Russian politician expresses his outrage over Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out

timA Russian politician says Apple CEO Tim Cook ‘should be banned’ from entering the country after he came out as gay for the first time.

Anti LGBT campaigner, Vitaly Milonov reportedly suggested that head of the electronics giant could bring ‘the Ebola virus, Aids or gonorrhea’, drawing on his stereotypes of homosexuals.

According to FlashNord, the city legislator from St Petersburg said: ‘What could he [Cook] bring us? The Ebola virus, Aids, gonorrhea? They all have unseemly ties over there. Ban him for life.’

Mr. Cook made the announcement on Thursday, declaring his sexual orientation is one of the ‘greatest gifts God has given me’.

The 53-year-old said he had been open with many people about his sexuality for years but wanted to maintain a level of privacy in the public sphere. However, in a first-person article for BloombergBusinessweek, he said he hopes coming out will inspire people to insist on their right to equality – and that is ‘worth the trade-off with my own privacy’.

The declaration makes Mr. Cook the highest-profile business CEO to have come out as being gay.

1414679753039_wps_18_Apple_CEO_Tim_Cook_has_ofMr Cook, pictured at gay pride on June 29, said his sexuality has been ‘tough and uncomfortable’ at times

43 thoughts on “Russian politician expresses his outrage over Apple CEO Tim Cook’s coming out

  1. Who cares about the Russian politician when Tim Cook is clearly in an Oreo. *packing my bags and heading to the next gay pride*

  2. Ndi Russia… They remind me of Nigerians.. Proud and cocky.. They’ll never cave until its too late.. Well, Cook couldn’t be bothered by the snide comments of a fat unattractive Russian politician…
    He can break his iPad/iPhone if he owns one and nobody will even know or care..

  3. К черту российский политик. кто заботится, если он существует. со скоростью, при которой этот человек нападает на представителей ЛГБТ я не удивлюсь, если он страдает от внутренней гомофобии. Кстати. С Новым месяц Y’all

    To hell with the russian politician. who cares if he exists. with the rate at which this man is attacking LGBT people i won’t be surprised if he’s suffering from internalized homophobia. by the way. Happy New Month Y’all

  4. Russia remains one of the most dangerous places for gay people to live. The politician is merrly echoing the minds of most russians

    BTW any tb who votes for pdp in the coming election has a special place waiting for him/her in hell. Let us remeber the party that has made nigeria a worse place for gays

  5. Who has Tim Cooks’s number?

    It’s not what you think, I just want to find out something about the Mac Book Air

  6. ‘ Russia remains one of the most dangerous places for gay people to live.’ which is why it will be crawling with a lotya gay people. Most time the forbidden fruit is usually the most sought after. People must talk and the idiot had to be the first. Like Max said let him break all his apple devices who cares.

  7. Who cares about one stupid good for nothing politician….. If he isnt careful, am gonna cast a spell on him, bitch!
    Thanks cook, u jst make ma weeknd!

  8. Ken as much as I see a valid reason with your no PDP vote plan. Let’s be objective.

    – PDP government says 14yrs
    – APC government through General Buhari, is propagating sharia (aka death on suspicion)

    This is a classic case of choosing between the devil and the deep blue. I’ll take my chances with deep blue and swim abeg, cos atleast no one is sending me to the slaughter house on the grounds of mere suspicion.

    I recently read a story of how an Iranian woman was hanged for killing her rapist.

    She was sentenced in a sharia court…. Go figure

    The devil I know in PDP is alot more saner than the devil I know in the APC.

      • Stunned in…I don’t know. I’m just stunned by the grim options we have in this country.
        And the lady who was hanged for killing her rapist… Gawd! What kind of justice system is that?

      • Story of our lives… That’s why we’re one of the toughest people in the world. We’ve developed this huge thick chameleon persona to alot things around us. Our ability to adapt and blend is at an all time high. Blend in or die.

    • Who told you that APC is propagating sharia law, or that the President can change the constitution, or even that Buhari is the APC candidate? As a gay man I would expect you to know better than to propagate bigotry and stereotypes. I keep realizing that though we are gay in Nigeria, many of us are as uninformed/ deceived/brainwashed as the straight majority. This blog has my gratitude for exposing this truth.

  9. Pinky dear, I just love the pic you chose of the politician and Tim Cook side by side

    Tim has this “Bitch please” look on his face right after hearing the politician’s proposed ban.

  10. My boss was talking trash about tim cook yesterday!

    And then still went to skype with his wife on his iPad.

    I simply told my colleagues, if e pain you there is a reason why there is Techno mobile!

  11. Let the Dick riding begin
    This anti gay bitch wants to ride cook’s dick to GLOBAL relevance! He thinks that by clutching the man’s coat tail for a ride will make him a global figure and increase his popularity.
    Bitch I see you. If he can’t stand it, he is welcome to drink bleach. I ve a nice bottle of hypo on standby he needs more than my underwear

  12. The Russian Dude looks like someone who didn’t get enough hugs when he was growing up. And he looks like this sex-starved thing that can’t get laid, either by men or women. Or even animals. Like someone who will smell like soiled diapers.

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