we learned from adults) then strangers must dissect his story and judge. That’s why this is a society. Otherwise one young gay guy will go and bareback gangnang with his friends and think it’s okay.

  17. You should have put up his name along w his picture since he isn’t too keen w being discrete. i feel so bad for his wife and kids. .and him as well. its only a matter of time before HIV comes crawling; if it hasn’t already. it is guys like these that are responsible for the high infection rates of HIV and HPV amongst the gay community. I think what he needs is a humbling kito experience, a la jungle justice style.

  18. Uh o˚°◦h, and finally I meet scarface the person that has taken our pinky to disney land, am glad to make your acquaintance.

    My dear just don’t shatter his small heart ooo because if pinky is sad, we all will be getting sad posts, poems and even story and happy for the both of you and wishing you all the best of luck.

    *btw have you seen DM for the list of things to get? Because to marry an ADA is not like 2minute noodles oooo.*

  19. My daddy’s car is bigger than ur daddy’s car…lol, I remember those childhood days…buh seriously he is married with dis kinda of reasoning??nawa ooo btw Thanks Joe for dis lovely piece of advice,and to whosoever dat has dis blog,Ua really doing a great job here…ok bye *heads back to work*

  20. How come that was the only thing you picked out from the essay i wrote? and No i am not positive as at January 2014 *But sha going for testing is nerve wrecking*
    If this post was to sensitive people about the dangers of having unprotected sex with multiple partners it shoulda been that. Instead it was targeting an individual. I just felt it shoulda been discreet. People are just swift to judge and call names. Not so cool.
    And heck people have sex with only one partner not has the disease and become positive too. A person who prostitutes himself to different men and has unprotected sex with them is just a bad.
    Dis marra af tire me. Dennis come and pick me abeg, i need a break.

  21. I don’t like to sit on judgment over what grown adults do with their dicks and asses, fuck whoever you want! However the total disregard for health is mind boggling. Still, who am i to judge ***to each his own*** the dick measuring shows a man in his 30s still living out his pre-teen dreams

  22. Pinky chose a real wet and cold day to serve this kind of tea.
    Let me start by saying I don’t encourage or approve of unprotected sex or making public an intimate private session (I don’t joke around with my downlow life). But Instead of US focusing on the issue of UNprotected sex and Reckless advertising oof bad behaviour, we are busy judging someone’s sexual activities/habit/fantasies. We are quick to call someone a misfit for a father/husband, like colossus said, there are 2sides to a story, am just disappointed to find most of us following this story blindly. There are part of the story that clearly didn’t add up that why I chose not to comment, but reading all the vile comments is just too much to take in. Half of you don’t knw what it take to be married and stay married or know what its like to be responsible for someone. So instead of blowing matters out of proportion and judge out of naivete, its best we keep an open mind in matters such as this.

  23. Chai!! I always had a feeling that someone was going out someone on this blog.

    I do live in Abuja and I am 100% certain of who the culprit being referred to in this blog is and yes he does read this blog as well. He and I crossed paths when I was in a budding relationship. But we kept in touch as friends

    Everything said on here is to an extent accurate, based on the style of language described here and a penchant for bareback and rubbing his dick size in your.

    But to be fair, i noticed some changes not too long ago, think it was earlier in the year or late last year. He and I crossed paths at a friend’s house and he had a twinkish bottom boy at the time- cue proposal for 3some Lol- after burning daylight trying to get me into bed. He ended sleeping the boy and using a condom- now that’s where I was surprised.

    Then another time there was the whatsapp group invite and the pictures were on display from a tryst he had participated in Lagos. There were condoms on display.

    I am in no way approving of his actions back then, his style was raunchy and downright dangerous. But we’ve all at one point in our lives indulged in bareback sex knowingly or unknowingly. We’ve all bragged about our super cock or super cakes.

    So while we’re chastising him for being wicked, I hope we can factor in now that he’s a changed man

    Even though he still bragged about his cock size to me for the umpteenth time just last week.

  24. I got a different perspective from the story than from the comments. Really, what is anyone’s business what 7 adults do with their lives? Surely they made a conscious decision to bareback, weren’t coerced into it, adults, not minors. Why the heck is it the writer’s business? We all have our own sexual perversions. For some, a binge is an appeal but if you don’t like it, get the fuck out of the BBM group. You’re entitled to being disgusted. Just what you’re not entitled to is judging a conscious decision made by adults who know the potential risks. I’d also hate to have nude pictures of a binge thrown in my face but I read this and I see there’s something going on with the writer that wasn’t shown us. Here, couples go to swingers parties. I don’t like the idea of it but it is none of my business. This should also be none of your fucking business!!!

  25. 4 such a post as dis wit d largest number of comments so far on KD som1 who is a regular is obviously absent.
    Could ds b true?
    Could he be reading and keeping quiet?
    Could Brian b ryt?
    Was scarface correct wen he said he’d b readin dis?
    Is ds a royal story afterall obviously shot in d state of power?

  26. My take.
    1) Adults have a right to sex whomever they want to sex. This groupie was by consenting adults. I may not like it but I like to sip lipton tea.

    2) Married men and women have a right to faithfulness. But who is faithful these days?

    3) A gay married man may have gotten married because of societal pressure. If he cheats, that’s serves society right. Not that I agree he should.

    4) If a person is in an exclusive relationship where unprotected sex is desired for the purpose of procreation, then such a person has a right to be protected by his/her partner from sexually transmitted diseases. It would be unfair to do otherwise.

    5) Did this article just out someone? UNFAIR!!

    6) Um…can’t recall….*sips lipton*

  27. All i could think of after reading the comments is not only the diverse views of different guys on the issue of orgies, protection and whatnot but also the seemingly growing circle of stepflow fucking that exists in the gaybourhood. The ripple effect of someone that knows someone that knows someone you have fucked. So much for discretion. I am sure i for don fuck with one person on this blog now who for don fuck another person who know another person. Ok ooo

      • I see. Which type? Ethernet or wireless connection? Definitely not losing sleep over something i can’t control. It was just an observation.

    • Welcome to my nightmare, its a lil puddle that we all swim in. I think with time you would make peace with it and just go with the flow while hoping for the best (outcome). Trust me someone has fucked or gone on a date with someone. I just wish we would learn to shut up and quit the name dropping that carried on in the gaybourhood. All that putting each others business in the street is not. Let’s fuck and let it end there. U feel like discussing it?yeah go ahead so long as u remember to leave my name and info out of it #justsaying

  28. Why does the thought of relocating to Abuja suddenly seem so appealing?

    Supreme court judges! Y’all need to calm ur pussies down, cos the way y’all ve been going IN on the guy all morning! E no funny at all. and to think that the fact that he is a KDian, that u guys would make show mercy.

  29. Honestly I don’t know what to say….the story itself is beyond crazy. But hold up! I won’t even lie, I have been in an orgy before, yes I used protection, but big discovered that it’s a conscious decision that has to be made. While everyone else was trying to get their booties and dicks, no one except me was handing out condoms.

    It all comes down to you, taking a stand on protection is very important, that’s one. Two, no one should sit and judge anyone’s sex life. Because you don’t do it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Besides, it’s good to get the orgy phase behind you when you’re young so that when it’s time to settle down, no one can tempt you with it. Because if you haven’t done it, you’re probably curious and that’s all shades of wrong after a certain age when the world expects you to know better.

    As for this guy’s marital status, that’s a non-issue. Even if he were single, sexual responsibility shouldn’t even be discussed. It is of supreme importance to always use a condom during sex.

    • After reading a few other comments i think to myself * in Becky’s voice* oh snap, did i really say too much.
      I so need a tanker of watermelon smoothie to cool this heat down. Everyone grab a glass and get in line.
      Over 110 comments is not a beans.

  30. All these pronouns we have being using to describe dis person(for ppl dat know him) is just like allowing us to perceive d aroma nd not eat d food! Out with d name already biko!
    By the way, has anybody seen my dear King? Hmmn! I don’t understand again oh nd is anyone thinking wat am thinking *in deep thought*?

  31. I thank God I chose night to visit this blog today. I have sipped the story and all comments thereafter.
    This blog is here for us to learn.. Have I learnt? Yes I have!!
    It is unlikely that old habits will die completely Jarch. If my suspicion about who it is is true, the relish with which d individual refers to his thrysts shows he has no regrets for the recklessness he exhibited.
    I am not too cool with exposing any personae but if this is to check the individual I am in support.
    Finally I never have agreed with Dennis on issues and find his views on things mostly as ‘showy’ but today I see we are on the same queue.

    • What recklessness did he exhibit? He had unprotected Sex with adults, not minors but consenting adults. I’m sorry, but unless the adults were coerced into the act and their pictures splashed around without their consent, i don’t see why this guy is branded as evil.
      How can we not be speaking about the evils of unprotected sex, how people should always insist on safe sexual practices instead of trying to shame a guy based of his sexual trysts.
      Why would anyone even want to expose the guy, why on God’s green earth would we even want to do that to one of our own? Because he has unprotected sex with seven guys or because he says his dick is bigger than other guys?
      I swear I must be missing something here

      • Colossus, you don’t know the recklessness he exhibited? Sex with adults? And he is, to the extent that you know, supposed to be married huh? And you don’t think he’s been reckless to his wife abi? Ok, continu…I wish you well

  32. I now invite prophet king to say a few words of prayer over these comments..
    # whistles while chewing sugar free gum and sipping spiked lemonade

    • Yaaay!!!
      Obatala, where have you been? Me miss ya wella.
      I’ve dropped my details with Pinkie, just ask and let’s go private *wink wink*.


  33. By now pretty much all of know who this orgy fiend is. He’s married with kids and takes extreme relish in shoving his religiousity down our throats. He even went as far as once saying that being gay is a ‘bad side habit’ we pick up. I am gay but i honestly believe that marriage deserves a lot of respect. For this person who is married to not only engage in homosexual extra-marital sex but to gleefully engage in bareback orgies tells you a lot about his state of mind. I had earlier drawn your attention to the strong linl bw married gay men and hypocrisy of the worst sort as well as pointed out that only 2 types of persons honestly and deep within them believe in religion – fools and/or hypocrites, this bolsters my belief further and my disgust for this piece of deceitful scum grows by the second. Its pardonable to have occasional indiscretions, but to gleefully engage in orgies of this nature speaks volumes! ****sticks bright red finger down throat and throws up***

  34. I am an advocate for sexual freedom. Nothing is wrong with participating in an orgy. Cute boys and nice dicks in all corners. Drools. But then the moment you choose to commit to somebody(male, female or anything in between) you owe that person some level of respect and shld be concerned abt how ur actions or inactions will directly or indirectly affect that person. Condom is cheap.
    And Meeeeeeen the way guy that came to say he was part of the group was silenced ehn and then fingers are pointing at a certain royal figure. *cat walks away*

  35. We have all been too harsh today wit our comments.
    N we may jst have lost a good broda on ds blog
    We ought to b a family.
    Cn we b more loving and understanding in d future?

  36. Today is my worst day on KD, i am very at all the attacks and horrible comments and ‘piece of deceitful scum’ calling.
    We really may have just lost a cool person, who may have done some pretty uncool things in the past, but nonetheless cool.

    • You should be! He misses no opportunity to wave his religious piety in our faces! I dont know him personally – don’t care to, but from his posts, i could sense a deep core of solid hypocrisy! ! One thing i can’t stand, a very easily available trait in Nigeria which seems reinforced amongst married gays.

  37. @Dom, I get your point. Really I do. But there comes a point when you see a mistake, and call it out, and you shouldn’t be taken to task as someone judging. Take for instance, Meagan Good, actress and wife of a minister. Anyone who is interested in Hollywood gist will know when she stepped out on the red carper clad in some outrageously revealing dress. For a woman who is married to the ministry of God, that dress was just WRONG! Is she a bad person? Probably not. But was what she did right? Not at all. And when she predictably got a backlash, she started whining about how people were judging.
    We need to define the line between people judging and people pointing out that something that is wrong.
    How can adults have bareback sex, in spite of the rampart education about HIV, and you say no one should say anything because to speak would be judging? These are people who will have partners sometime; the man spoken about already has a wife. So I’m sorry, but if they are consenting, what about those partners they have? Did they consent too? Did they ask for this?
    In everything one does, one has to think about the ripples. To say that everyone can go to hell while you self-destruct is all well and good if you’re destructing all on your own. But when you may be bringing others down, now that’s just wrong.

    • I have nothing to say about your level of reasoning. Did you really see you instance as applicable to this? That your questions are valid in the face of the events been discussed here, and as a response to what I said? When you’re making such points please do leave my name out of it.

      • Well, what do you know. Turns out someone is just as nasty as the rest of us. And to think I was actually trying to have a reasonable conversation with you.

  38. Did pinky keel over and die yesterday? How come there is no new article this morning? This is a first since i joined KD.
    Dom and Dubem are getting interesting this morning but i am down to my last spoon of Douwe Egberts. I can’t brew many cups from that.
    Aunt Pinky me i af tire so see this thing o. Abeg onto the next one.

  39. Someone is definitely quiet today…..for a person who happily lives for crazy sex antics, expected him to fiercely defend our “Prince” George. OAN, all of you worried about someone’s privacy being violated, I’m sure discretion wasn’t on King George’s, sorry Prince George’s mind when those pics were not only taken but shared in a group…..personally I would have kept em and posted em here.

  40. Do we have to feel bad about making the “big dick” person known? I feel it is right so that we can be sure who we are to avoid [projected promiscuity]. I have a Facebook friend who is always bragging about his 14 inch tool; then I keep wondering if it’s that important to advertise like that, because attention seeking is dangerous

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