39 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day V

  1. And it had to come in pink????????
    And doctor or who ever that is on the pack with a “I want that D” expression on his face?????? Yeah right

    Thanks pinky, but I will rather slit my wrist than give my coin to this joke or take this deadbeat pills

  2. LORD give me the strength not to release my Madea alter ego this morning. Cos if I do, I’ll be doing a drive by with my lawyers-Smith and Wesson- on somebody’s turkey asss


  3. Khaleesi is gonna need a whole batch…😂..
    Dennis is gonna need a special version laced with anti-cake vaccine..
    As for pinky, this should work.. Its already pink in color…

    • You’re wondering????
      Don’t wonder anymore.

      When you take the pill, it gets dissolved in your stomach and from the small intestine it is absorbed into the blood stream from where it gets to the brain. When it gets to the brain, it acts on the hypothalamus and on the cerebrum to stop you from getting butterflies in your stomach or that knowing tug in your crotch when you see a handsome face or a beautiful pair of fuckable cakes or the sexy bulge. In fact, it stops you from reacting “in a funny manner” when in company of people of the same sex.

      A small portion of the drug latches onto the tissues of your d**k. So that even if the brain misfires, your d**k won’t respond to anything gay at all.

      James, are you still wondering how it works?
      So that I may refer you to a pharmacologist 😀

  4. I would love to get one for pinky so he can stop the craving and focus on this stranger that really love him.LoL

  5. This is a hoax obviously…. Come on guys, where is your sense of humour? Look at the lab it was developed in, Back Door Commando….lmao!

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