35 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day IV

  1. Mmmmmm nice and it brings back memories from yesterday jo!!! those days when every Sunday I and Kevin would always plan a date “day”….on Sundays after church… I would always pick him up we would drive to the farthest bar at eleko beach just to be by ourselves and we would order drinks and food and smokes coz he loved to smoke and we talked and talked and talked just to each other……sigh…after we would cum back to my flat and have mind blowing sex and just cuddle….oh my!

  2. What a nice way to spoil this beautiful day for me. Thanks much Pinky. S/O to all the singles in the house who can’t afford the luxury of spending their every waking moments with that special someone.

  3. The best times are the ones spent like this, entwined talking about random stuff. At that point, there are only two of you in the world, nothing else matters.


    Dear Mrs Macaulay, when are you returning? People miss you
    *puppy face*

  4. Nice one. But iv been in this kind of intimate contact with plenty friends. Spent the whole day in the house cuddling, making out, fucking and talking random stuffs wella but we were never dating. I have some sort of connection with my one of my best friend who is also top. We can do anything for each other and have tried fucking each other self. We have our hookups and it’s fine. I guess this arrangement works fine for us as we are also both actively bi and have gfriends. I love my life ojare. *smiles*

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