I Killed Them…What Is There?

A beautiful outside means nothing if there’s ugly on the inside.

I very recently got engaged in a social media chat with a fine-as-fuck dude on Twitter DM. His name is Stanley Iwezulu. Claims to be a soldier. Young-looking. Well-built. Did I mention he’s good looking? I definitely felt a buzz for him.

But I’m not reckless. So during our chat, I prodded and probed at him, trying to get a feel for his gay disposition, if any. And it wasn’t very long before I got to find out that he was anti-gay. Well, that killed my buzz.

But my curiosity to understand the dynamics of anti-gay individuals kept me on the chat. I wanted to know what his thoughts on the gay issue were. And if the chat was intelligent enough, it might even nudge at my literary creativity. But the chat we had was anything but intelligent. It was poisonous. It was shocking. It was chilling. And it showed me yet again that the ill-will borne against the Nigerian LGBT community isn’t by a faceless, nameless majority, but by real people. Citizens. Individuals. Next-door neighbours. Colleagues. Classroom seatmates.

Or, as is in this case, social media acquaintances. Check out the screengrabbed chat below.Screenshot_2014-10-21-14-58-32Screenshot_2014-10-21-14-58-46Screenshot_2014-10-21-14-59-05Screenshot_2014-10-21-14-59-27Screenshot_2014-10-21-14-59-41Screenshot_2014-10-21-14-59-59Screenshot_2014-10-21-15-00-26Screenshot_2014-10-21-15-00-44Screenshot_2014-10-21-15-01-04Screenshot_2014-10-21-15-02-44

And that’s it, guys. 

The reason I updated this is not only to caution those of us adventurous guys, who see seemingly-straight dudes as a challenge, a ‘conversion’ mission; but also to let y’all see this particular dude, in case you follow him on Twitter tomorrow, or currently are following him, or know him on Facebook, or Badoo, or Manjam, or any other dating or social media site there is. Take a look and know that this one isn’t for your own good.

On a final note, we have to be conscious of the fact that that these kinds of people walk among us, Nigerians who apparently would think nothing about snuffing out your life, and proceeding to sleep very well at night thereafter.

Be safe, my brethren. And be guided.

69 thoughts on “I Killed Them…What Is There?

    • Looooooooooolllll Absalom…exactly what’s on my mind tho I don’t think that’s the best idea because we would start off with quarrel from day 1. I will just pray that queen karma visits him PRONTO and fucks every hole he got with an elephant dick till he chokes.

  1. Lemme be very yoruba and say ‘yeh!!!!!!!!!!!’. This one is strong. Pinky i felt the anger and terror and resentment you musta felt.
    This is just crazy.
    Gay men who want straight men are now very ‘squashable’ bugs.
    And who is going to protect unsuspecting gay men from this homophobic assassin who invites them and does his worst to them.
    *Everyone should get a gun and learn how to use them*

  2. there is something not quite right with this soldiers mind. I couldn’t help but laugh when he replied that he killed them while sleeping for tearing his clothes and kissing him. are you that hot or were they so thirsty that they didn’t realize you were a blood thirsty marauding assasin. #God save us.

  3. At least he was right about something…. SOLDIERS DON’T HAVE CONSCIENCE….they feel some sort of achievement whenever they kill people, that’s why he could brag about the two people that he killed. And sadly, his fellow soldiers may know about this…….and applaud him for it. This is very disheartening…

  4. And what’s not gay about this stupid Stanley? Biko nye m tea ka m nuo **rolling eyes**
    Such a wicked world! And to think that he’s bold saying he killed two people. What makes him different from Boko Haram?

  5. In d gaybourhood, there are lots of cute dudes, very very cute ones. But i wonder wat some gays see in str8 dudes. Dis man, to my eyes hs ntn like handsomeness in his blood. (red face)

  6. Buh as a matter of fact, if checked from another angle I don’t fink dis guy mean evrythn he is saying. Come to fink of it, dis is naija, kill and be killed. Dats d law, nd no way a normal human being won’t have conscience nd be killing ppl like fowl. So from my own perspective, I fink d guy is jst fooling u around probably to scare poop outa u!

    • Lol….my thots exactly. I mean c’mon! Y’all know dis niggah is just messing with ya head,right? Aint no way he killed 2 ppl. You accidentally killed d first one by beating, and d situation came up again and u killed another one?not remembering d stress and inconvinience u must hav had from trying to cover ur tracks after the first one? C’mon!

  7. Pinky, if this is not a disguised comedy then I’m surprised and grossly disappointed that you believed that your “soldier” friend killed 2 gays. That guy was chatting with u indifferently and you took him serious. A soldier WILL NEVER tell someone including other soldiers that he killed someone either in battle or in normal life. That guy is either not a soldier or is pulling ur legs.May I also bring to ur notice that some gay guys use to deny their sexuality and even curse and threaten gays when they want a guy they don’t fancy off their backs.This might be one of such scenario. Lastly, I must commend you for warning us about the likely violence of homophobes but I don’t think it’s fair to put that guys pix online on the strength of your chats with him without further proofs

    • I understand Pink Panther, the guy may not have actually killed anyone but he wants us to get a feel of this guy’s mind and his twisted thoughts. If he can wish he killed people like swating a fly, then there is some twisted shit going on in his head

    • Trust is, I wonder what the mental capacity of people like you is. I don’t mean that as an insult but I truly do. You really think this guy wasn’t serious? After reading that chat? There’s nothing about trying to be macho in a chat about this conversation. Sorry to say but your likes would be those who instead of staying away from this guy will try to ‘find’ about him. And do I hate gay mean who venture to convert straight guys? Yes, with the last pint of my blood I hate them. When you find yourself dumped and decaying in some bush or some highway conner, will yourself to find a way to come tell us this post was right about him.

      • A man’s actions and utterances are usually limited to his level of Knowledge and how willing he is to allow his learning impact on him and his brains. Education ought to make him objective and restraint in his speech but when it doesn’t, one cannot but feel pity for him

  8. See the ugly thing sef


    I don’t believe he killed anyone tho!

    What did he do with the bodies? Hide them in his DM?

    • Buahahaha! Dennis u’re a mess for this! No,he hid them in his mail-box…LMFAO. Dude aint ugly in d face tho; actually has a cute face….

  9. Typically senseless chats coming from him. Bloody arse liar. “I was sleeping” my bony arse….and they tore his clothes??? Nwam, you sure say no be one of our ‘Buff Bettys’ be this???
    Whoever was chatting with this dude had PATIENCE.

  10. Goodmorning guys

    Please go and like my friend’s picture and help him win this. Do this as a personal favor for me biko!


  11. I personally wondered about the veracity of his claims. He didn’t sound serious enough. Plus, would he confess murder to total stranger just to drive home his antigay stance?

    Anyway, turns out Mr. Iwezulu and my buddy were friends from secondary school. I’m told Stanley is short-tempered and a braggart. And, yes, he’s a soldier. My friend confirms Mr. Iwezulu is vehemently anti-gay but doubts he’s capable of murder.

  12. For some reason I’m not provoked about the whole thing…
    Maybe this was all a big joke…Or maybe it’s real…
    *Falls into a state of deep thinking…

  13. I know this guy on Facebook and he has tons of gay friends there. The kind of friends that post nude pictures and advertise for hookups. And they like his many shirtless pictures in droves. However he keeps posting status messages proclaiming he is not gay. I once asked him why he has a lot of gay friends then and he promptly deleted me. Like I care.
    The way I see it, something isn’t right with this guy. Personally I think he is as gay as Magic Johnson’s son and is only trying to the max to convince himself otherwise.
    He is fine but isn’t the finest around so why is he always in the company of gay men. Enough for them to sleep with him in the same room and have the opportunity to jump him?
    Onye kpara nku aruru siri ngwere biara ya mgbaru.
    Great advise Pinky, it would be wise to steer clear from this one.

  14. The guy seems a bit off. He doesn’t even sound hard enough. But that’s not to say I doubt him. And Pinky really put him on the defensive. I would have loved to hear him when he’s not on the defensive; maybe then we would have gotten to the inner workings of his crooked head. Anyway, the guy should be in prison now.

  15. Goodness Gracious!!!!
    I really lack the words to express how Shell-Shocked I am…
    So He Callously killed n doesn’t see anything wrong in it!

  16. me that cant even get turned on by fellow gay guys except str8, somtin tells me this dude is as queer as a 3 dollar bill, if not its a challenge, even tho he aint my type

  17. Emm, folks. I have 23 mutual friends on Facebook with a certain Stanley Lauren Iwezulu. Virtually all of them are my friends and teachers from secondary school. In my JSS 2, I had a huge crush on a certain Stanley in SS3 who went on to NDA or somewhere like that. Am I next on the list? If there’s a list. *clears throat nervously, looks behind, Home Alone, shit*

  18. i know him. he was my jnior in secondary school. st thomass college kano. and yes he in d military. air force i think. i have always hated that guy. be careful boo.

  19. Obviously dis guy isn’t very well, looks like he’s mentally derailed…healthy soldiers don’t go about talking dis kind of nonsense on social medias…he might not even b a soldier for all there is!

  20. D guy is a 4cking gay guy dat doesn’t know hw to deal wit it I know him very well he lives in NDA kaduna,he claims nt to be gay but he’s on manjam n still 4cks guys stupid idiot

  21. Ok! Can we get into how inconsistent this guy’s story is. He is just all over the place, he was touched, he was kissed, he was attacked in his sleep, his cloths was torn! Nna get it together! We get it! He hates himself and tries to take out on other people. As much as will like to dismiss this as complete rubbish, I wouldn’t, pinky has a point, we should take heed, to the warning but am not sure about this queen. He also sounds like a complete dud, just a pretty boy with zero brains to booth. His conversation skills can be equated to a 3 year old trying to sound gangster, you can see that pinky sounded light-years well read and good @ holding a convo compared to this guy. Yes pinky I remember u retweeting a couple of his pic yesterday and am like this dude fine and truth bbe told, some of them pix look hella gay. Nuf said

  22. Trust me it’s easy for a soldier to kill a bloody civilian and cover it up nicely in today’s Nigeria. It’s sad but true

      • Have you thought about being shot before and labeled showing ‘terrorist tendencies ‘?
        If you haven’t then you should read our papers more keenly

      • My friend this discuss falls within my jurisdiction. If the police condones murder, the armed forces won’t. An average soldier is trained to stand up against injustice wherever it rears it’s head. Sadly,I must also admit that we have charlatans amongs us but there disciplinary machineries put in place to check mate them and their excesses. A soldier is trained on how to be restraint at all times. There is nothing like “accidental discharge” in the army dictionary. Soldiers are trained to kill yet they value lives .

  23. Shocked at the cold blooded manner with which he describes murder. I shall continue to scream from the rooftops, steer clear of conversion missions, the stress and risk involved far outweighs the ‘reward’ … there are loads of readymade gay men out there for the taking … grab one and forget all these confused ‘straight’ men ….

  24. I would love to slow torture this guy until he begs to die, and then I’ll start again all d while keeping him very conscious. He deserves it. And yes I’m willing and very capable. Soldier my foot. I hope he gets to die my own way cos a bullet to the heart would be too easy.

  25. I get crushes, we are all allowed to have ’em, after all we are only human.
    Other than that though I wish we would save ourselves the pain and heartache when it come to these straighties.
    Look and admire from afar and then move the fuck on.
    We might be kind and well mannered but that doesn’t mean everyone is. If it is not this idiot, it will be another one.
    I salute our courage and the fact that we are dealing with the cards we were dealt with, without hurting anyone. People like this make me sick with their cowardice, because that is what they are. Cowards.
    You cant deal with what you are and so you take out your self loathing and self hate on someone innocent. Karma is certainly not dead. And she will get to you in due time.

    • That’s actually my contention. That this dude is either a homophobic straight guy or an internally homophobic gay guy. Either way, he’s dangerous. If he’s straight, he’s not good news. And if he’s truly gay… Well, let’s not forget the unsavoury batch of gay guys who thrive on setting their fellow gay guys up.

    • Pls we shouldn’t get carried away. The guy said he has killed 20 sorry 2 gay guys.we are sure he said it. How sure are we that he did or ever will? He is no different from other cheap gays who turn ant-gay preachers when they meet someone they don’t seem to like. What about guys that will invite those who can travel and switch off their phones leaving the guy stranded simply because turned out not to be “their type”? Instead of curses let’s use our usual phrase “internal homophobia”

  26. OMG! The bastard is a friend of mine on facebook. With wot he wrote do u knw dat he took law into his hand nd d Nigeria uniform should be collected frm him, he shouldnt be wearing it.

  27. If uve survived a kito experience before, u will know this ain’t no joke. Trust me,it is. Killing gays or harming them is like killing a fly,that gay bill just made it better to harm us. I know what I saw and all I went through with my experience, smh, surprised some people are saying it might be a joke.. Very

  28. heheheh!.. didn’t knw Stanley is a murderer !.. maybe he said it to get u scared!.. he is sweet actually but

      • iswear he is my ex!. and to think I have fucked with him!.. chaii na so he for strangle me assuming he wakes up from a dream wia he was been cuddled by a guy!!.. anyways
        *coolstory” sssssshhh

      • i knw him personnally!!.. I think we dated!.. can’t remember all history now!.. good to knw he is a murderer

      • He is not a murderer. He did what many gays do to shake off a guy they don’t like. Period. Think before you accept any story that gets to you

      • Lucky you, Jenelle. I have however since come to realize he’s not a murderer. However anyone who says things like that are in varying degrees dangerous. But hey, I’ve moved on from this whole nonsense. What’s past is past. Maybe we should get back to 2015 posts, yes? 🙂

      • What are you doing back here, gad? A chance to be spiteful over someone who doesn’t notice you anymore? Lol. Old man aging gracefully indeed.

      • Mandy, let it be please. I have no battles to fight with this one no matter how provocative he might sound, and no time to ever respond to him. So kindly let it be. Besides this post is so 2014. Lol

      • @ Mandy, did I tell u I was quitting or are you making the plan of your clique known before time? If you are not in the habit of thinking let me help you. Being on this blog can’t add to my income and leaving it won’t remove anything from me. The one time I felt ashamed so far for being here was the day Posh went on a ranting spree over interactions he had with someone outside here. I’m old and proud.I wish I’m older than this. You won’t know how it feels to be the youngest man in the P.C.C. If you abhor old age, pray that God should spare you the bitterness of old age. I shall be grateful if more people avoid joining issues with me on comments I made. It gives me time to do other things

  29. Ifemi, zulu machine was my fiance and he’s not a gay. I strongly believe he said that to scare the admin away from him if he’s also a gay.His loving n caring, I believe u all are his friends on all social media, pls stop this blasphemy. Though I fucked up, left him for his navy friend.

  30. if he actually killed them abeg do they no have relations you would have heard the news long before now and not charting with him besides gays leave these hot straight guys for us na .

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