19 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Tyson Beckford

  1. Well, I do know Tyson used to be a crush of mine sometime ago, but I don’t know where all of that feeling went.. Prolly bcos I’ve seen people who look better..

  2. He looks like he was designed in a lab by a gay guy #Khaleesi-esque type…
    I’m tired of crushing on him.😢😢😢
    Those eyes
    Those lips
    Oh lord and the body…
    The chocolate skin… Phew!!!!
    *Slaps myself back to reality…

  3. I cant believe he’s over 40!! He looks 29! God such gorgeousness, if I were to run into him in the street my knees would probably buckle and my shopping bags full of my latest purchases would spill out all over the sidewalk … he is a truly beautiful ma …

    • Hmmm and what if you just find out that his thing is really not to “use” his schlong but to RECEIVE!!! Eh! Just saying ooooo! Coz there seems to be this unspoken rule here that these hunks or daily crushes are TOPs….hmmmm.! They just might be bots abi?

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