‘I want a kid, a husband and a dog…’ – says singer Sam Smith

_72187831_72187830Twenty-two-year-old British singer, Sam Smith says he wants domesticity.

The breakout star on the global music scene this year, with the massive hit ‘Stay with me,’ recently opened up about the subject in an interview with Teen Vogue.

He even admitted that some days, he feels like breaking down and crying right there on stage. ‘I stand onstage and I wanna cry for the entire thing because people know my business. You all know me. You can read as many interviews as you want, but if you put on my record, I’m telling you, that is me,’ he said.

Smith revealed that part of his debut-album was inspired by love gone wrong. ‘I fell in love with someone last year, and he didn’t love me back,’ he shared. ‘I deleted him off Whatsapp, and it felt like I’d just broken up with him. On the record, you can hear heartbreak, and there’s a beauty in it that I will always treasure.’

Smith came out as gay before his music career took off. ‘With the whole gay thing, I’ve had zero reaction, which says something beautiful about our generation and how things are getting a little bit better,’ he said.

‘The idea of having a house, a kid, a husband, and a dog… I love that,’ he admitted. ‘I also really want to open a coffee and flower shop one day, probably in Italy.’

Earlier this year, Smith talked open about his sexuality, saying, ‘I am comfortable with myself, and my life is amazing in that respect. I’m very comfortable and happy with everything. I’ve been treated as normal as anyone in my life; and it’s as normal as my right arm.’

62 thoughts on “‘I want a kid, a husband and a dog…’ – says singer Sam Smith

  1. I’m sorry but am not gonna be here and help the rest of the world allow his personal life over shadow his talent. With that said, In the lonely hour” (His debut album) is eeeeerrrrrrrTHANG!!
    The guy can sing and his writting skills are…….
    Ok make I shut. He is just 1 talented lad

  2. The wide eyed Disney princesses!

    Beautiful dreams!

    Minus the kid ofcourse! There will be too many antiques in my house, don’t need them broken

    • You and I need to grab lunch together and swap ideas for antiques. I’ve been watching too much “Cash in the Attic” and a future trip to the UK soley for that purpose, is definitely on the cards- once I can afford those antiques of course lol

      • We should book a trip to Bermondsey! I hear it has the best flea market in the whole of the UK. My friends tease me that I am a vampire who existed in a previous era because of the kind of “crap” I often buy

      • Haven’t heard of that one before. Then again I haven’t done proper and in-depth research on it

        However I do know there’s a place in the UK that you pay really outrageously cheap prices for authentic stuff. Basically the owners gather at once spot (large open space and sell their antiques from the boots of their car. Just not sure where its located. Who knows maybe its Bermondsey your friend is referring to.

        Your friend tho- guy is wicked for calling you a vampire lol

      • Hehehe…see them: “cultured” and “sophisticated” men. Nna u pipu shuld come let me sell you my grandfather’s “Grand father clock” and an ash-tray that is older than I am.I give u good price…very very good price. *wink*

      • @chestnut lol! Go joor! Actually I kept my grandfather’s stuff! I have his pipes, his dane guns and his mirror which he got from his oyibo trading partners!

        I can’t wait to build a house, the kind of stuff you’d see there eh

      • Hahahaha chestnut leave us alone ooo. Sure your offer sounds interesting but what’s the point of buying a grandfather clock when you’re living in a rented 2bedroom. Like Dennis said, we need to have our own condo then we can splurge

        Fabergé eggs is on the top of my list. Heaven knows where I’ll be able to find one when am ready. The British monarchs have gotten their hands on quite a number of them. victorian crafted crockery and pottery from imperial china are a must have for centre pieces around the house

      • Jarch, I aint even gonna lie, I don’t understand half of the terms u used…(And why does something tell me a “Faberge egg” is NOT d offspring of some sort of mythical bird from d poultry in Hogwarts?)
        Dennis! *gasp* so u grandfather was among those who sold our ppl in exchange for mirrors and matches,eh,Dennis?!!! (Maybe he’s d one that even sold Beyonce’s ancestors…hehehe)

      • Fabergé eggs are what’s now known as Easter eggs. It was designed by a Russian jeweller and were given as gifts to the Tsar’s wives as Easter gifts. They were made with gemstones like sapphire etc

        Tsar* = Russian emperor or monarch

      • *shaking my head* All these oyinbo Nigerians we have eh… you people wee keep collecting and buying namsense… Jarch, I need to come see where you live one of these days.

  3. Hello, P. I sent you a mail yesterday. don’t know if you got ot or I had the right email. could you please send me your email so I can send it again or something? Thanks.

  4. I haven’t listened to his whole album, but I’ve heard “Stay with me” so can’t draw any credible conclusions about his talents. But he’s definitely earned some extra points from me for the coffee and flower shop idea. A house, husband and pet just makes him even more delighting. He seems like a good husband material (or maybe wife material- getting some bottom vibes/echoes from him lol).

    However am worried that we maybe having a gay version of Taylor Swift kind of music lol-Atleast judging by this article anyway- Someone once said here on KD “Hell hath no fury like a scorned gay man”. Now imagine what happens if he’s a trending artist that writes his own music #EpicBurn

  5. well hav listened to almost all his songs and its pointless to say gay guys are good at anythang they do, he is really really good, i think he has also talked about falling for a staight guy once, i can totally relate to his personality through his songs

  6. How do I say this without being staked to death;

    To me he is an okay musician, he is not a great musician and he will be known more as a gay icon than a musician. His sexuality has overtaken his music simply because he is not that great a singer. This is the same issue with Michael Sam; he is an okay footballer not a great one and all attention has been on his sexuality and no one has focused on the fact that he is not a great player. I have seen several of his games, he is just okay and now he did not make the final cut of the team.

    Some of these gay athletes and entertainers are not that talented, but their coming out and the sheer bravery of it blind sides us that we do not see through them.

    This is my opinion anyway

    • I don’t know this guy or the athletes Dennis talked about or the footballer (I’ll go google rightaway). But this comment reminds me of the conversation I was having with Absalom recently about the book by Nigerian novelist Jude Dibia. The novel is called Walking with Shadows, and it is said to be the first Nigerian book to extensively handle the ‘issue’ of homosexuality. The book made waves. Big waves. I waited years looking for this book, until I found it with one of my lecturers, and borrowed it. And I was disappointed because the book was, to put it bluntly, crap. Moral of the story: all of us thinking our sexuality is a disadvantage? Wake up and see the blessing before the world fully opens it’s eyes and learns to acknowledge merit equally for both straight and gay. Ekwucha m.

    • I had the same thoughts about Michael Sam you know, but I thought maybe I was being too hard on him and expecting him to be superman on the field. But when he was cut by the Dallas cowboys I began to think hmmm maybe he’s not really that good

    • Errrm, I beg to differ @Dennis… He’s a great singer … Didn’t even know he was gay the first time I listened to the song LA LA LA… I see a bright future ahead for him..

      He has a killer voice BTW..better than most mainstream musicians…

      • Guy chop knuckle, I found out about LA LA LA last week sef, its on the ablum but I wrote it off until I listen 2 it on the album.
        He has one of the biggest hit this year both in the US and UK
        And his album is one of the best selling album (if not the best) this year

    • Dennis! Dennis, as much as I would to like say unflattering thing about ur speech, I’m just going to ignore them and focus on “this is my opinion anyway” part
      Sam is arguably one of the best male vocalist, along with john legend, luke james and micheal bubble of our generation! The guy has way too much soul in his music for a white boy. You have to be into music to knw what am talking about.
      His writting chops are as good am emily sanders if not better than adele. And NO! his music has always come 1st as opposed to his private life. Unlike Micheal sam and Frank ocean, he didn’t play the gay card to get ahead. Ppl found out about his sexuality, when he started blowing up, and they went digging. He is all talent, RAW talent. Am not saying this cos am a crazy stan, but as somene who listen and appreciate Good music

      Thank you

    • OMG! Dennis, I thot u would even be one of the ppl that would attack my indifference to Sam Smith; ur comment is a surprise!
      Honestly,I’ve never been able to see d appeal of Sam Smith and that other person called “Ed Sheeran”(or something)…I can confidently say that I’ve never been able to sit thru d video of “stay with me”; I don’t even know what happens in d video after he comes out of that door and hits d street…

      • It’s the truth! Milking your sexuality to advance your career is the new cool. We have had this argument on this blog before and I was in the minority, so I’d just shut it.

        I have stated my case

        *playing Frank Sinatra’s My Way*

  7. I disagree. Sam smith CAN sing extraordinarily well. And the homosexuality is just a bonus. Honestly, I liked his music way before I even knew he was gay.

  8. I don’t think people love his music cause he’s gay.. No. I have friends who fell in love with his album and they didn’t know he was gay till recently. I haven’t heard the album myself.. But stay with me, money on my mind and his feature in latch have been awesome. He’s a very talented singer/song writer. Gay or not.

  9. Sam Smith has a very silky voice and is exceptionally good.. Alot of my straight paddies were in awe of him but when it turned out he was gay they went ‘wtf he sang stay with me for a dude?’ But subconsciously they still hum to the song

  10. i for one didnt know he was gay when i heard ‘money on my mind’, i think till i saw his ‘stay with me’ video which was later then i didnt need to know he even came out, i went to download his other songs, he is really good. i beg to differ, people love his songs, Mary j Blige did a song with him sef, we all kno that woman doesnt deal with learners

  11. I love Sam Smith. His song “Am not the only One” is on constant repeat in my head. He is exceptionally talented! I didn’t even know he was gay not until after I’ve heard “Stay with me”. He is the male version of Adele and Taylor Swift put together. My uncle even after knowing about his sexuality, still goes crazy for his music. The guy is that good!

  12. OMG!!!! Am quiite shocked that more than half the ppl on here don’t know/listened to sam’s work!!!! Ok! Out f the kindness of my heart, I will share some of his outstand tracks on the album.
    Leave your lover
    I’m not the only one
    Not in that way (my current favorite)
    Money on my mind

    If after listening, and u cant get into the 1st 3songs? Then he is not 4 you
    And if u can, check out the video 4 “Leave ur lover and I’m not the only one” on youtube

    • Thank you Peak. Am not the only one video is my current guilty pleasure and plus the fact that he featured my all time fav! Dianna Agron! Sam Smith is amazing!

  13. Stay with me was POWERFULLY presented at one of the Grammys just recently and dude did he SAAAAAANG? Ah! I just don’t deal with anyone who can say this guy is less than PERFECT!!$

  14. So i’ve just listened to both the original and the remix (with A$AP Rock) of “I am Not The Only One”

    He has the talent and the writing skills. But the two aren’t coming together for me cos he trying to portray sombre moods through his song. He has good vocaks but I wasn’t feeling it in Stay With Me nor the orginal of I am Not The Only One

    His powerful vocals only came thru in the remix and A$AP also killed the rap too. I prefer the remix to be honest.

    He’s definitely got that John Legend and Adele vibe going for him. But his vocals need to be more powerful like those two and less Jazzy like Erika badoo

  15. Hahaha! I knew he’s gay! I knew it!!!! ┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌ ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐┌(˘.˘)ʃ \(‾▿‾\) \(´▽`)/ (/‾▿‾)/ ~(‘,’~) (~’,’)~┐(‘⌣’┐) (┌’⌣’)┌. I love it when I’m right. *hits joint, and passes to any other takers*

  16. Nigerian antique collectors? I wonder how we manage that when everything that stares us in the face is so antiquated there is no trace of origin. Please let me know when you all start having rats as pets and make your meals with $2000/pound truffles. Sophistication indeed!

  17. + I knew the ‘stay with me’ song was sang for a dude… No straight guys bitches about a one-night-stand. But, the gays? That’s a different story…. Well, I’m happy for him and his brunette-ambition.

  18. Yeah… Sam Smith had me with stay with me and I didn’t know he was gay. Then he dropped I am not the only one and I was like Damn! I pride myself at being a connoisseur of good music ( I don’t mean mainstream run-on-the-mill bullshit). Sam Smith got it good, not because he is gay. He is really good.

  19. …a kid, a husband, and a dog, as well as a GRAMMY(s) come February! A talented artist. Gay sentiments aside (relative objectivity)… His album is amazing. “La La La” is #EPIC. Adam Lambert slays’em all though.

    • Mehn! I totally forgot about that bitch! He can sing circles around a lot of the big female vocalist. He is that good. Unfortunately him being gay kind of overshadowed his talent.

      • Peak, I have downloaded your recommendations. And I swear, I’m Sam Smith’s newest convert. That dude has got soul. For the past twenty minutes, I’ve had ‘Leave Your Lover’ on repeat.

  20. OMG!!! Sam Smith is gay? And to think i illegally downloaded Stay with me.
    WTF! Effort wasted on a talentless singer who has been progressing his career solely because he is gay. Now i know he is gay, it all makes sense now, he suddenly ain’t all that good.

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