Who Runs The World?

A Kitodiariesian sent this in. And he really, really wants to know. lol


47909650991095640360noA natural disaster?

Gay people triggered it.

Poverty-stricken countries ruled by corrupt government?

Gay people are behind it.

High rate of divorce because women are now smart enough to know a lying and cheating husband isn’t worth it?

It’s because of gay marriage.

Children becoming a menace in the society because of bad parental training?

Blame gay parents and their kids.

Successful in any field or have a high number of fans in the fashion or music industry?

You have already started practicing homosexuality.

You want to go to heaven?

Stop homosexuality.

You want creative minds?

Consult with gays.

Abeg, na only gay people dey this world? Wetin gay people do una?

45 thoughts on “Who Runs The World?

  1. Abeg, na only gay people dey this world? Wetin gay people do una?

    Pinky shey na me you dey ask?

    But one thing I’m sure of is that a world run by gays will be a colorful one, if our ugly side (because we can be very ugly in attitude and behavior) is removed from the equation.

    • So true but I think u put it mildly. I used to believe that gays are a special breed,noble in character,best among equals etc but from my experience lately and the interactions I have witnessed here on KD,I have started looking @ gays with another eye. Many think because they are gay it’s a license to bad behavior ranging from unrestrained use abusive languages to blackmail,stealing,fake living etc…Sad

      • gad, gay people are first of all PEOPLE. This your naivete annoys me sometimes. Every time you be like ‘Oh no, you people are so vile and disappointing.’ We are first of all HUMAN BEINGS. Just as the rest of the world. and humanity is flawed. ALL of humanity. Straight or gay. Sexuality does not make anyone either saints or sinners. It’s your inherent human makeup that does.
        So, abeg, enough of this your preachy attitude, as though you have suddenly discovered something shocking about gay people. Being mean is not relative to our sexuality. Jeez!
        There, all that I said is me as a human being saying it. Not as a gay person.

      • Pinky, when you see yourself getting angry @ someone’s opinion,its time to do a self surgery on your mind to open up towards accommodating divers views. Learn to listen to all men but filter what you hear on a screen of truth and take only the truth that comes forth. Now to what I said earlier, maybe other guys have different experiences and encounters but from my experience vices exist more among gays. Do an unbiased research on this and you will be alarmed at what you will discover.

      • I said crimes exists more among gay hook-ups than in straight ones. Never meant nor implied that gay men which includes me are evil.*heaves a sigh of relief on realising that you are not getting bow and arrow ready*

      • Like seriously, we have a lot of talents here. Some guys here can easily out do the likes of Gordons,AY and my best comedian,Holy mallam.

      • Excuse me gad, I dont think you’ll have the nerve to talk to me if you see me in real life… People have bad character… Not “gay people”.. Generalizing things just because of an observation you think you’ve made is so so wrong. .
        I’m gay and I’m not anything you mentioned above.. So what does that make you?? A liar perhaps..
        Please always do some quick thinking before you blurt out your usual ignorant conclusions.. Some of the smartest people I’ve met in my life are gay.

      • Dear Max, I don’t even know your name or of your existence before I made my comments. Looking out your outbursts and name abuses, One will think that my comments refers to you directly.Wait, a minute! Are you among the bad gay guys? I’m more confused by your saying that I can’t talk to you if I see you,haba, why can’t I? Do you stink? Too ugly? Snubish? No matter what,if I see you anywhere and recognises you,I must give you some minutes atleast to exchange pleasantries.

      • Gays have their unique qualities, nevertheless, they are humans like everyone else with good and bad traits …

      • At least while king understood me partially,someone understood me totally. For those that don’t at all and the man abi na boy that felt I’m Refering to him directly, I will ask for aids from UNESCO to build schools to school you guys into line.lol

      • Yes, of course, you settled on Khaleesi becos he didn’t wipe your ass on the floor with his comment. and the rest of us need UNESCO becos we taunted you. Of course, of course.

      • Is this what I get for offering free education to some guys? Pinky,you of all people! You can do better. A “thank u” will do

      • Long story short: Gad is a gay man with no capacity for rational endeavours, the lowliest type of gay men, the type that bring us our bad name. QED!!!

  2. Some gay men sit on their plastic throne and judge other gay men for doing the same things they themselves are guilty of.

    It’s a pity!

    Shebi we have a shrink here? Sensei my darling, I think I may have a patient for you

  3. Bro are you saying Queen Bee has got something coming saying Gurls run the world? cos really some of the greatest minds it the world are gay. Including me
    *tiptoes away*

  4. @gad Hmmmm “vices exist more in gays”???? Hmmm I can quite understand where your going but I don’t exactly agree with you. By saying that it means if you are gay then you must have the most vices and I say no….it would depend on how one was brought up….i think you generalized a tad bit too much……

    • ” I used to believe
      that gays are a special
      breed,noble in
      character,best among
      equals etc ”

      Ayam sorry gad, but I don’t knows (sic) what you are talking about.

      I think it’s a good thing you got disillusioned so early in life. The human race has no “special breed”.
      No it doesn’t.
      Leave that shity thinking to the Nazi party and their aryan ideology.

  5. I taya for dem oh!!!
    The Lord God in his Infinite Mercies has Blessed us with Wonderful Talents and the “Straight Folk” are now blaming us for their Misfortunes… Seriously???

  6. Who dey call me? Biko I no get patient here. Unless you want me to kidnap you all and forcefully cure you of “homosexualism”. Problem is, I have medicated myself with several versions of my “wonder cure” …and I’m still here. *flips weave*
    But in case u were looking for me for entertainment , I’m ready to bend down low and twerk my life out if you will sing “who run the world! Gays!” Lol

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