‘It’s Over For you.’ – Tyrese Fires At Comedian who Says He Sucked D**k For Movie Role

TyreseSpankyHayesTyrese Gibson IS not happy about claims comedian Spanky Hayes made about him giving out sexual favours for a film role.

The actor was accused by the relatively unknown comedian of agreeing to get intimate with director John Singleton to land a part in the 2001 urban comedy-drama, Baby Boy.

Spanky, known for his appearance on the Nick Cannon show, Wild ‘N Out, claims he was beaten out of the role by Tyrese after auditioning for John, who allegedly told them: “I fucking love both of you guys, but which one of you guys are gonna suck my cock?'”

It is not yet known if he said it in jest, but the comedian told his listeners: “I had an audition, it was 30 stars there. There were so many stars there that I was like, I don’t fucking belong here. Three weeks later, it was me and another person – now we’re the best two people that’s there. He gets up, he reads, I’m thinking ‘Fuck, I’m not gonna get his.’ Then I get up and I read, and I shock myself.”

“We both sit down and the producer goes, ‘I fucking love both of you guys, both of you are talented. But which one of you guys is gonna suck my cock.” Continue reading

Man Crush Friday: Lynxxx

Lynxxx 08Says a Kitodiariesian:

‘It was about midday and I was bored and hungry. So I decided to go to the cafeteria to get lunch and possibly feed my eyes with some man candy. I got to the cafeteria, ordered my food and settled down to eat. Almost immediately, Lynxxx’s newest song came on the cafeteria TV, and – Damn! – this guy was sexy! That was how Lynxxx succeeded in making me thirsty! God help me if I don’t have him soon.’

Yup, that was Iluvmua. And he’s sharing with us today the visual delight of his man crush. Continue reading


FOREWORD: Another Kitodiariesian is marking his birthday on the blog, today. He is Xpressive JBoy, and he turns…well, not so old that he can’t still werk it in the bedroom, I think. Lol

Anyway, to commemorate his birthday, he has the offering below. Read and enjoy.

And Happy Birthday, JBoy.


Blog_Suits & TiesSo, it’s me, JBoy, and I’m still employed in this workplace where we’re all supposed to be buttoned up and decked out in our suits and ties. I have colleagues, a number of them, but I do not have friends among them. Well, not until several weeks back.

There was co-worker in another department whose acquaintance I made. Let’s call him Luke. Average looks. Average station. Although there was absolutely nothing average about what he has upstairs. Luke is incredibly intelligent. And I’m sapiosexual, so it didn’t take too much for the walls I erected over my inner self to shake to their foundations when he smiled at me that first afternoon, as he asked to accompany me for lunch break. Lunch together led to more lunches together. And then we exchanged numbers. And then he started dropping in on me at my department. And then I started dropping in on him at his department. And then, we started waiting up for each other at the close of work. And then, we were chatting endlessly on Whatsapp. And then, we were sharing jokes and huddling together in corners, giggling and enjoying the moments we shared together.

#sigh Continue reading

Who Runs The World?

A Kitodiariesian sent this in. And he really, really wants to know. lol


47909650991095640360noA natural disaster?

Gay people triggered it.

Poverty-stricken countries ruled by corrupt government?

Gay people are behind it.

High rate of divorce because women are now smart enough to know a lying and cheating husband isn’t worth it?

It’s because of gay marriage.

Children becoming a menace in the society because of bad parental training?

Blame gay parents and their kids.

Successful in any field or have a high number of fans in the fashion or music industry?

You have already started practicing homosexuality.

You want to go to heaven?

Stop homosexuality.

You want creative minds?

Consult with gays.

Abeg, na only gay people dey this world? Wetin gay people do una?

I Killed Them…What Is There?

A beautiful outside means nothing if there’s ugly on the inside.

I very recently got engaged in a social media chat with a fine-as-fuck dude on Twitter DM. His name is Stanley Iwezulu. Claims to be a soldier. Young-looking. Well-built. Did I mention he’s good looking? I definitely felt a buzz for him.

But I’m not reckless. So during our chat, I prodded and probed at him, trying to get a feel for his gay disposition, if any. And it wasn’t very long before I got to find out that he was anti-gay. Well, that killed my buzz.

But my curiosity to understand the dynamics of anti-gay individuals kept me on the chat. I wanted to know what his thoughts on the gay issue were. And if the chat was intelligent enough, it might even nudge at my literary creativity. But the chat we had was anything but intelligent. It was poisonous. It was shocking. It was chilling. And it showed me yet again that the ill-will borne against the Nigerian LGBT community isn’t by a faceless, nameless majority, but by real people. Citizens. Individuals. Next-door neighbours. Colleagues. Classroom seatmates.

Or, as is in this case, social media acquaintances. Check out the screengrabbed chat below. Continue reading


a0004-000006Leviticus 18:22 – Do not practice homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman. It is a detestable sin. (NLT)

Every day, I pretend this part of the Bible doesn’t exist. I mean, I have tried over and over again to fight this feeling, but it is not going anywhere. I try to be normal and do normal things but what does that even mean? I really do love the Lord and I want to live my life to please Him. I can try not to lie. I can try not to kill my super annoying boss. I can even try to keep my body till I get married but… Wait a minute. Who am I keeping this body for? My wife? I am not even attracted to girls.

This is the struggle of me and thousands of guys in the church. You feel a certain way, but the Church says that’s not how to feel. If you are gay, then there is a chance you are possessed. I mean a pastor once said Homosexuality is a spirit and he will pray it out of any gay man.

So I have done it all. I have prayed, fasted, done deliverance and asked God to take it away. But no matter how hard I try, I am back to square one. Still attracted to men like me. Continue reading

#MrTourism: He’s in it to Win

tourSo Dennis Macaulay’s friend is in the race contending for the crown of Mr. Tourism 2014. And he pretty please with-his-dick-on-top wants y’all to vote for this friend. All you gotta do is click HERE, RIGHT HERE. And proceed to like the photo of the guy you see up there.

Let’s take a good look at him though. Is he hot enough to lead Nigerians on her next 365 days of tourism? That dimple…those eyes…those lips… Okay, time to go vote.

The Boy I Never Had (Part 2)

g4My phone beeped as a text message came in. My pulse quickened as my heart sank. I shook off the feeling of dread that settled on me and opened the text. It was from Timi. The words I read chilled my blood instantly.

I think you misunderstood my soft nature and gestures. I am not what you think I am. A guy falling for a guy? Seriously, this is crazy. I’m not into your demeaning lifestyle.

In that instant, I felt like I had just been slammed by a fully-loaded truck traveling at full speed. The blood in my veins turned to ice. My brain reeled and raced in a wild jumble of thoughts. What did I miss? How did this happen? Perhaps it wasn’t him sending this horrible text… There was just no way on earth the caring, loving guy I had been spending so much time with and who gave off all those positive vibes could be sending such a horrible message. I was in a state of shock and disbelief for several long minutes.

And then, I snapped out of it and went into a defensive mode. And I did something I never thought I’d ever do. I denied my sexuality. Rashly and without much thought, I composed a text: I’m sorry if my text made you uncomfortable, I’m not gay, I just have a tendency to form strong emotional connections with anyone (boy or girl).

As I pressed the send button, a part of me realized that I was making a mistake and further complicating issues. His reply came soon after, and before long, we were engaged in a series of back-and-forth texts. Continue reading

Nawa o! Kelly Brook and David McIntosh are apparently back together

Kelly-Brook-and-David-go-hikingKelly Brook and David McIntosh bonded again after they became victims of the recent hacking scandal.

The couple, who called off their engagement last month, rekindled their romance last week after they clung to each other for support when naked photographs of them were leaked online after Kelly’s iCloud account was targeted by unidentified hackers.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ”They had a bit of a spat over the pictures, but the thing was that it got them talking again. It was quite traumatic for them and to share something like that got the relationship going again. They were engaged and set to marry this year, so they did have a lot of feelings for each other. When they reached out for each other during this difficult time, they found love again.” Continue reading