Stay With Me (Cover)

musicTo be honest, I never knew much about Sam Smith until I updated that piece about him here. And then, y’all educated me. I have Peak to thank for converting me to his fan though. I downloaded the songs he recommended, and have been enjoying them. I stumbled across this cover some Naija musicians, Immaculate and Oyinkanade, did of his Stay With Me track. Dunno if y’all have heard it though. In case not, here it is.


36 thoughts on “Stay With Me (Cover)

  1. To be honest I “re-listened” to stay with me with an open mind and I kinda liked it.

    It’s on my favorites now!

  2. *adjusts lil halo*
    Good morrning Y’all
    Heard the cover and believe me when I say its the best cover yet! I don’t do nigerian music, so you could imagine my surprise when these two blew it out of the park when 1st heard it. I didn’t know that they were nigerians until the yoruba part. Mary j. B and luke james did covers too. But this version is the best so far.

  3. Anybody who says Sam Smith ain’t good needs to have a baton shoved up his ass, tied to a stake nd shot a million times! #Gbam!
    Immaculate nd Oyinkansade were both in d Project Fame academy last year. Immaculate was quite good(1st runner up actually) so I don’t expect anything less.

  4. *batting eyelashes* Hmmn! Dennis Macauley! U r such a bad boy! Y do I feel u Would b dirty minded nd can do naughty things to me in bed? Didn’t hear any “Kundu” shaa but wouldn’t mind urs *winks nd shakes cake in ur face*.

    • Hello there

      *Hands you a glass of water*

      I can see you are thirsty this morning! The water will help you!

      *Leads Dennis Away*
      Victoria Grayson Smile

    • Kryss S on u will be in for a lot of Crisis if u don’t leave Dennis alone..

      The association of DM’s side chics ADMSC will be willing to accept u in if u present a worthy application..

  5. Just wow!! This cover is amazing! Lots of ppl have covered this song. From Chris Brown to Vin. But this cover takes the cake! Sam Smith is amazing!!!

  6. This Mrs Macauley self! Y are thou so stingy nd can’t share! I just want to b d second wife/nwunye di so as to help u out! Am very domesticated oh! I can cook, wash, clean nd cud take ur place in bed when u r too tired 4 a Romp wit d husby! U can have him 4rm Mon-Fri nd I would manage d wkends! Isn’t dat a fair deal? Am good wit kids too lest I forget! Reconsider biko!

    @Daniel…. I just jumped d queue nd am not joining ur association! I already see myself as a future Mrs M after I must have *whispers in ur ear* poisoned dis Old Mrs M! *evil smirk*

  7. Woooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amazing Voice Blend,
    Awesome Harmony,
    Unique Creativity,
    Vocal Clarity,

  8. Lmao…Y’all are a mess; all of u that are hearing “kundu”…LWKMD. Do y’all now see why it might be hard for u to make heaven?

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