40 thoughts on “According to Uber-Facts…II

  1. I wonder how the facts were arrived it. These are not even logical generalizations however in a world where people wakes up and say anything no matter how unfounded just to suit their purpose and fancy,the above can find a place.

    • There is such a thing as research, which involves data collection by way of questionnaires and then pattern observation and analysis!

      It’s a process carried out before it becomes a fact!

      People don’t just “wake up and promulgate unfounded generalizations”

      • Thanks for the lecture. U forgot to say the source of this research eg: the researcher, year, where it was carried out and the type of respondents interacted with etc. My own observation (not a result of research) is that last bornes are likely gays but I know that anybody can be gay his birth position not withstanding. I have seen a family where all the 3 boys are gay. So for me to consider this uberfact, more light need to be thrown on it

  2. I disagree with both. I have been in a LDR, which lasted for about 2years not until he got married.
    How did UF concluded such survey? Did he do heads counts? Or he just assumed??? HBD jboy

    • The first study says “33%” (probabiltity) and the second says “average”. So if one’s LDR lasts 50 years or they have 10 older brothers yet they are not gay, it doesn’t negate the facts.

      • D “fact” doesn’t mean that a guys with older brothers are 33% likely to be gay; it means that for “EACH” older brother, there’s a 33% chance of being gay…that is to say that a guy with 4 older brothers has 132% chance of being gay…

      • You’re right, Chestnut. I read that fact wrong. That’s a heavy study result if it’s true! Google is my friend.

    • Shuga, u relationship may have lasted that long depending on d agreement/arrangement/understanding u guys had. Did u ever sleep with anyone else during the duration of ur relationship? Did he?

    • I think you guys were just fooling yourselves.. You have no idea what he did behind your back… And neither does he know what you did behind his..
      Let’s just say you guys were occasional hook up buddies.. once in a while when you see..

      • Yeah forgot to add- He got married immediately after …which means he was dating her when you guys were in your presumed relationship…

        *hisses loudly and throws away face…

      • I love this comment Max, they were fooling around, LDRs don’t cut it for me, I can’t understand how people even initiate it, makes me sick.

  3. I’ve read in a psychology textbook that for every elder bro you have the more likely it is for you to be gay. I think the text author was John Meyer or so.. I’ll have to confirm though. But I have definitely seen fact 1 somewhere I would call legit in my search for answers as to why I’m gay.

  4. @that first “fact”: um…what?so a guy that has 3 older brothers has 99% chance of being gay? I don’t think so.actually,I believe the opposite; u see, I think part of the reasons I was drawn to guys at an early age is d fact that I don’t have a brother. Dad was the only other male figure in d house and I constantly wished I had a brother/brothers…I always craved that brotherly love/bond and some of my earliest fantasies were about having a brother with whom I was really close and affectionate…#OkBye

    • @Chestie, I don’t think so.. I use to think the same too.. Infact I blamed having sis’ as the source of my gayness.. Bcos thats what we were meant to believe..
      I can tell you for a fact that 99% of all the gay people I’ve ever met have brothers… Either younger or older.. And only about 1% have only sisters..

      • No,max,I’m not saying having no brother makes one gay; we are born with our sexualities already. I’m just saying that for me, d lack of male companionship while growing up made me long for male-company even more.

  5. I am sooooo ooo agreeable to fact 1. Wow so true. I knew a family that had three brothers however theirs was better coz all of them had caught the gay bug and of course yours truly was a partner to their thrysts!!! Hehehehe

  6. I’ve read a reseaech made which proved fact 1 to be true…
    The research also showed that every gay person has a high percentage of having a gay uncle from the maternal side.
    Can’t remember where I saw it. Will try and find it and post the link here…
    I always always open several tabs at once, sometimes up to 50…

    • Agree with u on the gay uncle bit coz I had a cousin who has a gay uncle…hmm makes me wonder tho should I go cross-check ing on all my maternal uncles to see the gay one!

      • King , king, king !!! How many times did I call u ? When will u repent and stick 2 1 boi? Smh!!! Lol #okbye #still waiting 4 ur twitter handle / contacts !! *winks*

    • ****rips off gossaner satin shawl to reveal goosebumps*** did you say ‘maternal uncle’?? I have a maternal uncle, he’s much older – in his early 50s, he’s never been married despite endless persuasion & coercion from his family … I have often wondered if he’s gay,but since we arent close and he lives abroad, I’ve never been able to find out … I have also heard that growing up he was very bookish and cburchish and never had a girlfriend like all ‘the others’ …. I just wonder ***looks around and shudders tremulously***

  7. First of all… I aint got an older Brotha buh I’m GAY as Blazes… *Wrong Fact Uber Facts*
    Secondly… I was away on NYSC and my relationship Didn’t Crumble… *Wrong Again Uber Facts*

  8. Hell no !!!! *hits table* I don’t agree with fact 2! ! My last relationship which was a LDR lasted for 4 good years be4 I finally called it off! *flips virgin hair and walks out*

  9. I think I agree with fact1, most of the gay guys I kmow have elder brothers … although I know quite a few who are only sons or first sons … No hard and fast rule …
    Fact 2: I’ve never rlly been in a LDR so cant comment on that ….

  10. Fact 1 is damn correct in most cases… Speaking out of experience. Fact 2… Uhmmm! Quite true, as the vigor in any DR dwindles at such a stage.

  11. Max you just have to find that link cos I do have a gay uncle from the maternal side. What then happens to we the first borns?? I have 5 younger ones and they don’t show any gay tendencies. Wouldn’t mind a gay brother though.

  12. Pinky, we had a cyber war and cyber bullying (according to one coward) over this post. I hereby adopt my earlier comments but I leave my mind open for opposing views. Learning goes on

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