33 thoughts on “Photo: Peekaboo

    • Assin eh! They were fixing my friend’s air conditioning! I couldn’t come down from the car because something was growing somewhere

  1. Oh boy…all o’ya that show people man hole during time for morning prayer, God is watching…but, but, but, I want some o. DM any chance I can get his digits?

  2. *singing RuPaul’s ‘Peanut Butter’* Dennis man, this is too correct. Nothing like yellow cakes with the strawberry pink middle. A sight to behold.

  3. Hmm. When I said his appetite for cakes is strong, I knew and was sure of what I said. Cakes would be the death of this man. *stares at him with a straight face*

  4. Pinky, how can we blame u. D only person to blame will b Mrs. Macaulay. Anyways, thank for sharing Mr. D., but pls keep ur eyes on d one u got and leave these ones for us.

  5. Speaking of cakes, apparently PH is crawling with some juicy one’s, its that bad that I’ve decided to move here permanently…… On Saturday after the whole campaign ish, driving through GRA.I saw cakes and I almost begged the nigga to sit on my face then twerk somewhere else later…..(eat your heart out Kim K) you got competish and from a dude.

    • From a broda who luvs U. PH has a lot of cake and a lot of kito shoes. U berra b kiaful
      I stay here and I fear dem like a child fears his teachers cane.

      • Thanks bro……I’ve been here for a bit now…..I just ogle em and try to forget em…..so much for all d sex I planned on having when I got here. I dey my friend house jare unless another cute friend happens to drop by.

  6. Lol. Its is well with ollof you!!! And Dennis don’t tell me this happened just this early morning. PS pinky, what does it take for a fellow nigga to post a stor here? #feelinginspired

  7. Akuna of life. Who says bottoms are the only sluts. This is sluttiness extraordinaire. I know i don’t dream about black sausages all day long.
    Mrs M, i think you need to shorten that leash on DM’s neck lest he turneth into a stray dog.

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