Man Crush Friday: Lynxxx

Lynxxx 08Says a Kitodiariesian:

‘It was about midday and I was bored and hungry. So I decided to go to the cafeteria to get lunch and possibly feed my eyes with some man candy. I got to the cafeteria, ordered my food and settled down to eat. Almost immediately, Lynxxx’s newest song came on the cafeteria TV, and – Damn! – this guy was sexy! That was how Lynxxx succeeded in making me thirsty! God help me if I don’t have him soon.’

Yup, that was Iluvmua. And he’s sharing with us today the visual delight of his man crush.Lynxxx 11Lynxxx-InstagramLynxxx-Jinglejist

38 thoughts on “Man Crush Friday: Lynxxx

      • Kinggggggg!!! Am sure you don’t wanna go there. But, just to help your curiosity, my junior is a big banana-plantain you may say- and it gets it’s full dose of “rush of blood”. Want to find out? Just come closer, you will come begging for more I promise…

  1. Hmmm.
    Onye nke a bukwa onye.
    He is hot sha.
    But I’ve not seen anyone here yet who beat my Idris Elba (Pinky, u better not give me a smart retort 😉 ).

  2. Dude is cute but my members don’t react to him in anyway, meanwhile he happens to be my bff’s crush.. *hangs around waiting for his comment*

  3. Yes please, *takes the glass of cold lemonade offered*
    Lynxx has been a huge crush for me for a while now, that gorgeous face and those big guns and the hopefully big other member *Someone this fyne should not have less than a 7″ member* . He is what my friend would call ‘la hot bobo’.

  4. *yawn* He is Fu-ayn, him fine pass me and ery nigga I ve gotten with! But 4 some unexplainable reason, this nigga does nothing for me. The guy fresh shaaaaa!!!!!! I wonder how fresh his cakes are ?????

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